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The Vern Reviews: American Rescue Squad.

American Rescue Squad Cast: Tony D Czech, Douglas Sidney, Anika Reitman Writers: Adam Diviney, Elliot Diviney Director: Elliot Diviney. When people ask me what political party I belong to.  My mind starts sprouting off lyrics to Public Enemy’s “By the … Continue reading

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The Vern’s early look at Quite a Conundrum.

Quite a Conundrum Cast: Sasha Ramos, Erin Cline, Anthony Rutowicz Writer and Director: Thomas L Phillips. I have been to my fair share of parties in the past that I thought were wild.  Well nothing could prepare me for the … Continue reading

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The Vern and his Brain review Upstream Color.

The following is an excerpt taken from the audio files of an interview I had with my brain while watching The LAMB’s movie of the month “Upstream Color“. Upstream Color. Cast: Shane Carruth, Amy Seimetz, Frank Mosely Writer and Director: … Continue reading

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In Defense of: Josie and the Pussycats (2001)

Every other week I’m going to defend a movie that did not get that much love,  but really should have.  These are not unheard of classics or lost gems, but I feel that there was something in these films that … Continue reading

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A Review of The House on Haunted Hill(1959) and The Cinematic Experience.

The House on Haunted Hill (1959) Cast:  Vincent Price, Carol Omhart,Richard Long Writer: Robb White Director: William Castle. It is a kind of shame not being able to experience something like this on the big screen.  Because if I have, … Continue reading

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The As You Watch Podcast: Best Movie Spoof AKA Tribute to Mel Brooks.

Hello folks. I’m a bit sad, but we have reached the end of our second season over at The As You Watch Podcast.  The debates we have had were a lot of fun, but now we want to take the … Continue reading

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Criterion Corner: My Dinner with Andre. 1981

The Criterion Collection for years have been releasing the best versions of movies on DVD and Blue Ray.  They are hands down the ultimate praise a film can receive,and while many claim  the Oscar to be  the ultimate recognition.  Having the … Continue reading

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