The Vern looses his sense of reality and reviews The Watcher Self.


The Watcher Self

The Watcher Self

The Watcher Self

Cast: Karen French, Julian Shaw

Writer and Director: Matt Cruse

When something bad happens to us.  The mind has a way of keeping it hidden from the individual.  I say this because it happened to me.  Many years ago I was in a bad car accident and was near death.  I remember nothing about the crash and only remember driving home.  I can still recall going to my apartment, going up the stairs, and talking to my roommates at the time.  It was only after I went to bed that I woke up in a hospital with tubes sticking out of me.  It’s been over five years since the crash and to this day.  I still don’t remember anything about  what actually happened.  


The same thing could be said for the main character in this psychological drama.  Cora(Karen French) is shown in her garage with what looks like blood on her robe. She goes into the kitchen and prepares for her day. She goes into work but ends up leaving the staff meeting to go throw up in the bathroom. Something is obviously upsetting her, but we along with her are unclear of what that is.  Cora does her best to try and appear functional   She tries to make connections with a few men, but she has no  real interest in any of them.  The only one that does hold any interest is  Van(Julian Shaw).  He is  a reclusive guy who won’t give any information about himself, but will ask Cora very personal questions about her past.  The more she tries to keep things together the more they start to break apart. Is she just insane or is it something more.

I’ll be honest with you,this one confused me a lot.  At first I thought with the blood on her robe that she killed someone.  However there was no body, and not much blood lost either.  I then thought maybe she had an abortion because there are a few scenes where a mother and a crying baby are shown and Cora has a sense of distaste and also guilt for thinking that as well. When it is revealed what really happened I got even more confused.  Never once anywhere does it explain of why it happened. There are a lot of long scenes of dialogue that for me don’t give me much insight into this character or what she is going through.   From my perspective all I saw was a women who looks upset but I don’t understand why.   She’s having trouble staying focused on her job and has meaningless sex with strangers.  She meets one guy she is connected with and when we finally see his involvement with everything the movie ends.  There is one section where Van tells Cora that everyone has a place in this universe.  We are there to help serve the purpose of others but we can’t see it.  So, did Cora help out another person by doing what she did.  I don’t know.  I’m sure for others it would be easy to understand but for me it was very confusion.

The Watcher Self

The Watcher Self

The cast is all really good and I will praise Karen French for the lead role in this.  I believed fully that her character was tormented and even though I did not fully understand what was going on in the plot.  She completely sold me on a very good performance.  Matt Cruse is a good director and he has a great talent of making his characters believable as real people.  I will also praise his cinematographer Michelle Tofi because there are a few shots that are really quite cool.  Certain scenes show Cora looking blurry and out of focus until she is in frame.  This helps represents her detachment from the rest of the world and was cool to see.   The original music by Paul Sumpter is also worth mentioning and there are a few tracks that really help sell the terror she is experiencing.

The Watcher Self is one that I’m struggling with because while the cast and the look of the movie are all really good.  The pacing and the plot of the story left me really confused. As I mentioned before, there are many of you that can watch this and understand everything that is going on.  But for me, I had a hard time really trying to decipher what any of it meant.  split green soup


If you want more information about the movie.  Be sure to visit the official site

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4 Responses to The Vern looses his sense of reality and reviews The Watcher Self.

  1. Jordan Dodd says:

    This sounds kinda interesting, I’ll have to add it to the ol’ List

  2. Jay says:

    YOu’ve aroused my curiosity, but it sounds like abit of a chore,like maybe I’ll have to be in a certain mood to watch it.

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