A24 Films Rock at Making Trailers for their Movies.


After watching Hereditary(which you can read my review on by clicking  here) I was blown away at how great their official theatrical trailer was.  It never gave away any major plot points  and it  kept you  fully interested in wanting to see it.  Thinking back, A24 Films have been doing a fantastic job with promoting all of their feature films.  With that said, I wanted to do a post on some of my favorite trailers from this studio.

With That said I should, mention that not all the movies they made will be on here, just the ones I like. Oh and if there is a review for any of these I will post a link below the trailer, OK


Spring Breakers(2013)

(Spring Breakers Review)

To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of this flick when I first saw it, but like The Big Lebowski,.  Once I rewatched it, I became a fan and really started appreciating this film.  Harmony Korine has a really great sense of style and I think this may be the best film he has made. The trailer is as wild and frenetic as the actual film and it’s cut together very well


The Bling Ring(2013)

(The Bling Ring Review)

A lot of people really disliked this Sofia Coppola directed movie about a group of spoiled rich kids who break into the homes of celebrities.  But I found it to be a lot of fun and a good satire on a culture obsessed with instant fame.  Emma Watson was perfect and she should of received more recognition for her work in this.  The use of Sleigh Bells track ‘Crown on the Ground’ works perfectly in this



Many of you may be shocked, but I have not seen this movie.  I have seen other movies directed by Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Prisoners, Blade Runner 2049, and Sicario) but somehow missed this one.  I like what I see and all I get is that Jake Gyllenhaal discovers he has a dopleganger and that’s all I know.  I look forward to watching this feature very soon


Under The Skin (2014)

(Review of Under The Skin)

This trailer is a bonafide piece of art unto itself.  Jonathan Glazer’s film about an alien(Scarlett Johansson) who comes to earth is a visual splendor and the trailer matches it perfectly. It gives you the same sense of being confused but intrigued.  When Lucy(also starring Johansson) was being shown at the multiplexes.  I wish they played this before that.  Audiences might have been more intrigued to see a different film from this actress.


Ex-Machina (2015)

(Ex-Machina Review)

Alex Garland’s feature film debut was astounding.  A brilliant sci fi tale that won’t feel so much like fiction as the years progress.  As artificial intelligence gets more and more advance.  This is something I feel could happen if it’s made by the wrong hands.  Anyways, the trailer is very cool check it out



I was deeply saddened when singer Amy Winehouse passed away.  We will never have a singer on this earth as good as her.  Many will come close but they will never be as good as her.  I remember many people that mocked at her overdose and said that her death was her own fault.  But I believe that we are slightly to blame for her demise as well as her.  Amy is a great feature that warns viewers about the pitfalls of fame.  It’s not as great as you think it would be.  I hope more people see this because it was an eye opener.


The VVitch(2016)

(Review of The VVitch)

When I saw The Witch I was not a fan of it, but to be fair it is one I should revisit.  However the trailer of it is very good and it has this sense of dread that made me very interested in seeing it.


Green Room (2016)

(Review of Green Room)

Here is another movie I should rewatch, because the premise was very interesting. A punk band who gets trapped by a group of Neo Nazi’s after a show and have to fight their way out had promise but I was not a fan of the finished film.  However this trailer makes me want to rethink my status because this still looks very intense


The Lobster (2016)

(Review of The Lobster)

This is a great satire about romance.  It shows the absurdity of being single and being in a relationship so well, many people were fully confused about it when it came out.  The story has Collin Farrell as a man who must find love in 90 days or he will be turned into an animal of his choice.  This was Yargos Lanthimos‘(Dogtooth) first English language debut and he does an amazing job with this



(Review of Moonlight)

Rarely does a trailer make me cry, but this Academy Award for Best Picture sure did.  Barry Jenkins’ movie( that many people still have still missed out on was astounding.  Chronicling the life of a young man  is both endearing and  heartbreaking.   The trailer of this is extremely well edited and I would have giving this the Best Picture based soley on this ad alone   One of the best.


It Comes at Night(2017)

I have never seen this and I gotta say the trailer has me very much interested.  I know that many people were disappointed but I am still very much in to see this.It kind of reminds me of John Carpenter’s The Thing  Don’t spoil it if you have seen it , OK


The Florida Project(2017)

On my way home from Vegas a few weeks ago, I did see this movie.  I thought the performances from everyone was good.  I just didn’t like the characters.  I thought the mother was a total bitch and I thought the daughter was a major brat.  Yes there were times that they both were fine, but these people were toxic and child protective services should have been called a while back.  William Dafoe is great as the hotel manager, but it was tough to fully love this movie.  Still, this trailer puts a smile on my face every time I watch it.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer(2017)

(Review of The Killing of a Sacred Deer)

Collin Farrell and director Yargos Lanthimos reunite in this thriller of a a doctor who befriends the son of a patient who died under his care. What happens next is some of the most twisted things to happen. It didn’t make a lot of sense when I first reviewed it,but as I thought about it, it ended up in my best of 2017 list. Mainly because of Barry Keoghan’s performance as the son Collin Ferrell befriends. I love this trailer with the Acapella version of Ellie Goulding’s Song Burn’ because it is becomes very disturbing in the context of this trailer.



(Review of Hereditary)

\Brilliant trailer that does not spoil any of the surprises that happen in this movie.  It is so good I could just watch it on it’s own.  In a few years, it will go down as one of the best horror trailers ever made.


Well that’s it folks.  Let me know in the comments which ones I missed.  I hope you all have a great day




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5 Responses to A24 Films Rock at Making Trailers for their Movies.

  1. Chris says:

    The Amy trailer gives me goosebumps, very emotional, the promo fits with the mood of the film itself. A great trailer +ad campaign is important so as to break through all the internet clutter and it seems A24 are on the right track.

  2. ninvoid99 says:

    A24 is definitely becoming a studio that is creating interesting films as I’m hoping to see Moonlight this month as it’s available on my local library and last month, I purchased Under the Skin on DVD.

    • The Vern says:

      Oh Cool Stephen Looking forward to your post about Moonlight A24 are to Indie Cinema now as Miramax was to them back in the 90’s

      • ninvoid99 says:

        Yeah except let’s hope A24 keeps putting out edgy movies and not the Oscar-bait crap that Miramax was putting out under the eye of Harvey Scissorhands. I hate that motherfucker.

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