Shitfest 2015: The Avengers: Age of no Emma Peel

SHitfestI know I’m suppose to be on vacation right now,but after reading Eric from The IPC’s thoughts on Birdman(Or The Unexpected Virtues of Ignorance).  I think it’s only fair for me to write about a real pretentious piece of shit that many of you actually enjoyed watching.   The Avengers Age of Ultron Continue reading

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The Vern’s 200th Post

Post_200Yup, it is finally here. My 200th post on this here site and to celebrate. I have a video for you all to enjoy. Yes it is a long one and for that you are very welcome. Enjoy. Continue reading

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Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac. Vol 14

Hello everyone.

How is everyone’s week doing so far. I want to thank everyone for leaving comments on this site and for all the new followers as well. It’s been a while since I did a recap of what I watched, and I did manage to see some new ones in the theaters. I still need to see “Inside Out” and I hope to do that very soon. Enjoy. Continue reading

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The Vern feels something crawling under his skin so he reviews “Bug” instead.

bug titleBug.

Cast: Katherine Prebie, Aaron Henry, Eli Coats

Writer: Tracy Letts

Director: Justin M. Kirkeberg

 I don’t go to the theater much. Wait that doesn’t sound right.  That implies that I do go, just not very often.  The theater is a venue whose presence once intimidated me.  No, no, no, that only comes off that I think all stage actors are snobbish.  Which makes me sound like an A-hole.  Hmmm.  How do I open this review?…….. Oh yeah! I got it.  I am too broke to attend the theater.  Most plays that run in my area cost way more then your average  movie ticket price Some single tickets can cost more then a  3D I-MAX at night for a large family with snacks too.   So when I see an ad for this play on Facebook and it says “Chose your Own Price”, I became very interested.   I have seen the film version directed by William Friedkin with Ashley Judd and Michael Shannon and I really wanted to see the original play that it was based upon.  I get to the box office and find out that the choose your own price method was on a different day.  I was about to leave and come back a different day.  When the lady behind the counter let me in with the price I could afford to see this play.  That incredibly nice woman was Angela Walberg and she is the marketing producer over at Shadow Horse Theater(links will appear at end of review) and I thank her for letting my broke ass  attend the show. Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Memories Blogathon: Ranma 1/2


Bubbawheat is hosting a cool blogathon over at Channel Superhero called Saturday Morning Memories.  I was suppose to do one last week, but I completely forgot about it until now.  My apologies for messing that up, but I have one now and I hope you like it.  Now I’m not sure if this played during Saturday Morning, but I remember watching it then.  So damn it, it counts.

Ranma 1/2

ranma-1_2-wallpaper2 Continue reading

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1st episode of the new season of The Film Pasture.

Hello dear readers.

LambsThere have been many spinoffs in the realm of shows in the past years   “All in The Family“had “The Jeffersons“,”Mary Tyler Moore” had “Maude” “Soap” had “Benson“, and even “Friends” had “Joey“.  I realize that by me mentioning these shows that I have admitted to most of you that I am really old.  But none of those spin offs matter because it is here.  The brand new season of The Film Pasture.  The  official sister show to The Lambcast over at The Large Association of Movie Blogs.    I am joined by the beautiful, awesome Emma of to be my new cohost for this season and I couldn’t be happier.  Our guests for this episode are the very wonderful  Barry of and Eric of

Checkit out here. Continue reading

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Jurassic World is one of the worst movies of the summer.

Jurassic World

Cast: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onfrio.

Director: Collin Trevorrow

I got a free pass to check out this latest adventure, and now I wish I would have stayed at home.  How in the world could one of the best movies of all time sink so low.  Never in my life have I felt so ashamed for a movie series as I do this.  I can’t even blame the sequels because at least they had some consistency to them.  But this was just one of the most dumbest movies ever put on the screen… Continue reading

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The Vern is looking for guests to join him on The Film Pasture

Film PastureIf my life wasn’t busy enough already.  I will taking on the task of being the new host of The Film Pasture over at The Large Association of Movie Blogs.  This is a show that is dedicated to the many great podcasts, blogs, and other kick ass movie related sites that you and I love.   I want to know the process of how you put a post together for us to enjoy. Continue reading

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Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac: Vol 13. Rants/Raves on Remakes.

poltergeist3The release of the remake of “Poltergeist” has got me thinking of the whole idea of remakes in the first place.  Now keep in mind, ta dear readers.  The following article will be just my opinion on the subject and should not be taking so literal.  OK   I also kind of go all over the place with my thoughts, but that’s to be expected.  After all look at the tile of what you are reading Continue reading

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The Vern says support Troma and Save Nuke Em High

Save Return to Nuke em HighEvery few weeks I like to post a few projects going around Kickstarter and Indiegogo that I think are worth your time.   Because of working long hours and my last article.  I have not been able to research much, but I did want to tell you about one feature that every one should take an interest in.

Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol 2. Continue reading

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