The Return of Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac.

Hello folks , The Vern here with another collection of films and at least one TV series I watched.   I was busy being a guest on various podcasts and I will share those with you later in this post.   Since I am hosting two sometimes three podcasts.  I don’t have a lot of time to write up as many long reviews of movies as I would like.  I need to do more with my All Time Classics and Criterion Corner, but damn it.  Some nights I just want to watch a movie and not have to analyze  or review it.  But I do like sharing you some quick thoughts about movies I have seen.  So here we go. Continue reading

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The Vern Vs VidAngel.

I’m sure you’re expecting me to post reviews of flicks I have seen recently and don’t worry.  My reviews of  Atomic Blonde, Ingrid Goes West and the live action adaptation of Ghost in The Shell are on the way soon.   There are also many podcasts I host and have guested on that I will share as soon as I can.  However right now as mentioned in the classic song Sabotage by The Beastie Boys.   I have got a big thorn on my side.  No, I’m sorry.  Let me rephrase that.  I have a fucking thorn in my side and that is due to the company, VidAngel. Continue reading

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Great Cinematic Experiences with The Vern.

This Article appeared previously on The Vern’s Videovanguard

Movies have always been a huge part of my life ever since I was a small child.  Both of my parents were involved in the entertainment industry in one way or the other.  My mother  taught English and directed plays, while my father owned a record store(Yes with actual LP’s) and was a vice president of a company that distributed DVDs and VHS to stores.  It was inevitable that I would catch this sort of love early on.  In this article, I want to just mention some of the titles that have had a lasting impression on me when I saw them at the cinemas. These are among the greatest cinematic experiences of The Vern.


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Please Vote The Love Witch for The LAMB’s Horror Special

Hello all

I’m going to keep this post short, but I do hope you can help me out.  I’m submitting Director Anna Biller’s ode to classic cinema The Love Witch as Movie of the Month over at The LAMB aka The Large Association of Movie Blogs  for October.  I really wish that more people had the chance to see this, because this film is really astounding.

Vote Here Continue reading

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Let’s look at even more shorts with The Vern, yet again.



Hello everyone.

I love getting emails from filmmakers and producers who want me to review their feature length films and  or short presentations.  It’s very humbling to know that they respect what I do enough to have me see their finished projects.  Making any form of entertainment is not easy.  I spent one night editing a podcast for 6 hours straight, and that was  just audio editing.

The only real problem I have and it’s no fault of the filmmakers is time.  When I get home from work, I am tired and I don’t want to watch something where I have to pay attention.  These filmmakers have worked hard on these shorts, and I want to respect them by watching it without any distractions.   So here we go with my thoughts on these short films. Continue reading

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Even More Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac

Damn damn damn, does it feel like a long time has passed since I wrote one of these recaps.   I started working back at my job again which doesn’t leave me a whole lot of time to write reviews like I want or even see  as many movies I would like.   I also have been hosting and editing episodes of Film Pasture and Cinema Recall podcasts and many of those have taken up a lot of my time too.     Here are a few movies I have watched so far Continue reading

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Women Directors, Baby Driver and The Fifth Element on various podcasts.

Hello Everyone

I promise I will be back to post more reviews on here soon, but until then.  I am busy editing and hosting episodes of Cinema Recall for That Moment In and The Film Pasture from The Large Association of Movie Blogs.     Speaking of the LAMB, my extreme thanks to all of those who did vote The Neon Demon to win Movie of the Month, but alas we lost to Sean at 1001 Movies Podcast and his choice of Clue.  I don’t feel bad, that movie is indeed a classic and I’m glad it won.    Below are some recent episodes of some good podcast shows I did. Continue reading

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Vote The Neon Demon to be August’s Movie of The Month at The LAMB.


The last time I submitted The Neon Demon for The LAMB’s movie of the month in June, I lost to Arron Neuwirth( of the podcast Out Now with Aaron and Abe) with his choice of The Spy Who Loved Me.  To be fair my pick is not the kind of movie that everyone goes and  sees.    It is essentially an art film and whenever that title gets used.  People immediately think that it’s going to be pretentious.  While the movie certainly has a lot of style to it.  I never thought it took away from the story.  I think it adds a lot to it.  After all the story takes place in the fashion industry and that has style.  Wouldn’t it make sense that a movie that deals with this topic  do the same thing too..  I’m going to take a chance and resubmit this really creative feature in hopes that it will be picked to be talked about on an upcoming episode of The LAMBcast.  This is a very polarizing movie.  So for this post, I’m going to share reviews of people who loved and loathed The Neon Demon.   Many of these reviews come straight from The LAMBscores section on The Large Association of Movie Blogs website plus a few movie reviews via Youtube.   I’m hoping that there will be an equal number of critics on both sides to debate this one of a kind feature. for the podcast.  To me the best movie review shows are ones  that have different opinions and you know.   There will be a lot of different thoughts about this one.    So if you want a podcast that will be different and have opposing views.  Please vote The Neon Demon as The LAMB’s movie of the month.

Go and check out the great reviews of this movie by these wonderful and talented writers.  Regardless  of if you agree or disagree with their thoughts.

Continue reading

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The Vern looks closely at Sofia Coppola…. and her Films


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There are going to be people who will disagree with me on this,but I find Sofia Coppola to be one of the best directors out right now. Yes I would put her in the same ranks as Christopher Nolan, and David Fincher  (to name a few). She has a distinct visual style that you can see in each film and it doesn’t matter where you start watching. You’ll know right away that it’s a Coppola picture.  Sofia was the second female director to get top honors at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival for her latest film The Beguiled.  The other was Yuliya Solntseva who won in 1961 for her feature The Story of Flaming Years.  Miss Coppola has come a long way since she was hated for her performance in Godfather Part III.  Now she is now considered among the top  filmmakers  with over 56 awards including an Oscar for best Screenplay.   Now some of you may comment that her films are boring because all it has is people talking. Well if you are use to just action movies, and nothing else you would be right. Sofia writes stories about character developments and does that not only through spoken dialogue, but also internal thoughts of the characters. There is a great moment in Lost in Translation when Bob Harris(Bill Murray) is posing for a whiskey ad( “For relaxing times, make it Santory time”). He is cracking jokes and puns throughout the whole scene. but you can tell he feels isolated, and alone.

I decide to take a look at this celebrated director’s career with short reviews of each of the films  she’s made.  Also featured are music videos and commercials that she has directed
Continue reading

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Movie Rob’s Genre Grandeur – Graphic Novel Film Adaptations

Hello Everyone.

I was asked to chose the theme for Movie Rob’s Genre Grandeur in May and I chose graphic novel adaptations.  There were a lot of great picks and for your reading pleasure.. I present them all to you now.    Click on each title to read the review Continue reading

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