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The Lamb Devour The Oscars: Best Original Song.

Everybody!! Sing….Sing a song…Sing out loud…Sing out prooooud. Sing about movies and thier soooonnngs…. Have one be nominated then gooone. Yes. Not since 1992 has a nomination been removed from The Oscars.  The song “Alone, not yet alone” from the … Continue reading

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The Vern takes a Vacation….sort of

I don’t have an imaginary stuffed Tiger, but if I did.  This is what I would do with my free time Hello.  I wanted to write you all this quick post, and let you know that I’m taking a little … Continue reading

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The Vern pushes his review of ‘In Harms Way’ on you.

In Harms Way. Cast: Nathan Tymoshuk, Ryan Kiser, Brandon Van Vilet Writers: Mike Borka, John Karsko, Brandon Van Vilet Director: John Karsko. On the rise to make it big in the criminal underworld.  Ian(Mike Borka) and Tony(Anjel White) have a … Continue reading

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Pilot Episode of Silver Screen Speak: 2014 Oscar Nominations

Hello Folks. This is a really brief post explaining to you all that I have started up a brand new podcast.  If you were worried that I was going to leave As You Watch or were becoming happy that I … Continue reading

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The Vern and Colin Talk About ‘Her’, but mainly discuss the movie.

Every so often the fine folks over at The Cinematic Katzenjammer allow me to sometimes write on their site.   I ‘d like to think that it’s because they appreciate my prose and my one of a kind wit.  Then … Continue reading

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Let’s look at more shorts with The Vern.

Good morning everyone or good night for some of you out there.  I have another healthy sack of some short films that I want to talk about.   Thank you very much to the directors who emailed me links to … Continue reading

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The Vern’s Top 10 Underrated Performances of 2013.

Well it’s the end of the year movie fans and instead of simply listing what I consider to be the best movies. I thought I would try something a little different and write up a list of some very good … Continue reading

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