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The Lambs Devour The Oscars 2019: Best Cinematography.

  How a film look is just as important as the screenplay, the sound, the acting , the directing and sometimes even more.  A Cinematographer’s job is to make the images the director has in her or his mind come … Continue reading

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The Vern’s 100 % Correct Oscar Predictions 2017

Hello everyone. The Oscars telecast is on Sunday Feb 26 and with many friends and offices doing Oscar polls.  I am bringing to you dear readers.  The winners of the 89th Academy Awards.  I am not going to list down … Continue reading

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The Vern is told to fear the cat and review ‘Dogtooth’.

This review appeared earlier on my other site The Vern’s Videovanguard  Dogtooth Cast: Christos Stergioglou, Mary Tsoni Writers: Yorgos Lanthimos, Efthymis Filippou Director: Yorgos Lanthimos One of the most weirdest,funny, unsettling, disturbing and most fascinating movies of 2010. “Dogtooth” takes … Continue reading

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The Vern predicts the Oscar Nominees…or so he thinks

So over on the site Film Actually Shane Slater has asked other writers to jot down their picks for the Academy Awards.  I’ll be honest with you. I have not seen many movies that were nominated, so most of my list … Continue reading

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The Vern’s Oscar Nomination Predictions.

  Well The Golden Globes were announced Sunday night and even though I could not find a site that streams it to watch it.  I was mostly happy with the results.   Michael Keaton won for “Birdman“, which was awesome, and … Continue reading

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