Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac. Part 16



While being away from all of you for so long,  I did manage to keep myself entertained, and what follows is the end results.  I took in a few movies, read some good books and watched a few shows. Continue reading

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The Vern reviews Room (2015) and not the Tommy Wiseau version



I was lucky enough to catch Room and no I don’t mean the one by Tommy Wiseau.  This is the story about a mother(Brie Larson) and son(Jacob Tremblay) being held captive and how the mom turned their cell into a great world for her child to live in.  Whenever I see an adaptation done from a book I like.  I worry that they won’t get the same type of emotions I had when while reading it.  Yes, certain books should effect you the same way a movie does.   Well I gotta say this one is really good.  You can read more of my thoughts by clicking the link below. Continue reading

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The Vern checks out some more shorts



Hello everyone.  It’s been a long, long time since I have done one of these posts, but I’m glad to back covering short films.  I would love to put together a petition of everyone who loves movies demanding that theaters play more short features.  Think of going to the movies, but instead of seeing all those commercials.  You get to see one or two really good  short film.  Hell if Pixar can add one to their features.  I don’t see why other studios can’t.  Here is just a few I saw. Continue reading

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The Vern says Happy Halloween

Well here it is folks Oct 31 2015 and unlike the above clip from a somewhat underrated feature.  We no longer have to wait for the day to come.  But although many of you will be watching a scary movie tonight.  Don’t forget that horror movies don’t haft to be watched at just this time of year.  Anytime can be a great time to watch these films.  For this post I wanted to share some videos that I think would be kind of cool to for you to see.  Not just for today, but maybe for the rest of this weekend too. Continue reading

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That Moment In: Night Trap and Channel Superhero’s Tales From The Crypt


AudienceOnly one more day til Halloween people and I couldn’t be any more excited.  I got my costume all picked out and I will share you pics of me and my awesome getup after the weekend.  I’m only hitting up  one party that night but it’s suppose to be a big one so I’m not worried that many won’t see my bad ass threads.    Besides it’s cold out there in Minnesota so staying at one place is just fine for me.

While I was away, I did have the opportunity to guest write for a few other great sites.   I was going to do a separate post on each one bust since it is Halloween, I think I can put them together and it will still be fine. Continue reading

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The Vern’s Top 5 Essential Horror Movie Survival Tips


attack-the-block-hallway1I may be the last person you would ever want in helping you survive anything at all.  Let’s face facts.  If there was some sort of zombie outbreak or a group of cannibalistic hillbillies, or a pissed off Asian ghost child attacking people.  I’m the first one to be killed off.  Well no maybe not the first one, I would most likely be the comic one note.  The one that would last through most of the movie with his jokes and his comments about how f__ed up everything is.  You know, ease the tension a little bit.  But soon my antics would get annoying and before long.  I would be killed in the most gruesome way ever.  Still, since I am the comic relief of this scenario.  My death would be somewhat ironic.  Like if for example.  I mention that I hate the music by Train(God, do I hate that band. That song Hey Soul Sister is terrible with badly written lyrics, and that stupid ukulele playing. I hate em..) I would be hit by one while the conductor played one of their songs.   That is my demise if I ever was put into a horror situation.  However since most of you who read this are of the normal variety.  Whatever the hell that means I’m sure that you will do the right thing and grab your supplies from Man Crates(yup that’s right people I’m doing a product placement  here).  The only gift package you haft to open with a crowbar.

Crate_3-1024x682 Continue reading

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Manic Movie Mondays: Halloween edition

lights out

Hello everyone.  Since we are only a week away from celebrating one of the best holidays ever.  I thought it would be nice to share some awesome horror and other fright filled posts by some great writers.  That and I just recently got my laptop and didn’t have much time to really write anything too new(at least for this site).  What follow is a cool list of reviews, stories and even some videos of some great things to hopefully put you in the Halloween season. Continue reading

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The Video Vortex will be reopening it’s portal on OCT 26.


Oh hello everyone.  This is just a small quick message letting you all know that I will be starting up this site again on October 26 so mark your calendars.  Continue reading

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The Vern is Closing the Portal (for a little while)

Hello you sexy beautiful beings that read or somehow drunkenly stumbles and clicks on this site.

PortalThis is indeed a dark time for yours truly.  The command center I use to write up these posts and to help edit the podcasts you love(The Film Pasture & As You Watch) is no more. As of right now I am writing up this one at a library by my house. Let me explain my complication a bit further. Continue reading

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Top 20 Best Visual Music Videos of All Time(of right now)

AHAI read a post from the great blog Cinema Parrot Disco that reviewed two music videos from Chris Cunningham.  In it she mentions a tweet from director Duncan Jones(Moon, Source Code) that music videos are not as cool as they once were.  First I was kind of shocked, because I didn’t think they were playing any music on MTV except on their shows.  2nd, music videos were a tool to help people discover songs.  Now  with  Spotify and other music services you can try on your Ipod.  I feel that music videos have become sort of irrelevant.   Today I want to share a few videos that I feel are really beautiful and despite the age of the song are still relevant and fun to watch too. Continue reading

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