Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac: April Video Edition

Hello Boys and Girls.


I know it’s been a while since I last posted any reviews for this site but with work and covering things for Cinema Sentries I haven’t had much time to do anything else.  There is a new video where I give my thoughts on some recent movies appearing in theaters or Netflix. Continue reading

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The Vern will be away at the 2016 MPLS International Film Festival



Hello everyone.  I have been gone a while and I feel bad that I’m going to be gone for just a bit longer.  Currently I am away covering the 2016 Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival for Cinema Sentries and won’t be back til the the end of April before I do any more of my own reviews.   I hope to give you a recap of all the films I have seen and tell you all about the cool people and events I have seen there as well.  My apologize if I haven’t commented or liked a lot of your reviews lately.  It’s just that with this and work, I’ve been too tired to really do much else.    I plan to do a segment highlighting your reviews once this is all done.   Thank you all for being patient.


For more info on the Minneapolis Film Society head on over to their site


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The Vern looses his sense of reality and reviews The Watcher Self.


The Watcher Self

The Watcher Self

The Watcher Self

Cast: Karen French, Julian Shaw

Writer and Director: Matt Cruse

When something bad happens to us.  The mind has a way of keeping it hidden from the individual.  I say this because it happened to me.  Many years ago I was in a bad car accident and was near death.  I remember nothing about the crash and only remember driving home.  I can still recall going to my apartment, going up the stairs, and talking to my roommates at the time.  It was only after I went to bed that I woke up in a hospital with tubes sticking out of me.  It’s been over five years since the crash and to this day.  I still don’t remember anything about  what actually happened.   Continue reading

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The Vern plays a prank and reviews April Fools Day(1986)

Note: This review appeared previously on The Vern’s Videovanguard.


April Fools Day (1986)

Cast: Deborah Foreman, Thomas F Wilson

Writer: Daniel Bach

Director Fred Walton

By the mid 80’s the slasher genre was a big boom at the box office. Everyone knew the basic template. Get a bunch of kids to a remote location and than one by one start killing them off. Of course in each of these slasher movies, you have to up the ante and present more gruesome and elaborate deaths than the last one.  What sets April Fools Day apart from the others is that even though it follows the same basic plot structure. It’s outcome isn’t quite the same as those other films about people getting sliced and diced.
Continue reading

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Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac. #19


Hello everyone I am back with all brand new reviews for you to watch and enjoy.  Sorry for the lateness in posting these, but editing is kind of a pain and I still have not mastered this technique.  Again thanks for watching. Continue reading

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The Vern reviews ‘Intruders’ and ‘Hangman’ for Cinema Sentries

Back again dear readers.

Cinema Sentires

This time I’m looking at two movies in the home invasion genre.  One of them is about a group of robbers who break into the home of an agoraphobic. The other follows the misadventures of a young man who wants to make beautiful home movies of a family and then kill them.   I bring you my reviews of Intruders and Hangman. Continue reading

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The Vern reviews ‘Heaven Knows What’ and ‘The Martian’ for Cinema Sentries


Cinema Sentires

Hello Everybody.

For this latest entry, I am reviewing two movies that couldn’t be more different from each other.  One is a disturbing tale of Matt Damon winning a Golden Globe for playing an astronaut lost in space and the other is a heartwarming tale of former heroin addict,Arielle Holmes.  Wait, I may have that introduction some what mixed up folks.  But anyways click links below to read my thoughts on  The Martian and Heaven Knows What for the site Cinema Sentries. Continue reading

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Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac. Episode 18



Hello Everyone.

White male caucasian young adult on bed with head on pillow with eyes wide open staring off into space at the camera. Afraid of the dark.

White male caucasian young adult on bed with head on pillow with eyes wide open staring off into space at the camera. Afraid of the dark.

I’m going to start making this a weekly thing every  late Sunday night or early Monday morning,depending on where you live.  In this latest video I review.


The Other Side of the Door





Starry Eyes Continue reading

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The Film Pasture: Women in Horror

Women in Horror 2

Recently for The Film Pasture(Sister Podcast to The LAMBcast) I interviewed many great directors for our Filmmaking Talk episode. We wanted to honor Women in Horror Month and feature a lot of great ladies who have all made wonderful features and shorts. Huge thanks to Jessica Mazo and Martini Productions for posting this event on their site. I encourage you to check out all the great content and other interviews she has on there as well.


In case you didn’t know, February is Women in Horror Month, and we wanted to post something for it since it’s almost over!

On this episode of The Film Pasture, from our friends at The Vern interviews three great directors who all contributed to the 2016 Massive Blood Drive PSA on Women in Horror Month. Jill Gevargizian (The Luhrmanns), Maude Michaud (Give or Take) and Lisa Ovies (Blood and Dinosaurs). Special guest is Jonathan Hughes (United in Blood:London Event).


Maude Michaud http://www.quirkfilms.ca/
Jill Gevargizian http://www.sixxtape.com/
Lisa Ovies https://www.facebook.com/Lisa-Ovies-1…
Jonathan Hughes https://www.facebook.com/JonnyHBK

The Film Pasture https://www.facebook.com/filmpasture/…

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DWELLING upcoming horror movie trailer and images

Here are some images and a trailer of a cool new horror movie called Dwelling. Cast includes, Erin Marie Hogan(Hold Your Breath) and Devanny Pinn(Dead Sea).


DWELLING upcoming horror movie trailer and images,,

Here are a couple of images and the trailer for DWELLING a new independent horror movie.DWELLING upcoming horror movie trailer and images

A young couple deliberately moves into a haunted house to contact the other side. Until their conduit, a painted black mirror proves to contain a malevolent presence hell-bent on bringing harm to their new family.

DWELLING upcoming horror movie trailer and images..

Erin Marie Hogan (Hold Your Breath) stars. No release date yet announced.

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