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Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac: Vol 10

Holy mooly everybody. How are all of you doing? It’s been a while since I wrote up one of these things and I really don’t have a good reason why except my work was a little hectic this week and … Continue reading

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Goldblumathon: The Fly(1986)

The following review is for a blogathon over at The Cinematic Catharsis.(click the link to learn more)  It is all about actor Jeff Goldblum, and while I may not be familiar with all of his works.  He is the type … Continue reading

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The As You Watch Podcast: Best Movie Spoof AKA Tribute to Mel Brooks.

Hello folks. I’m a bit sad, but we have reached the end of our second season over at The As You Watch Podcast.  The debates we have had were a lot of fun, but now we want to take the … Continue reading

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The Vern tries some Duck Soup and then reviews the movie.

Duck Soup. Cast:  The Marx Brothers,Marget Dumont Writers: Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby Director: Leo McCarey Watching “Duck Soup” is like watching “Airplane” if it was directed by Woody Allen.  There are a lot of great visual sight gags mixed in … Continue reading

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