Announcement: Moving to a New Website



Hello dear and loyal readers.

I’ve been doing this blog for a while and have very much enjoyed my time in writing up different reviews and articles, but as of lately.  I have not been writing as much content as I have before.  Most of my time has been spent on my podcast Cinema Recall with putting up new content and promoting it on various social media outlets.  It’s been quite a fun journey so far and I’m now proud to announce that I have an official site for the podcast. Continue reading

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The Vern reviews A Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Hello Gang

One of my most recent reviews over at That Moment In is on the art house drama, A Portrait of a Lady on Fire.  Which I’m kind of surprised was not the name of a  sequel to Stephen King’s Firestarter as I was hoping.  Never the less, the movie looks absolutely stunning.  How was the rest of it?  Well click below to read my full thoughts. Continue reading

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Cinema Recall: The Muppets and why it’s the greatest thing ever created


I’m very proud of this episode of Cinema Recall.  Friend and guest of the show Chris Revill of Let’s Chat podcast joined me to discuss our love of The Muppets.  We discuss our favorite movies, characters and even our favorite songs.  Have a listen below on one of these podcast apps Continue reading

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The Vern’s Final 92nd Oscar Predictions and Results

Now that the Oscars are finished I can post this short article that says all of my predictions and the actual outcome.  Was I right in any of my picks, well lets see.

****NOTE**** Many of the nominations are not mentioned, and you will be just fine with it OK. Plus I did not see any of the shorts being awarded. Continue reading

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Cinema Recall Podcast: Showgirls and why we love it.


On this episode, I was joined by film critics Ryan L. Terry and Ashleigh Burnell(Links are listed inside the actual show notes) to discuss in great detail why Showgirls is a cult classic.  Is Nomi Malone(Elizabeth Berkely) a horrible person or is she  the strong feminist hero you never knew about.  Plus with connections to the Star Wars franchise.  How could you miss listening to the show   (NOTE:  After Anchor Ad, it may take another 10 to 30 seconds before episode actually plays in this link below) Continue reading

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Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac: The Awards edition


I am never good at posting reviews and articles when they seem to be relevant.  This post about the Oscars should have been done weeks ago when the nominees were first announced.  I did write up something for another site and if you wish you can read that below

TMI Picks For 2019’s Best At The Movies (Versus the Oscar Noms)

However, this is not going to be about who I think was snubbed and what film was over hyped.  Although I do think the hatred of a certain comic book movie getting 11 nominations is pretty freaking funny.  Comic book fans have been crying for years to have award shows honor these types of movies since The Dark Knight and now that it’s here.  People just want to complain about it.  Plus, your like or dislike of a movie should have nothing to do with if it wins awards or even has a big box office.  One of my favorite flicks of 2019 was Gaspar Noe’s Climax.  Do you think I care it got snubbed at The Oscars or was even less seen  Cats, No. (click on name to hear my thoughts on this feature)  Anyways.  Here is the list of movies I saw recently. Continue reading

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The Vern’s Top 50 Movies from 2010 – 2019


Hello Gang.

Since we are on the last month of 2019 and this being the last year before we hit another decade.  I thought it would be a good idea to list my 50 favorite movies from the last 10 years.  Now I am not good at rating things so don’t take where I place movies on this list as an indication of wither they are good or bad OK.

This list was inspired by film critic and my good buddy Heather Baxendale who also wrote her top flicks of the decade and I want you to visit her list as well.

My 50 Favorite Movies Of The Decade


Ok Here we go with my list

Continue reading

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Bombshell 2019 Movie Review

I love a  good women getting back at men for their sexism story and this one was pretty damn good because it was based on a true story.  It has good performances from the cast but something was lacking.  Find out what that was and more by clicking the link below Continue reading

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Random thoughts of a movie insomniac October Edition

Hey Gang.

I’m not doing much reviews on here this month, and most of my content will be dedicated to Cinema Recall for the whole 31 days of Halloween/Horror challenge.   You can listen to many of those episodes below

I did check out some rather cool flicks in theaters and at home that I will share with you Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why it’s OK To Watch Spice World 1997( and enjoy it)

A few night back my friend Tara had a bunch of friends come over for a bad movie night.  In the past she has screened Xanadu, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Harts Club Band, but on this night she was to screen the feature film of The Spice Girls called Spice World.  I remember this not being good when I first saw it.  But after a few years past I really enjoyed it this time around.  Plus my musical tastes have changed a lot since I was 15 so that might something to do with it as well.  Although I have always been a fan of their hit Wannabe and think their music video helped inspire Russian Ark and Birdman or The unexpected virtue of ignorance because it was all done in one take or made to look like it was.  You can read my full list over on That Moment In below. Continue reading

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The Vern wants to take the world but reviews Brightburn instead


Brandon Breyer (Jackson A. Dunn) stars in Screen Gems’ BRIGHTBURN.

After almost giving up hope that they will ever conceive a child.  Tori(Elizabeth Banks) and Kyle Breyer’s(David Denman) prayers are answered after a spaceship crash lands in their backyard carrying with it an infant boy.  Brandon(Jackson A. Dunn) for the first 10 years has been a real sweet kid and the apple of mom’s eye.  But once he begins to find out where he comes from and just how powerful he is.  Everyone else has become obsolete to him. Continue reading

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Why Sam Raimi’s version of Spider-Man is the best.

In this video essay from Dorkly on Youtube. Tony Wilson explains why the Spider-Man movies directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire are the best adaptations of the famous web crawler. I loved Into the Spiderverse and Tom Holland’s version of the character is a lot of fun, but they never showed the struggle of the character like Raimi’s versions had. Check out the video below and let me know what you think.

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All Time Classics: Small Town Hero (2019)


Have you ever wondered if a superhero has ever wrongly accused someone of a crime they may or may haven’t done.  It has to happen, right.  No one can always be 100 percent sure that they are doing the right thing all the time.  I’m sure Batman has his doubts at times, but than again maybe not.  Maybe this ideal of a perfect society is what fuels many of these individuals who put the law into their own hands.

People like Pep(Simon Cassidy) in the wonderful new movie Small Town Hero are nothing new.  Being fed up with crime in his town.  He decides to do something about it and stop it.  At first it started with a bunch of kids breaking a store’s window and other small crimes.  His methods were a bit unorthodox but hey, they get the help get the job done. Continue reading

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Support Indie Films – A Slice of Life in Barcelona

So not too long ago, I was on Twitter and I noticed an independent filmmaker named Marina Galdino plugging her production company Mayhem Film Kreations (  I went on to her site and watched the short Witch Hour right away.  This was a really good flick and so I had to check out other features that she did.  One of them was A Slice of Life in Barcelona.  A feature film that she wrote, directed, shot,edited, and did the sound for.  The only other filmmaker who did all the work herself was Anna Biller who made The Love Witch.  Below is my review of A Slice of Life… for That Moment In and the short film Witch Hour Continue reading

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The Vern stares at some more shorts…films

It’s hard to belive it but yes I still have a blog and occasionally do post stuff on here.  It’s just I have been very very busy these last few months putting up more content for Cinema Recall podcast, Getting drum tracks laid down for one of my buddy’s solo project.  Not to mention work and doing adulting things like bills and snow removal.  While I did watch some great movies at theaters and at home.  I want to share some great short films I watched as well. Continue reading

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