Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac. Vol 14

Hello everyone.

How is everyone’s week doing so far. I want to thank everyone for leaving comments on this site and for all the new followers as well. It’s been a while since I did a recap of what I watched, and I did manage to see some new ones in the theaters. I still need to see “Inside Out” and I hope to do that very soon. Enjoy.

It Follows

The most memorable horror film of the year doesn’t have any gore. Nor does it feature a villain that will become an icon. It just does what all good ones of the genre does and that’s builds tension. There are no quick jump scares , just long takes that had me at times shifting in my seat because I was so distraught at what I was watching.  The kids in this movie are all ones you like. Even the ones you hate, you’re still invested in them getting out of this situation. Maika Monroe is great in the lead role of a girl who finds out that there will be these beings out to kill her after she has sex for the 1st time. It’s a performance I would put up there with Jamie Lee Curtis in “Halloween“. This is the break out movie for her. With a great 80’s electro vibe Score from DisasterPeace. This is on my top ten list so for this year.


In this flick Jesse Eisenberg plays this snobby rich guy who gets a job at a low rent amusement park in order to save money for college. While there he meets and falls in love with Kristen Stewart who is also having a fling with Ryan Reynolds. He also gets to make out with this other hot chick with a nice rack and I guess were suppose to cheer him on because he used to be more about his school work and now he has people who like to be around him and he can now get girls.  He only got attention when he had weed around. Most movies I see that feature a socially awkward person. All of a sudden that person will seem cool because they have drugs or the hook up to get more drugs. I’m not dissing on people doing drugs or finding access to get the stuff. But I don’t think that all of a sudden you would have women be into you as much. If not then I did it all wrong. I felt more bad for the character that Martin Starr played. The poor guy basically got shit on the whole movie and I wanted him to have a happy ending instead of the lead character that Eisenberg played ” A much better movie about a kid who spends his time at fun park was “The Way Way Back

Ex -Machina

There have been movies about artificial intelligence before but none that have raised as many questions as this movie did for me. Domhnall Gleason plays a computer programer who gets a chance to test out head moguel Oscar Issacs’s latest invention. A fully formed cybernetic being named Ava. Played to perfection by Alicia Vikander. He is there to test how human she will be, before he releases this to the general public. All I can say is that this story goes in places I was not expecting. It’s dramatic, it’s funny, it’s sexy, it has a great moral message. It has a great political message too. Alex Garland’s directorial debut is flawless and of all the movie on this list. It’s the only one I can imagine college classes being dedicated to just the themes presented in this feature.

Heaven Knows What

I’m sure we all know by now that heroin is bad, Mmmmkay. It really can’t lead to anything good, and when I went in to watch this movie. I was not expecting a happy ending. I read that it was based on a book by Arielle Holmes who was once a former junkie and that she would be portraying her life in this film. That is a brave and bold choice for anyone to do, and I was fully amazed at what she does in this role. I will have to seek out the book and read it once I can. It’s just the story on screen was had to decipher. We first meet Arielle’s character who for some reason wants to kill herself because her boyfriend thinks that she cheated on him . When she does end up cutting her arm real bad, she is sent to rehab. When she gets out, she is looking to get high right away. Doesn’t even stop for a bite to eat, she just wants to get fucked up. The next few hours involve her and her friends scamming people as well as eachother in order to get their next fix. I asked the director after the movie why there wasn’t a scene that explained why she got into drugs and he said that it would be too painful for her to relive those moments. Yes, I agree they would be very difficult, but without them I feel that the movie loses any importance that it could have had. Maybe in the book I will get more details, but in the end all I’m left with is a movie that really doesn’t have much weight going for it. If you want to see a movie about drug addiction. Watch “Requiem for a Dream” or “Trainspotting

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

In a small town, there is a young girl who is seen riding around on a skateboard. If you are good she’ll leave you alone, but if not. You may not come home at all. A young lad meets this lady in question and falls in love. Not knowing anything of her dark past. The two try to forge a relationship together in this very clever and original vampire fable. There is a scene where the girl lets the guy pierce her ears which may be the only good example of one loosing their virginity that I have seen. It’s not just from her perspective but both of theirs. It’s not done in any sort of over sexualized/perverted way and it’s more about trust then really anything else. If you are fans of movies like”Let The Right One In” and “Only Lovers Left Alive“(click links to read my reviews) I highly recommend checking it out.

Jurassic World.

Yes, I know in an earlier post. I said that I would never review this movie because there are already tons of reviews and articles done about this latest adventure. Instead I’m going to give you just three things I learned from watching “Jurassic World“. There may be more, but all I could think of was three.
1. A horrible catastrophe will lead families to be closer together:
In the film Bryce Dallas Howard is too overworked to show her nephews the park that she herself helps run. Instead she shoves the responsibility on her assistant who “Surprise” loses them. It’s only after the dinos start running amok does this lady start showing an interest in the kids. Dr Grant may have hated kids, but he wasn’t that much of a bitch to Lex and Tim in the 1st “Jurassic Park
2. The Indominous Rex should be a well paid assassin.
There is a scene where the two kids discover the remains of the first park buried beneath the ground of the new one. They are able to hot wire one of the old jeeps and escape. When Starlord and Gwen Stacy(Pratt and Howard) show up to the same location moments later. They are all of a sudden ambushed by the big Dino that they are hunting. Now, how the hell could they not hear a dino that big getting closer. I know that they can lower their temperature and can camouflage themselves. But that still feels like he was deliberately stalking these two. If we thought the shark stalking the Brody family in “Jaws: The Revenge” was ridiculous why do we think it’s plausible in this one.
3. If you hate someone, and want nothing to do with that person. That’s the one you will most likely hook up with.
In this story Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard play too colleagues who dated once and it didn’t work out. The two characters had no interest in each other at the start of the film so why did the filmmakers feel that it was important to have them get together at the end. I’m still baffled by that one.


Assault on Precinct 13

In this John Carpenter feature.   A group of criminals attack a not very secure jailhouse because one of the people inside killed their leader. Made on a very small budget, this movie managed to bring in some good action and excitement. One thing I was surprised to see them do and I know today that this will never happen. They show a kid around the age of 8 or 9 get shot in a grisly matter. I have yet to see the remake, and I may later. It’s just that all of the remakes of Carpenter’s works have been terrible to mediocre. So I really have no real desire to seek em out.
Hot Girls Wanted

This documentary is suppose to a shocking expose on young girls in the adult industry, but it does more to exploit them then the actual films they make. They make it seem like these girls were duped into being in this life. Yet, they all answered the same ad and never once are they forced to stay in the industry. One of them even goes back home and admits to her mother what she does for a living.  It gives us statistics on how the porn industry has become a huge money making business But it never once explains why these girls feel the need to have sex on camera. One of them says that she doesn’t want to live the life that her parents did and just work all the time. OK, so she wants to rebel and that’s normal. Still doesn’t explain why she feels that putting a dick in her mouth while others watch is a good alternative. The movie also constantly shows us the girls porn names instead of their real ones so that by the end, you forget their intent that they wanted you to see that these were real people. This one feels like it wants to make us ashamed for watching porn, but It never addresses the issue of why it has become so popular. I have a few adult stars who I know and who follow me online. I should ask them for their opinions on this movie.

Thanks for reading, everyone.  Let me know what you thought of these flicks and share with me anything you would recommend as well.  I will be back with some big news on my next post.



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11 Responses to Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac. Vol 14

  1. theipc says:

    It Follows is one of my favorite movies of the last five years and Assault on Precinct 13 is fantastic!! The remake is shit though – don’t bother.

  2. Enjoyed reading your thoughts, tbh I thought Ex Machina was a little overrated but I really liked Jurassic World and The Girl Walks Home Alone at Night was also good. I’d also recommend Noah Baumbach’s While We’re Young, I thought funny and enjoyable.

  3. The Vern says:

    Thank you kind sir. I will seek out Baumbach ‘s film at a later date. I really liked Francis Ha

  4. ninvoid99 says:

    I saw Assault on Precinct 13 last year. That was fucked up.

  5. Chris says:

    It Follows. I agree the original premise is memorable, and so is the score by Disasterpeace. For me the story was forgettable, I saw the movie in June, and I only remember the pool scene.
    I’m curious about seeing Adventureland, although admittedly it’s mainly for the compilation soundtrack.

    • The Vern says:

      Oh Yeah, That’s another thing. Adventureland was suppose to be set in the 80’s and if it wasnt for the soundtrack. I never would have thought it was. Sorry you didn’t fully love It Follows but It;s cool that its not your bag. Thanks for reading

  6. table9mutant says:

    You’ve watched some great stuff! I love It Follows & Ex Machina – two of my top three movies this year. I think it’s been a really good year for films so far (Fury Road is my number one). 🙂

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