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Damn it has been a while since I last posted one of these articles and during that time I was recently put on Furlough at my job.  This has been quite stressful because I’ve not been fired, but can’t collect any payments since I am not working.  I was approved for unemployment but am still waiting for additional paperwork from the company.  I’m applying for other jobs and getting interviews but they are much further away then my current one.  Still I’m going to try and remain positive.  Maybe I should start a Patreon account

There has been a lot of time since my last post and yes I have seen a few movies here and there. Not as many as I would have liked and there are still quite a few that I missed seeing in theaters.



Winner of Best Picture and Adapted Screenplay at the 2017 Academy Awards show.  This movie  about the life of  one man is the movie Boyhood wishes it could be.  The lead character is played by three amazing actors in Alex R. Hibbert, Ashton Sanders, and Trevante Rhodes.  The supporting cast including Oscar nominees and winner Naomie Harris, and Mahershala Ali are both equally amazing.  The cinematography by James Laxton is really beautiful.  It makes me appreciate that he also shot Yoga Hosers.  I liked the progression of the main character as he begins to discover who he is.  But yet I felt at times there were a few scenes missing.Especially when he goes from being a teen to being an adult.  Still I do highly recommend checking it out.  This would have made my top 5 if I saw it sooner


Manchester By The Sea.

If you ever want to see a movie where Casey Affleck mopes around for a few hours, and then get a scene where Michelle Williams breaks down and cries.  This is the movie for you.  Now when you find out why Mr. Affleck’s character is the way he is. It is indeed tragic and the only part of the movie that in my opinion had any weight or emotion to it.   Why this one best screenplay over The Lobster as The Oscars.  I’ll never know


Get Out.

One of the best original horror movies since Cabin in The Woods.  Get Out is about an interracial couple(Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams) as they go to visit the girl’s ultra nice white parents(Catherine Keener and Bradley Whitford).  At First everything seems nice as everyone in the family is super nice and is saying the right things such as “If Obama was running for President, I would have voted for him”  Things become strange as all the other black citizens in town are showing strange signs of behavior, but why.

The way this story builds is beautiful.  I have never seen full episodes of writer/director Jordan Peele’s comedy show Keenan and Peele but I did see Keanu , and although that one had a few really good moments.  This one was just way way better.  I hope that we get more and more thrillers like this.


 Doctor Strange.

This Marvel movie about the somewhat unknown superhero.  OK he’s known to comic book fans, but to the average joe.  He’s not one that gets brought up a lot.  Anyways, this origin story is basically the same one used in The Matrix.  Both have wise mentors who are bald and teach our protagonist that the world isn’t quite what it seems.  Although in this movie, it never says that the reality we live in is ever fake.  It’s just that there are many plains of  existence within.  OK so there is this book that some bad guys want so that it will obtain them power and Doctor Strange(Benedict Cumberbatch) has to  eventually stop it ,  It’s a very standard movie featuring a character who doesn’t believe in any kind of magic to one that is a master of it.   I enjoyed seeing Tilda Swinton in a big blockbuster but that is eventually it.  There was nothing really exciting or unique about this one that would make me want to sit through it again.



This sci fi comedy features Anne Hathaway who unknown to her at first is able to conjure up a Kaiju monster that attacks Seoul South Korea.  You see Anne’s character has been an alcoholic for a while and during her drunk walks home, she passes by this playground which causes this monster to appear in Seoul.  Look the reason why this creature appears is not important.  I agree it doesn’t make much sense, but I went along with it for this film and ended up really enjoying it.  This is an independent feature that really looks like it could have been shown at big multiplexes.  Both Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudakis where quite good in this and despite what some critics are saying.  I never felt that the change in certain characters came out of nowhere.  Yes, the allegory of how inside each one of us is a potential monster is a strong theme.  But I  got a big laugh when Anne’s character starts figuring out that she can control the beast.  The movie is rated R but can be seen by kids whose parents don’t mind a few F bombs here and there.


T2: Trainspotting 2

First off, no one should ever use T2 as the head of a title ever.  T2 will always be the start of Terminator 2.  Back in 1996 a small indie movie from an up and comer filmmaker Danny Boyle blew up and was extremely popular.  Featuring at the time a group of unknown actors.  Trainspotting was at the time, very successful.  Cut to twenty years  later and we get a sequel.  I recently talked about this movie over on ScreenTrax.  Check out my review below


Guardians of The Galaxy. Vol 2

The gang is all back in this follow up to director James Gunn massive hit from 2014.  Vol 2 is everything I want in a sequel and I love these characters so much I could just watch them in a reenactment of  The Breakfast Club.  In this movie we get the added bonus of Kurt Russel and Starlord’s(Chris Pratt) dad and Michael Rooker was a lot better in this one then he was in the first movie.  The only thing that disappointed me was the soundtrack.  Instead of opening with Mr. Blue Sky from ELO during the credits sequence.  I would have used Don’t Bring Me Down instead.   None of the other songs in the flick were that exciting either and I think the use of Brandy(You’re a fine girl) as a plot device was kind of weak in my opinion.


Beauty and the Beast aka Belle et la Bette

In 2014 way before Disney made their live action version.  Director Christophe Gans(Brotherhood of the Wolf) adapted the original story with Lea Seydoux(Blue is The Warmest Color) as Belle and Vincent Cassel(Irreversible) as the beast.  In this story, Belle’s father has taken a rose from the beast’s garden and as punishment must come back to the castle by nightfall and if he doesn’t.  All of his daughters will be killed.  Yes in this version Belle has two wicked sisters.  I can see why Disney removed this aspect in their 91 version.  You don’t want Belle being confused with Cinderella.  Once Belle finds out about this, she goes to confront the beast herself and you know what happens.  What I liked about this version was the origin story of the beast.  I found it to be quite effective and even more tragic then the Disney one.  Both actors are fine, but I never really felt much chemistry between them.  How they go from hating each other to loving  was pretty fast  and it just never had the emotional weight that the animated version has.  I know there is a version made in the 40’s that is suppose to be a better version and I will check that out soon.


House of Cards: Season 5.

President Frank and Vice President Claire Underwood(Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright) are back for a brand new season of this binge worthy series.  This time out our power  Democrat couple are campaigning to win the presidency against Republican nominee Will Conway(Joel Kinnerman).  Meanwhile Frank is being investigated about the illegal dealings with China made in previous season.  We also get more investigations into the death of reporter Zoe Barnes and Doug Stamper’s(Michael Kelly) involvement with his crimes as well. Frank Underwood is such a fascinating villain and I love watching him outsmart his opponents.   This is a show to watch all at once.  I started up early one Sunday morning and kept going til the end.  When the last scene of the last episode ended.  I got such chills of excitement.  I can’t wait for season 5.


Curse of Chucky

Everyone’s favorite killer doll is back to wreck havoc in this sequel from the original director of the first Child’s Play , Don Mancini.  Brad Dourif returns  as the voice of the evil cabbage patch kid and in this sequel.  The Doll gets sent to the home of  two bickering sisters who are fighting about ownership of their mother’s home.   Well one is more upset then the other.  Anyway yada yada yada.  Chucky is at first loved by the little girl of one of the sisters.  No one believes her that the doll is real, bunch of killings happen.  Although in this version we do get some  back story about Charles Lee Ray and why this location was so important.  We also get a cameo appearance from someone in the sequels which never made much sense to me, but maybe it does you.   Yes this is a return to more of a horror film then Bride and Son Of Chucky were.  But it was never all that suspenseful.  I still think the original movie despite it’s premise is still very good and it holds up quite well.   I may have to re watch this whole series again.


Thanks to everyone who voted for The Neon Demon as The LAMB’s Movie of The Month for June.  I really appreciate your support.  The winner for June was  Aaron Neuwirth of The Code is Zeek with his pick of  The Spy Who Loved Me starring the late Sir Roger Moore. and I want to congratulate Aaron and his hard earned efforts.  I will be appearing on that episode of the LAMBcast and will be excited to talk about that feature.    Have a good week everyone











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I love movies and I enjoy writing about them too. They both go pretty much hand in hand with each other and it's fun to discover new classics. I co host the podcasts The Film Pasture, ScreenTrax, and soon Cinema Recall. While also contributing reviews and articles to other great sites when I can.
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9 Responses to Yet Another Random Thoughts Of A Movie Insomniac

  1. Brittani says:

    I’ve never seen that version of Beauty and the Beast, but I’d like to. Especially after how awful Disney’s new version looks.

    100% agree with what you said about Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea, and Get Out.

  2. Chris says:

    Enjoyed reading the mini-reviews Vern. The missing scenes in Moonlight are unusual for a US oscar friendly movie, it’s closer to European art cinema, and I like that not all is spelled out. Chiron is written as a withdrawn character so makes sense there’s a bit of mystery. But I know some felt he was too elusive. Seeking solace (as a child/teen/adult) is a universal condition we could all relate to.

    Get Out could dissuade inter-racial relationships and feels slightly racist, but a well-told and surprising movie.
    Will check out Don’t Bring Me Down by ELO. You already know my favorites from GoftheG vol 2

    • The Vern says:

      I enjoy your mini reviews as well Chris. I guess what I mean by missing scenes. and this may seem as a SPOILER WARNING for those that have not seen it

      After Chiron beats up that one kid and is arrested. It goes to the next chapter and he is now this buff drug dealer. Are you telling me that one stint in jail would cause a person to do this. You know maybe so. Your right it does add a sense of mystery that everything is not all spelled out.

  3. Jay says:

    wow, you’ve been busy!

  4. vinnieh says:

    You’ve been pretty busy with your movie watching.

  5. The Vern says:

    Thanks Jay, and Vinnie. Things are getting busier and busier with other things now besides movie watching

  6. Sorry to hear about your work – I really hope you get something sorted soon!
    Completely agree with you about Manchester by the Sea, I feel like in 12 months time the only part I’ll remember is that scene where you find out why he’s fallen apart so badly. To be fair it was an excellent scene!
    Also super glad you loved Colossal – it’s my hidden gem of the year so far and I can’t gush about it enough!

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