The Long Awaited Return of Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac.



Hello Everyone.

After A very long hiatus, I am back.   Well sort of?    I want to keep this site updated weekly with something movie related.  It can be a sort review or thoughts about going to the theater, something.  I will say that after 2018, I no longer am going to care what movies win the big awards or have the largest box office sales.  I’m only going to look at movies that I want to see.    I say this because many of the movies I enjoyed from that year such as Sorry to Bother You and Assassination Nation never had any box office success or much critical acclaim either.  However it has been a long time since I last wrote any thing on here and since the last time I wrote I have see some features I would like to share with you.

Seven Samurai

I was able to check this feature out at The Trylon Theater in glorious 35mm and it was fantastic.  Even though it had a very familiar story(The Three Amigos comes to mind), I have never seen the original before.  It’s tale of poor farmers who hire these outcast samurais to defend against these bandits was extremely well constructed by Akria Kurosawa.  Each character was very well detailed and the plot was paced very well for being over three hours. If I didn’t see this in theaters, I would have been distracted looking at my phone because there are some long sequences with not much action or dialog but A disservice to this classic.



In this Black Mirror type film Madeline Brewer(The Handmaids Tale) plays a moderately successful cam girl who wants very badly to be on the top of the list.  She does this by doing things most of us would think would be crossing the line, but her fans adore her.  After one uncomfortable sequence for her.  Our Cam gal sees that a double of her has been logging on as her and has been talking to her clients.  Everyone else says that it is her because she has been logging on with the same credentials but it’s not.  I love the concept of this story and thought Miss Brewer did a fantastic job in the lead role.   It had some moments that surprised me and for the most part it kept me engaged with what I was watching.  I just thought that was just a tad too long.  Not like painfully long but long enough.


Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

This movie was a ton of fun from start to finish.  It had everything I love about the comics with Peter Parker that I grew up and it introduced me to the character of Miles Morales that that made me want to check out those issues.  The animation style was fantastic and it makes you  feel like you are seeing a comic come to life.  The technique here was even better that what Ang Lee used in Hulk.  This movie had everything I wanted in a blockbuster and more.  It was funny, it had action, the drama was used in appropriate places.  Yes, it is a perfect movie.


Generation Wealth and American Meme

I found both of these movies to be a very fascinating portrayal of our culture and how we value what it means to be famous and or successful.  In American Meme I was surprised to see that many of these people that I have never heard of before.  Pull in tons of  money from companies just for posting images of products on their Instagram accounts.  There was one lady who garnered a strong following just by posting these minute sketch comedy clips on Vine.  She made a ton of money, lost it, but than regained her wealth when she dated Tommy Lee.  After watching interviews with Paris Hilton.  I felt kind of sorry for her.  She has stated that she will remain 21 forever because that is what her fan base views her as.   No one will every truly see her as she wants to be. American Meme shows us that nothing is ever perfect.  On my social media accounts, I am very grateful for all the followers on there and I try my best to share posts and to comment when I can.  It’s just not a main staple of my life and nor do I expect it from others.

With Generation Wealth. photographer Lauren Greenfield looks at several individuals at how they achieved their fame.   What made this one a good watch is seeing just what these people give up to obtain their version of becoming successful.  I could never work at a place that had me sacrifice all of my time with friends and family for a bigger paycheck.  I just couldn’t do that.  It’s weird seeing people who do nothing become idolized by other people doing nothing and to see that cycle repeat and repeat is rather dis heartening.

As a kind of experiment.  I filmed this woman having a mental breakdown outside the bus.  I did it because many things could have happened.  What if she became more violent to other patrons and there wasn’t enough proof for the police.  I did posted it on my You Tube channel and was amazed that in just one day I had over a thousand views.  More than any other video on my channel and it was due to someone feeling their worst.  It’s very odd to see this being valued as entertainment for a lot of people.  I could shoot more videos like this and obtain a strong following but would I like myself, no.


Hearts Beat Loud

This was a very charming comedy about Ron Swanson sorry Frank Fisher(Nick Offerman)   and his daughter Sam(Kiersey Clemons) who in the past have done a lot of musical collaborations.  While Frank loves music and even owns a record store.  Sam is not that much into it which is weird because she is a very good singer.  When Frank posts a song on Spotify and it begins trending.  Sam now has to choose if she will go to college or to stay with her father and the band.  This movie holds a special place in my heart because it reminds me of jamming with my dad when I was a kid.  He would be on guitar and I would be on drums and it was a lot of fun.  The main song that is used is really good and it was nice seeing Toni Collete in a heartwarming family feature this time.


One False Move

This was a really good movie about a group of criminals(Billy Bob Thornton, Cynda Williams) who try to escape following a botched murder.  Bill Paxton is a cop of a small town that is helping the feds solve the case.  It had a few twists on surprises and Cynda Williams was great in her role because you had compassion for her character.


Alita: Battle Angel

Director Robert Rodriguiz and producer James Cameron had a lot of love of this anime and Manga and it shows.  Everything from the production design of the world to the look of the characters are taking right from the source material.  My biggest complaint is that they tried to shove 4 issues of the manga into a 2 hour feature and than try to set it up to be a franchise at the end.  If this movie told a complete story at first, I think this would be a really good movie.  I did enjoy many aspects of it and may watch it again, but I prefer the original anime(just called Battle Angel) way more.  When I first saw this I went in blind and when I did watch that I was very kind of surprised this got a PG-13 rating.  The girl uses dog blood for makeup on her face at one point.  It’s cool to see something else get adapted besides superhero stuff so I respect it for that reason.

You can listen to my discussion on Alita: Battle Angel on the InSession Film Podcast  The conversation begins around the 52:56 moment


You Were Never Really Here

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie because I was such a huge fan of director Lynne Ramsey after her feature  We Need to Talk About Kevin.  This one was going to be about a bounty hunter(Joaquin Pheonix) who is trying to find this missing girl who has been sold in to prostitution.  I was expecting a very different take on this premise after being burned out on the whole Taken series.  Well I was right.  It was very different.  For starters.  It didn’t even show you how he took anyone out.  It just showed the aftermath of what he’s done.  There is even a whole section that is shot with just security cam footage.  While it did have moments that surprised me.  It was for the most part a very dull movie.  From the trailer I expected something more.


Gaspar Noe is a filmmaker that I both respect and hate.  His films have a lasting effect on me and will never leave my mind.  It started when I first saw Irreversible.  A movie that I give five out of five stars and think it’s wonderful film making but I can never sit through alone again.  Now comes his latest Climax and it’s not as rough to watch as that one, but it’s still rough.  Told in one night at a party for a dance troupe.  What starts off as a night of fun turns into a nightmare when the Sangria is spiked with LSD.  As a fan of film I could not take my eyes off the screen.  I should have sat a few rows back to take in the whole thing.  Gaspar Noe and his cinematographer Benoit Dobie have a lot of beautiful imagery and some nightmarish ones too.  It was odd watching this film unfold being sober because you have no way to understand or help what is happening to these characters.  I can fully understand many people being upset or bored by this movie because there isn’t that any story or really big character development.  You are basically watching these respectable human characters de evolve into pure animals as they express their primal urges and that is it.   The soundtrack was really good and it was fun rehearing songs I loved back in 1996 when this took place.  Of all Gaspar Noe films  i would rewatch this and Enter The Void, but I still think Irreversible is his best movie if you can get through it.  Showing you the opening dance number because it is every astounding that it was all done in one take.


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2 Responses to The Long Awaited Return of Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac.

  1. Chris says:

    I recently caught up with Climax. The story was weaker than Noe’s best, but I agree the opening dance is impressive-Heard it compared to Scissor Sisters – Let’s Have A Kiki: (

    Nice to see someone agrees with me on You Were Never Really Here and One False Move.
    Yeah, would be exploitation if you share more of those people having outbursts. That woman looks mentally ill and needs help.

    • The Vern says:

      Thanks Chris. I can see the similarities in that video but I was not a fan of the song. Thanks for sharing it though. It looks like I wont blow up on the net if I stop doing exploitation vids like this. That’s cool, I should just work in the adult film industry. It would be less shameful than being a part of TMZ staff.

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