The Vern writes a poem(review) about April Grace(The Movie)

ag_poster24x36_aRGB_020April Grace

Cast:  Steve White, Kelsey Lynn Stokes, Victoria Guthrie
Writer:  George Murray
Director:  Andrew Hutchinson

Most people secretly hope that some day a person will come into their lives and help awaking some emotions of love and happiness inside of them.  We at one time in our lives have met someone like the girl our main character falls in love with.  Even if you barely talk to them, you’re still imagining what your future will be like with them. You may even perceive them  as something much more important than they actual are.  But you don’t care because in your mind that person is perfect.   There is also another one who has been around since you both were kids.  This friend knows things about you that most people wouldn’t.  They like being around you when others find you to be a bit strange.  You like this person a lot but making it into a relationship feels a bit strange because you have known each other for so long.  It almost feels like your dating a sibling.  The character in our following movie review “April Grace” is going through the same types of issues in his life too.

4k 16x9 AG Master.Still070April Grace – Trailer from ZANDRAK on Vimeo.

Justin(Steve White) was recently released from a Mental health center and spends most of his days with his best friend Penny(Kelsey Lynn Stokes).  When he sees the new girl April Grace(Elizabeth McIntire).  He immediately falls in love and wants to write a poem that will make her fall in love with him.  He gets Penny to help him with little tasks to get more info about her.  These tasks include breaking into various stores around town and stealing things that will help him with his poem.  While this is going on Penny is being pursued by Shawn(Terrence Ruggiro) who is one of the mechanics at her dad’s garage. It’s clear that both Penny and Justin are around each other more often than the people they are pursuing.  Will Justin go after what he thinks his heart wants or will he take some time and actually listen to both his mind and heart and make a wise decision.

The actors are all really good in this and that is my biggest praise about this movie.  Steve White and Kelsey Lynn Stokes have such good chemistry they could have easily been friends back in grade school. I bought into their friendship right from their first scene together.  When things get a bit rough near the end and they argue and start to fight.  It was like watching your best friends fight.  A really great performances from both leads I hope to see more from. The supporting cast including Elizabeth McIntire and Terrence Ruggiro as the objects of affection for our main characters are also really good. In another writer’s eyes. Shawn could have easily been written as the asshole antagonist that causes more drama between Penny and Justin.  However writer George Murray shows him to be just a  normal guy who wants to get with the pretty girl. But makes the wrong choices about how to woo her.  Same thing could have been done about April and show her to be somewhat vile. Therefore making us the audience want Justin and Penny get together more. I’m glad that she was written as a very nice person, who would be understanding to fall in love with.   Victoria Guthrie as Diana Justin’s mother was also good but I wished they explained her character a little better.  We never fully understand Justin’s mental condition or why she sent him to the mental health center.  We also never know why Penny’s dad distrusts Justin and why Justin’s mom distrusts Penny.

Spring Grass ShotDirector Andrew Hutchinson knows these characters and how to evoke believable emotions from them as well.  While the story itself was kind of predictable in terms of its final outcome.  I still found this to be a very fun movie to watch.  This is what I call light afternoon cinema.  Something you can watch on a Sunday afternoon that isn’t all complex with big ideas and plots that have more twists than the LA Freeway system.  But something you could watch at home with your girl and just relax with.  Most romantic comedies follow a certain type of structure,and “April Grace” isn’t that much different from other movies in its genre.  There is nothing wrong with that and if something isn’t broke, why fix it.  What does separate a good story from a bad one is the world the filmmakers establish,and the characters that inhabit it.  “April Grace” is one of those places that I would like to visit again.


To learn more about the movie visit the site here.

Also check out their YouTube channel to see some great behind the scenes videos

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2 Responses to The Vern writes a poem(review) about April Grace(The Movie)

  1. table9mutant says:

    Nice review. 🙂 Like the sound of this one…

  2. The Vern says:

    Thank you. Check out my interview with the director and cast over at The As You Watch Podcast

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