The Vern enjoys Spaghettiman(2016), but reviews the movie too.





Cast: Benjamin Crutcher,Winston Carter

Writers: Winston Carter, Mark Potts, Benjamin Crutcher, Brad Rackley

Director: Mark Potts.

If you were being mugged and then got saved by some masked stranger who shot noodles out of his hands.  You would feel pretty grateful, right.  Like there was someone out there who cared about you and wanted to make sure you were safe.  Now, let’s say that same hero asked for whatever was in your wallet for his help in saving you.  Well that guy would be a complete dick.  But you would also have one of the funniest dark super hero movies since  James Gunn’s Super.  I wouldn’t be surprised if director Mark Potts gets chosen to direct a big budget franchise after his work in this off the wall but extremely fun tale. Continue reading

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Ghost In The Shell with Scarlett Johannson: Teaser( 2017)


New trailer of the live action Ghost in The Shell feature just posted and it looks good.  I was a fan of the anime back from 1995 (you can read my post about it here and I was very skeptical about a U.S. version with english actors being made.  A lot of people made a big stink about Scarlett Johannson being cast in the lead role, but this was mostly white people.  Residents of Japan were not upset by this casting news, as seen in this video. Continue reading

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Everlasting and Harvest Lake Make Watching Trailers Fun Again.

Great video by Cecil Trachenburg from his site Good Bad Flicks. Follow him on Twitter @GoodBadFlicks

Let’s face it, trailers for movies are not exciting as they once were. We are more impressed with the finish project then we are being amazed or surprised anymore. When you go to see a movie at the theater, every trailer is basically the same. Every comedy, horror, drama, action, and indie trailer hits all the same notes that you have seen before and we are no longer impressed. To be fair, there have been some that are works of art in their own right. The ones of David Fincher comes to mind when I think of great movie trailers. From Seven to Gone Girl, each one has it’s own wonderful sense of rhythm and style that are really exciting. Too many times a trailer will spoil the entire movie and I want it to seduce me. A good one will tease me just enough so that I want to spend all my  money rather then pay rent.  Below are some examples of when it is done right and these are from films some of you haven’t even heard of before. Continue reading

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Twin Cities Film Fest Rejects The Love Witch


When I first started this blog, it was to review movies and give you my thoughts and perspectives on them.  I have been very lucky to have met and befriended many talented filmmakers and am beyond thrilled when their movie gets distributed and is screened for movie fans like me. Continue reading

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The Vern gets a Sunshine Blogger award




WOAH.  HOLY SHIT.  I got an award and I couldn’t be any happier.  This award comes to me from the very talented writer of the same  city where I live.  Well near by at least;  I’m talking about Ruth from the site  FlixChatter.If you have never read her stuff before I highly suggest that you do.  So anyways she gave me this award and then asked me a few questions.  I’m suppose to answer said questions and then pick another 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions.  Are you ready…Well to bad, we’re starting anyways Continue reading

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The Vern gets a demon and reviews Hell-Bent.



Cast:Justin Andrew Davis, Leslie Lynn Meeker,Steven Trollinger

Writer: Shayne Kamat

Director: Foster Vernon

There was a Kids in the Hall sketch where a guy finds out that his best friend owns a demon.  If you don’t know what Kids in The Hall is, I’m not going to tell you.  You will just have to miss out on the best sketch comedy shows of all time.  The sketch was only a few minutes, and the joke was established that every person owned a demon.  Especially the successful ones. Continue reading

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VHS Selections: Hired to Kill and Crimes of Passion

videodrome 3

The fine folks over at Arrow Video enjoy breathing new life into otherwise forgotten titles from the VHS era.  They have given these movies updated sound and picture quality and have given them a good selection of special features.  Here are a few of the titles you can now get on combo Blu-Ray/DVD.  All reviews are written by me and appear courtesy of Cinema Sentries Continue reading

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The Vern goes camping with some Killer Friends.

killer friends


Killer Friends

Cast: Zach Noe Towers,Jenna Lee Carrerio, Dave Racki, Peggy Sinnot

Written by Zach Noe Towers

Directed by Tina Carbone , Zach Noe Towers

Three friends decide to bring one of their roommates  out camping so they can kill him in this very funny dark comedy from writer director Zach Noe Towers. Continue reading

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The Vern goes on a Vacation and visits the Sia.





The laptop I use to write most of my posts and do any of the podcasting is right now being repaired.  I have also been asked by friends of mine to watch their home while they are away in Florida for the next few weeks.  I want to take this time to work on outlining a new script and work on setting up new seasons of As  You Watch and Film Pasture Podcasts  I will continue to visit every one of your sites and read your reviews as much as I can, but I don’t plan on being fully back towards September. Continue reading

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The Star Trek Movie Franchise Part 5: The Reboots


Before J.J. Abrams took his light saber and carved out a new chapter in the Star Wars saga.  He was using his Vulcun mind meld technique to reboot the Star Trek series.  With a brand new cast as the original characters.  They created a film that was both enjoyable for new fans to the series, but also didn’t piss off any hardcore loyal fans.  O.K. I’m sure it did piss off a few people, but my friends who love the show enjoyed the movie.  Hell, most of you got so called critics got so mad about the damn Ghostbusters reboot that you had to make videos and write posts about how angry you were before the movie was even released.  I have more of a rant about this, but I’ll save that for a different day. Continue reading

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