The Vern stares at some more shorts…films

It’s hard to belive it but yes I still have a blog and occasionally do post stuff on here.  It’s just I have been very very busy these last few months putting up more content for Cinema Recall podcast, Getting drum tracks laid down for one of my buddy’s solo project.  Not to mention work and doing adulting things like bills and snow removal.  While I did watch some great movies at theaters and at home.  I want to share some great short films I watched as well. Continue reading

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Random thoughts of a movie insomniac October Edition

Hey Gang.

I’m not doing much reviews on here this month, and most of my content will be dedicated to Cinema Recall for the whole 31 days of Halloween/Horror challenge.   You can listen to many of those episodes below

I did check out some rather cool flicks in theaters and at home that I will share with you Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why it’s OK To Watch Spice World 1997( and enjoy it)

A few night back my friend Tara had a bunch of friends come over for a bad movie night.  In the past she has screened Xanadu, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Harts Club Band, but on this night she was to screen the feature film of The Spice Girls called Spice World.  I remember this not being good when I first saw it.  But after a few years past I really enjoyed it this time around.  Plus my musical tastes have changed a lot since I was 15 so that might something to do with it as well.  Although I have always been a fan of their hit Wannabe and think their music video helped inspire Russian Ark and Birdman or The unexpected virtue of ignorance because it was all done in one take or made to look like it was.  You can read my full list over on That Moment In below. Continue reading

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Cinema Recall Podcast’s New Home and 31 Days of Horror Challenge.

Hello to everyone out there that still watches this site, I do appreciate it.  There is some good news that I want to share with you.   The Cinema Recall Podcast is now available under That Moment In Presents which can be found on Anchor.  We used to be on another platform but the costs to keep it there was a bit too much.  Going forward I will be re posting older shows and new ones as well   Check out all our episodes below. Continue reading

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Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac. Reviews of Hail Satan,The Dead Don’t Die, Camino and more

What is up everyone.   I’m going to make this post really short. compared to other movie insomniac posts I have done in the past.    Not going to do a short summary review like before.  Just going to post my score and than click title to read the full review over at That Moment In.  Enjoy.    Continue reading

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The Vern wants to take the world but reviews Brightburn instead


Brandon Breyer (Jackson A. Dunn) stars in Screen Gems’ BRIGHTBURN.

After almost giving up hope that they will ever conceive a child.  Tori(Elizabeth Banks) and Kyle Breyer’s(David Denman) prayers are answered after a spaceship crash lands in their backyard carrying with it an infant boy.  Brandon(Jackson A. Dunn) for the first 10 years has been a real sweet kid and the apple of mom’s eye.  But once he begins to find out where he comes from and just how powerful he is.  Everyone else has become obsolete to him. Continue reading

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Why Sam Raimi’s version of Spider-Man is the best.

In this video essay from Dorkly on Youtube. Tony Wilson explains why the Spider-Man movies directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire are the best adaptations of the famous web crawler. I loved Into the Spiderverse and Tom Holland’s version of the character is a lot of fun, but they never showed the struggle of the character like Raimi’s versions had. Check out the video below and let me know what you think.

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All Time Classics: Small Town Hero (2019)


Have you ever wondered if a superhero has ever wrongly accused someone of a crime they may or may haven’t done.  It has to happen, right.  No one can always be 100 percent sure that they are doing the right thing all the time.  I’m sure Batman has his doubts at times, but than again maybe not.  Maybe this ideal of a perfect society is what fuels many of these individuals who put the law into their own hands.

People like Pep(Simon Cassidy) in the wonderful new movie Small Town Hero are nothing new.  Being fed up with crime in his town.  He decides to do something about it and stop it.  At first it started with a bunch of kids breaking a store’s window and other small crimes.  His methods were a bit unorthodox but hey, they get the help get the job done. Continue reading

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The Vern was a guest on Dork Points and watches Beta Test


I was recently a guest on Dork Points to watch the sci-fi feature Beta Test.  It’s about a game tester who unknowingly begins controlling a real person to commit crimes for an evil corporation.  It was a blast hanging out with my friends Nicole, Ron, and Ron’s dad to watch this flick and do a MST3K style commentary but I think a few of us were enjoying it more than we should.  Watch the series of videos below and be sure to like and subscribe to their channel.  Continue reading

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The Vern picks The Species Franchise to win Movie of the Month and it does.

Over on The Large Association of  Movie Blogs aka The LAMB.  I put forth Species to win Movie of The Month for a special franchise edition.  Up against the original Star Wars trilogy, Cars, the Dollars saga(Fistfull…, A Few Dollars…, The Good The Bad…) and more I never thought. I would win.  But I did and I was on a special episode of The LAMBcast discussing that flick.  That show should be posting this week so be on the lookout for it.  It was fun.   I’m going to be giving you my short reactions to each movie. Continue reading

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The Vern tokes up and reviews The Beach Bum(2019)

When you mention the name Harmony Korine.  Right away there will be many people there that will avoid this movie at all cost.  The Director of Spring Breakers and Gummo certainly has a distinct style and the man has his fans but certainly a lot of haters as well.  His new movie The Beach Bum will be no different and I won’t fault anyone for not liking this flick.   But I can’t lie and say I did not have fun with this one, folks.  Does it have problems.  Oh Yes.  Yes it does, but it’s still very funny.  Matthew McConaughey shines in the lead role as Moondog and the supporting cast including Snoop Dog, Isla Fisher, Martin Lawrence, Jimmy Buffett and more are all very good.

Read my full review over at That Moment In

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Cinema Recall Podcast: La La Land and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg



Hello Everyone

On this Episode of Cinema Recall I was joined by two great people  Howard Casner and Sofia Teixeira to discuss our favorite moments of these two iconic movies.  Listen Now by visiting That Moment In

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Criterion Corner: I Married a Witch (1942)


The Criterion Collection for years have been releasing the best versions of movies on DVD and Blue Ray.  They are hands down the ultimate praise a film can receive,and while many claim  the Oscar to be  the ultimate recognition.  Having the work and praise that goes into a Criterion edition.  Shows that it was put together by film lovers for film lovers.  This section is going to be dedicated to some of the great movies in this growing collection.


In this delightful comedy. A curse is put forth upon the men of a puritan family after a witch and her father are burned at the stake.  Their ashes are buried underneath a tree where their souls lie for eternity  Throughout centuries men with the last name Wooley are doomed to marry the worst women in the world.  Than in modern times( Well modern for the early 40’s) a bolt of lighting hits the tree and both father and daughter are free.  Now Jennifer(Veronica Lake) and Daniel(Cecil Kellaway) want to seek out the latest male descent of the Wooley name and make him suffer even more.   They find it with Jonathan(Fredric March)who is running for Governor and is engaged to the daughter of a rich political backer.   Jennifer’s plan is to seduce Johnathan and woo him away from his new bride.  Her plans go astray when a love spell that was meant for Jonathan  is accidentally giving to her, making her the love sick fool. Continue reading

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The Vern watches shorts on top of trailers.

Hello gang how are ya?

Well I have been kind of shitty this past week.  I lost my voice over the weekend so I had to postpone recording a recent episode of Cinema Recall.  It’s been several days and I still haven’t gotten it back yet.  Couldn’t even go to work because my job requires the use of my voice.  So I thought this would be a good time to comment on a few trailers and short films I saw. Continue reading

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Being Mickey’s Bitch. Are remakes of Disney movies making us consumer whores?

Only a company like Disney could sell you something that you have already seen before. With the recent trailers for the live action versions of Aladdin and The Lion King trending on social media.  I have to ask myself, why?  Not why are they doing it.  That parts easy, it’s the money.  Why are so many people fascinated with watching these updates of movies we have seen. Continue reading

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