Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac: The Awards edition


I am never good at posting reviews and articles when they seem to be relevant.  This post about the Oscars should have been done weeks ago when the nominees were first announced.  I did write up something for another site and if you wish you can read that below

TMI Picks For 2019’s Best At The Movies (Versus the Oscar Noms)

However, this is not going to be about who I think was snubbed and what film was over hyped.  Although I do think the hatred of a certain comic book movie getting 11 nominations is pretty freaking funny.  Comic book fans have been crying for years to have award shows honor these types of movies since The Dark Knight and now that it’s here.  People just want to complain about it.  Plus, your like or dislike of a movie should have nothing to do with if it wins awards or even has a big box office.  One of my favorite flicks of 2019 was Gaspar Noe’s Climax.  Do you think I care it got snubbed at The Oscars or was even less seen  Cats, No. (click on name to hear my thoughts on this feature)  Anyways.  Here is the list of movies I saw recently.


Little Women – Nominated for 6 Oscars

Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of the famed novel was very good.  Now keep in mind I have not seen the other adaptations but I will.  The story follows Jo(Saorise Ronan) a woman who wants to write and doesn’t want to follow what society finds acceptable for her gender.  Even though this was set in the early 19th century; Gerwig adds a lot of modern style dialoug to her characters. that made them more fleshed out.  Florence Pugh was really good as Amy because at first I thought she was just a snob who only cared about wealth, but she ends up having quite the character arch in this


Uncut Gems – Nominated for 0 Oscars

The Safdie Brothers have created a tense filled ride with their latest feature.  Adam Sandler plays a jewel dealer who gets in over his head as he tries to outsmart loan sharks and other criminals while trying to retrieve a valuable stone he let Kevin Garnett(playing himself) borrow.  If you have any kind anxiety this might be one to pass but you might hate yourself if you do because this is really a well made flick.


1917 – Nominated for 10 Oscars

Made to look like it was done in a single take.  Sam Mendes latest feature is about two soldiers who have to deliver a message to another camp to help avoid an attack on them.  Watch this one in theaters because it is stunning on the big screen and that aspect will be lost at home.  Plus I don’t think the story will be as exciting as it is in theaters. This should never be available to stream.  Roger Deakins once again works his magic as cinematographer.

Marriage Story -Nominated for 6 Oscars

This movie is very good with great performances from Adam Driver, Scarlet Johannson and Laura Dern.  I just don’t understand why everyone is saying this is the most depressing movie of the year.  SPOILERS:  They get a divorce but end up still being good friends.  What is sad about that.  It’s clear from the very last scenes that they still love each other very much.  They just don’t want to be around the other person all the time.  How is that sad, I just don’t understand.  Most of my relationships ended with the woman saying she hates me and vice versa.  Maintaining friendship with your ex is a good thing.  You want a depressing movie about marriage.  Watch Revolutionary Road directed by Sam Mendes


Jo Jo Rabbit – Nominated for 6 Oscars

I really want this to win Best Picture.  I also really want for more families to see this movie too.  If you think that it is wrong to have humor in a movie about the holocaust or thought the tone was out of place.  I don’t think you were clearly watching the movie because director Taika Waititi balances the comedy and the drama extremely well.  Plus all the comedy is making fun of the Nazis.  So unless you are sympathetic to Hitler, what the fuck are you complaining about.  It’s extremely heartfelt and Scarlet Johannson’s role deseveres all the praise it’s not getting

A Hidden Life – Nominated for 0 Oscars

It’s a Terrence Malick without the cinematography of Emmanuel Lubezki so all the shots were kind of dull and not at all exciting to watch on the big screen.  I loved The Tree of Life and saw that at least twice in theaters.  This one put me to sleep after twenty minutes.  The only other movies I liked from this director was Badlands and A New World


Climax – Nominated for 0 Oscars

This one has really stunning cinematography from Benoit Dobie( he also did really great work with The Beach Bum as well) and should have been listed in that category.  I can’t say it deserved to be in the others but it certainly deserved that.  You can read my full thoughts about the flick below.

Climax Review

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4 Responses to Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac: The Awards edition

  1. ninvoid99 says:

    I should note that the guy who shot A Hidden Life had been Malick’s camera operator since The New World as he obviously was mentored by Chivo to be Malick’s next DP. I really enjoyed A Marriage Story, Little Women, and Jojo Rabbit as they are definitely great films. I wish I saw more as I’m now stuck at home due to my bronchitis.

  2. movierob says:

    great post Vern! I too think JP is the top actor this season. AD is a close second.. Haven’t seen AHL yet but look forward to falling asleep while watching it just to see this performance. Not a fan of films that require being seen in the theater BUT 1917 was superb on the big screen and I’m looking forwrad to seeing it again just for a repeat of that amazing experience. Hopefully even in IMAX.

    Keep up the great work my friend!

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