The Vern reviews the Mockumentary “We Make Movies”


Several weeks ago I got a message from filmmaker Matt Tory asking me to review his feature We Make Movies.  I said yes and promised that I would have one completed by that weekend.  When I began watching the movie on the site it kept pausing to buffer every few minutes.  There was a download option which I didn’t notice until much later.  The downloading option was a hassle, but that is my fault for not looking at the different formats before randomly clicking at ones.  Now that I have finally  seen this, I’m ready to give you my thoughts. on it But before I do, I feel like I should explain a little of what this movie is about.

We Make Movies is about a documentary crew that follows a team of filmmakers who are making their latest feature.  A New Don: The story of the president’s nephew who saved the nation, fell in love and found his way home.  Part II.  I may have paraphrased a bit of the actual title, but that is essentially it.   The brainchild behind this new opus is Stevphen.(Matt Tory).  A director who thinks he is extremely creative but is basically ripping off scenes from other movies.  Oh I’m sorry, paying homage to them.  He has his best friend Donny(Jordan Hopewell) who really wants to attend accounting camp. They assemble a team of actors to be in this movie including Garth(Johnathan Holmes).  A guy who basically enjoys the time away from work.  Leonard pronounced Leo-Nard(Zack Slort)  who is the method actor of the group and also works concessions at his local theater.  Finally there is Jessica(Anne Crockett) Donny’s roommate and the only girl who for some reason most everyone  is interested in dating.

While A New Don is being filmed Stevphen and Leonard start to get the hots for Jessica, but it’s clear that her and Garth have better chemistry.  Stevphen becomes so jealous at the thought of Jessica being with another man that he can’t even let her and Leonard kiss during a scene.  This jealousy builds and builds until one day he fires Garth and Jessica when he finds out about their relationship.   Soon Leonard and Donny leave the film and Stevphen is left to finish the film on his own.

It was at this moment, I felt the happiest watching it.  Because this director was basically a jackass.  He only cared about himself and never really thought of Jessica as anything more then the hot girl.   He also treated everyone like they were below him and that they should feel so honored to be working with him.  I was hoping Stevphen would see maybe the errors of how he was behaving and learn that friends are more important then being considered a great filmmaker.  But he really doesn’t and suddenly everyone just comes back.  Yeah, for some unexplained reason they all feel bad and decide to come back and help finish the film.   I really didn’t understand why anyone would want to be in this movie in the first place and  now they all want to help finish make it.    Maybe if everyone else was as greedy and selfish like him it would make sense for them to help but they’re not and I really don’t understand any of it.

The rest of the characters are very likable and after they leave the set of A New Don, I would have loved to see them make their own movie with an original story instead of one that just rips off other movies.  Stevphen would see this and learn how much more fun it is to be with your friends working on something new  instead of just rehashing old things.  Which I feel like movies are doing too much of these days

I love movies that are about the joys of film making on a low budget and the best examples for me are Cecil B Demented by John Waters and Be kind Rewind by Michel Gondry.  Both movies feature characters who may not be super talented as filmmakers, but they have their love and appreciation of movies to make one no matter what everyone else says  They also have their vision of what the film should look like but they don’t dismiss the views and opinions of their friends either. Stevphen would prefer to be credited with everything himself if he could.  He even says that he should be the lead but can’t do both.  If Jessica, Garth, Donny and Leonard also were passionate about the movie they were making I could more behind the feature

At the end it showed clips of home movies I’m sure the director made when he was younger, and I loved those scenes so very much.   Because those moments were about the joy of film making with your friends.  In those scenes, they didn’t care about success or trying to be established artists.  They just  loved what they did.  I would have loved to see this team go against a group of well established film makers and  have them compete with each other instead.   Maybe that could be left for the sequel



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  1. Matt Tory says:

    Thanks for all your thoughts, Vern! So glad you enjoyed the movie 🙂

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