The Vern goes on a Vacation and visits the Sia.





The laptop I use to write most of my posts and do any of the podcasting is right now being repaired.  I have also been asked by friends of mine to watch their home while they are away in Florida for the next few weeks.  I want to take this time to work on outlining a new script and work on setting up new seasons of As  You Watch and Film Pasture Podcasts  I will continue to visit every one of your sites and read your reviews as much as I can, but I don’t plan on being fully back towards September. Continue reading

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The Star Trek Movie Franchise Part 5: The Reboots


Before J.J. Abrams took his light saber and carved out a new chapter in the Star Wars saga.  He was using his Vulcun mind meld technique to reboot the Star Trek series.  With a brand new cast as the original characters.  They created a film that was both enjoyable for new fans to the series, but also didn’t piss off any hardcore loyal fans.  O.K. I’m sure it did piss off a few people, but my friends who love the show enjoyed the movie.  Hell, most of you got so called critics got so mad about the damn Ghostbusters reboot that you had to make videos and write posts about how angry you were before the movie was even released.  I have more of a rant about this, but I’ll save that for a different day. Continue reading

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The Star Trek Movie Franchise Part 4: The Voyage Home.


For us U.S. citizens, today is the day Star Trek Beyond gets released in theaters.    I know there are many great British writers and readers who have already seen it.  So I’m curious to see how well it does.  Next week, I will be posting my views on the reboot series along with my thoughts on the third entry.  I thank you again for reading and I apologize for not responding quickly to your comments.  I should be fully back next week. Continue reading

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The Star Trek Movie Franchise Part 3: The Search for Spock.


For the rest of this week. I am boldly going where I have never gone before.  Each day I am going to be looking back at a few of the Star Trek feature films in honor of Star Trek Beyond opening on July 22. I have not seen much of these films in their entirety before.  So let’s beam up the reviews and get going. Continue reading

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The Star Trek Movie Franchise Part 2: The Wrath of Khan


I’m continuing my coverage of The Star Trek  movie franchise by looking at it’s most popular entry. The Wrath of Khan.  I thank you all very much for the generous feedback, and I will respond to your comments once I get my computer back next week.  Thanks again for reading  Continue reading

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The Star Trek Movie Franchise Part 1: The Motion Picture.


star-trek-tv-show-cbs-2017With the release of Star Trek Beyond on July 22.  I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of my thoughts on the feature films from both the original cast and the reboot one.  Let’s boldly go where others have feared to travel and look at the one that started it all.  The Motion Picture. Continue reading

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The Vern’s 20 Favorite Scenes in Movies. Vol 2


Many movies that get released have that one moment that makes them stand out an become iconic.  Even if the whole movie itself is bad, it can still be iconic with just that one scene.  Last year I created a list of my 20 favorite scenes in movies and you can read that list by clicking here .  Today I am back with a whole new list of great movie moments .  Which ones made the list this time?  Let’s go find out.
Continue reading

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The Vern’s 10 Favorite Female Singers.


Bubblegum crisesI’m keeping the post very simple and not going to put any explanation into why I think each lady in this list are simply phenomenal.  It’s really hard to even number them because in my mind they are all just amazing and their voices are just so damn good.  Every time I hear them sing, I get chills.  Yes I know I have forgotten one or two of your favorite ladies  but it wasn’t easy to include every single one on this list.  So please tell me some of your favorite female singers in the comments below.   Continue reading

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The Vern’s favorite movies he can watch again and again. Vol 1

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All of us have one or two favorite films that we love watching again and again.  These are just a few of the ones I can watch many times and not become bored once while watching them.  Although there are only ten on this list there are many others that I could enjoy just as much, but for right now.  Here it is. Continue reading

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The Vern and his brain try to make sense of The Neon Demon



Brain.  Hey man How are you doing

Me.  Oh I’m doing good, kind of tired, but very well I must say.

Brain.   I haven’t been able to do much sleeping after the flick we watched last night.

Me.  I’m assuming your referring to The Neon Demon that just got released.

Brain.  I think the most bizarre thing about this is that it got such a wide release.

Me.  Yeah, we were able to see it at an AMC theater which was playing both the New Independence Day sequel and that Finding Dory flick right next to it.

Brain.  I wonder if this is because of the studio being Amazon because this one reminded me a lot of  Refn’s last feature Only God Forgives.

Me.  Oh shit, we could have had a lot of fun discussing that flick.

Brain.  We could now, but when I first saw it I was not impressed.  It’s taking me some time to appreciate that one.

Me.  And what were your thoughts on Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest opus. The Neon Demon. Continue reading

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