The Vern watches some shorts… Films.

This is a page that features short films from talented filmmakers that you should check out.


The Vern likes shorts shorts(Films that is)  (Movies featured:  “Scattered“, “Little Red Riding Hood“,  and “Bad Girls“.)


Let’s Look at more shorts with The Vern  (Movies featured: “The Stranger” “Order of The Ram“, “Earrings“, and Music Video “Shark Week“.)


The Vern looks at a few more shorts…films  (Movies featured: “The Dawning“, “Darjeeling“, and “Aidan 5“.  )


Let’s look at people’s shorts with The Vern  (Movies featured: “Jess Archer Vs The Ex” ,”Girl at the Door“, “Reboot” , “Bright Eyes, Long Lashes“and a”Lost in Translation” music video .)


The Vern checks out some more shorts  (Movies Featured:  Mallas,MA, Simple Mind,Total Performance,Call Girl)


Looking at Shorts with The Vern( Movies Featured: Dawn,The Runaround Club,The Clone Theory, Music Video: Bitch Better Have My Money)

The Vern Watches Shorts on top of Trailers (Reviews of The Tattooist, Doll it Up, Music video by The Chemical Brothers and a quick peak of trailers from Toy Story 4, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Cool 90’s version of The Avengers and more)

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