Being Mickey’s Bitch. Are remakes of Disney movies making us consumer whores?

Only a company like Disney could sell you something that you have already seen before. With the recent trailers for the live action versions of Aladdin and The Lion King trending on social media.  I have to ask myself, why?  Not why are they doing it.  That parts easy, it’s the money.  Why are so many people fascinated with watching these updates of movies we have seen.

In the past Disney put movies away in their vault and than a few years later they got re released.  Sometimes they had a decent theatrical run and than they had a small window for home use.  Now that most of us probably own the original animated classics on Blu-Ray or streaming on our cloud.  Putting movies in a so called vault does very little to gain interest in you product.   So Disney has to find a new way to attract viewers.  They tried  in the past with 3D conversions of popular films.   The Lion King and Beauty &  The Beast did moderately with their 3D  adaptations but not as well as their live action versions did  or will do.   The only reason these movies continue to get made is because you keep shilling out money to watch something you already seen before.  I don’t understand it

This may sound like I’m the old guy ranting about  how things were better back in my day and I apologize if it does.   I have nothing against remakes.  I think you should be able to take a story or movie that you love and adapt it for a new audience.  Just look at the 2018 version of Suspiria compared to the 1977 version. Or even Dawn of The Dead(2004 vs 1978)   Completely different movies with the same basic structure.  From what I have  seen in the 2017 version of Beauty & the Beast and what I have been seeing in the trailers for Aladdin and The Lion King is that they are just telling you beat for beat, scene for scene everything you know and love about the original.  But hey now it’s in this live action CGI kind of style,ain’t that cool. But why is it cool.  The animated versions of these Disney hits are considered classics.  Why remake something that was already a hit.  You wouldn’t remake Star Wars would you.  Oh that’s right Disney did with The Force Awakens… Well somewhat.  That’s an argument for another day.  I would love to see a remakes of The Black Cauldron, The Great Mouse Detective, The Brave Little Toaster, Sword and the Stone, and many more.  Those ones are not as well remembered by any generation and it would be cool to see them get another life.

Most people’s argument for these new versions is that the original animated movies look s dated and old to young people now.   I get that most kids are used to seeing CGI animated flicks but they can still admire hand drawn animation right.   Have you ever shown your kids these movies before.  As a family do you make time to sit down and watch a flick together without any phones being used.  I have a rule that in my house before a movie begins everyone puts their cell phone in a basket until the movie is done.  I think kids will have an appreciation for older cinema if you spend the time to introduce it to them.  Don’t let social trends dictate what your kids watch.  Be an influence yourself.    I feel like every time Disney releases one of these movies they are just sitting around laughing at us because we are paying them for shit we already own.

I know it’s not fair to judge a movie before it’s released so I won’t say that these new versions will be bad.  They are just not for me.  I don’t want to pay Disney money for something I already own.  What is your take on Disney remakes?  Are you for them or against them.  In no way will I be upset with your comments  and hope you are not too mad about my rant.


Film Critic Lindsay Ellis posted a really great analysis on why she disliked the remake of Beauty and the Beast. She captures everything I said in this post in a more articulate way.

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4 Responses to Being Mickey’s Bitch. Are remakes of Disney movies making us consumer whores?

  1. This might just be the best blog post title I’ve ever read, ha!
    I’ve always been a Disney fan so I’ll always be one of the sheep going to see whatever they produce, but there are certain live-action remakes I don’t want to see. Lilo & Stitch for example!
    Totally get where you’re coming from though!

    • The Vern says:

      Thanks for the response. My apologies for the delayed recreation. Yeah since Disney has their hand in 85 % of entertainment. You can’t go anywhere without seeing one of their products. A live action Lilo and Stitch could have the possibility to bomb just like Mac and Me did

  2. ninvoid99 says:

    I didn’t mind these remakes at first after seeing Cinderella but it’s become overkill as I have no interest in seeing the remakes of Aladdin and The Lion King. Especially after I read Brittani’s now notorious review of Beauty and the Beast.

    • The Vern says:

      If they would change the story or do something to make me think Im seeing a different movie I might go, but doing these scene by scene shot for shot like. Its insulting. I will look for that review by Brittani when I I have the chance.

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