Vote The Neon Demon to be August’s Movie of The Month at The LAMB.


The last time I submitted The Neon Demon for The LAMB’s movie of the month in June, I lost to Arron Neuwirth( of the podcast Out Now with Aaron and Abe) with his choice of The Spy Who Loved Me.  To be fair my pick is not the kind of movie that everyone goes and  sees.    It is essentially an art film and whenever that title gets used.  People immediately think that it’s going to be pretentious.  While the movie certainly has a lot of style to it.  I never thought it took away from the story.  I think it adds a lot to it.  After all the story takes place in the fashion industry and that has style.  Wouldn’t it make sense that a movie that deals with this topic  do the same thing too..  I’m going to take a chance and resubmit this really creative feature in hopes that it will be picked to be talked about on an upcoming episode of The LAMBcast.  This is a very polarizing movie.  So for this post, I’m going to share reviews of people who loved and loathed The Neon Demon.   Many of these reviews come straight from The LAMBscores section on The Large Association of Movie Blogs website plus a few movie reviews via Youtube.   I’m hoping that there will be an equal number of critics on both sides to debate this one of a kind feature. for the podcast.  To me the best movie review shows are ones  that have different opinions and you know.   There will be a lot of different thoughts about this one.    So if you want a podcast that will be different and have opposing views.  Please vote The Neon Demon as The LAMB’s movie of the month.

Go and check out the great reviews of this movie by these wonderful and talented writers.  Regardless  of if you agree or disagree with their thoughts.

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The Vern looks closely at Sofia Coppola…. and her Films


(Portions of this article appeared on

There are going to be people who will disagree with me on this,but I find Sofia Coppola to be one of the best directors out right now. Yes I would put her in the same ranks as Christopher Nolan, and David Fincher  (to name a few). She has a distinct visual style that you can see in each film and it doesn’t matter where you start watching. You’ll know right away that it’s a Coppola picture.  Sofia was the second female director to get top honors at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival for her latest film The Beguiled.  The other was Yuliya Solntseva who won in 1961 for her feature The Story of Flaming Years.  Miss Coppola has come a long way since she was hated for her performance in Godfather Part III.  Now she is now considered among the top  filmmakers  with over 56 awards including an Oscar for best Screenplay.   Now some of you may comment that her films are boring because all it has is people talking. Well if you are use to just action movies, and nothing else you would be right. Sofia writes stories about character developments and does that not only through spoken dialogue, but also internal thoughts of the characters. There is a great moment in Lost in Translation when Bob Harris(Bill Murray) is posing for a whiskey ad( “For relaxing times, make it Santory time”). He is cracking jokes and puns throughout the whole scene. but you can tell he feels isolated, and alone.

I decide to take a look at this celebrated director’s career with short reviews of each of the films  she’s made.  Also featured are music videos and commercials that she has directed
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Forbidden Hollywood. BABY FACE ( 1933)

Today’s review is courtesy of Cracked Rear Viewer

Made before any ratings system was put in place. Baby Face is a movie that made many censors gasp at the idea of a woman being that sexually confident.  If this was made today, there would still be some controversy from both liberals and conservative viewers about a female character using sex to get what she wants.  In general, conservatives would be offended at the idea of a girl having no shame of so many sexual partners.  While a few liberals would be upset about a girl who doesn’t mind being seen as a sex object to get what she wants.

Barbara Stanwyck was really good as the lead role of Lilly.  A person that can be seen as both a victim and a villain. Lilly is a very complex character and how you chose to perceive her is up to you.   Baby Face also features a young John Wayne as one of Lilly’s victims.  It’s very different to see him play such a shy and somewhat weaker character.

Cracked Rear Viewer gives a really good detailed review in their Pre Code Confidential series and I urge you to not only check out this review, but the rest in the series as well

Source: Pre Code Confidential #8: Barbara Stanwyck in BABY FACE (Warner Brothers 1933)

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Movie Rob’s Genre Grandeur – Graphic Novel Film Adaptations

Hello Everyone.

I was asked to chose the theme for Movie Rob’s Genre Grandeur in May and I chose graphic novel adaptations.  There were a lot of great picks and for your reading pleasure.. I present them all to you now.    Click on each title to read the review Continue reading

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The Vern is constantly looking at the sky after watching Space Babes from Outer Space


Space Babes from Outer Space

Cast:  Ellie Church, Alyss Winkler, Allison Maler

Director: Brian Williams

Right from the title alone you would be expecting nothing more then just a cheesy comedy with loads of T&A and a lot of low brow humor, and you would be right.  This latest feature from Bandit pictures (Harvest Lake) does feature a lot of nudity and bad jokes about sex.  But that just adds to the films charms.  Space Babes From Outer Space is a throwback to the glory days of 90’s soft core porn and 80’s sex comedies.  Back in the 90’s, networks like HBO, Showtime and especially Cinemax would feature many soft core/erotica movies.  They would include nudity and various sexual acts but none would contain any actual penetration.  For many people too afraid to go to the store to buy a porno.  This was the only way to get their fix, so to say.  When the internet took over and it was much easier to view hardcore titles at your home.  The era that was soft core sort of went away too.    Director Brian Williams’ feature is bringing some of that soft core mentality back with the attitude of an 80’s sex comedy. Continue reading

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New Podcast. Cinema Recall at ThatMomentIn.Com

Hello everybody


I am proud to announce that in July.  I am going to be starting up a brand new podcast over on the great site That Moment In.(@ThatMomentIn)  This is a site whose members fully believe that every movie has a great moment that is worth exploring. I hope to bring these kind of discussions further on each episode of this brand new series. Continue reading

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Yet Another Random Thoughts Of A Movie Insomniac


Damn it has been a while since I last posted one of these articles and during that time I was recently put on Furlough at my job.  This has been quite stressful because I’ve not been fired, but can’t collect any payments since I am not working.  I was approved for unemployment but am still waiting for additional paperwork from the company.  I’m applying for other jobs and getting interviews but they are much further away then my current one.  Still I’m going to try and remain positive.  Maybe I should start a Patreon account

There has been a lot of time since my last post and yes I have seen a few movies here and there. Not as many as I would have liked and there are still quite a few that I missed seeing in theaters. Continue reading

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The Film Pasture Podcast: Top 5 movies best seen in theaters.

Recently over at The Film Pasture Podcast.  We did a show all about the best movies that were seen in the cinemas compared to watching them at home.  Joining me for this episode was Matt Neglia of Next Best Picture and Tony Coogan of Coogs Reviews  Continue reading

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Movie Rob’s Genre Grandeur – Kick Ass

Hello Cats and Kittens.  The Vern here with a post on my review for Movie Rob’s Genre Grandeur.  I was fortunate to have been chosen to pick the genre, and mine was favorite graphic novels that have been adapted to the big screen.  However each movie has to be based on book that has been published.

Example, Watchmen would be acceptable because it’s based off one book. while X-Men would not because it’s just based off the characters. For my pick, I am choosing the ultra violent, but extremely fun superhero flick Kick Ass. Continue reading

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Please Vote The Neon Demon as June’s MOTM at The LAMB

Hello everyone.

The Vern here to ask for your help in getting Nicholas Winding Refn’s visual epicness that is The Neon Demon, to be June’s Movie Of The Month  over at The LAMB (aka The Large Association of Movie Blogs)  This movie has been divided among many film lovers.  While some love it’s striking visuals and over the top story.  Others feel that it’s nothing more but style over substance.

I will admit I didn’t know what to make of this film when I first saw it, as this conversation with my brain and I will explain.

I have seen it a few times since and am still not 100 % sure of what it all really means in term of symbolism, but I will give you a quick recap of the plot.  Yes there will be SPOILERS.  You have been warned. Continue reading

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