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The Star Trek Movie Franchise Part 5: The Reboots

Before J.J. Abrams took his light saber and carved out a new chapter in the Star Wars saga.  He was using his Vulcun mind meld technique to reboot the Star Trek series.  With a brand new cast as the original … Continue reading

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The Vern is Closing the Portal (for a little while)

Hello you sexy beautiful beings that read or somehow drunkenly stumbles and clicks on this site. This is indeed a dark time for yours truly.  The command center I use to write up these posts and to help edit the … Continue reading

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The Vern honors some great online critics

Hello Everyone.  It’s been a quite stressful week for yours truly and I have not had much of a chance to write many reviews.   I hosted and helped promote a movie premiere in my home state called American Rescue Squad(click … Continue reading

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The Vern gets a Versatile Blogger Award

My good friend Emmy has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award.  She runs the uber awesome site Emmakwall(Emma Explains It All http://emmakwall.com/) and I highly suggest you go check out the articles and reviews she writes. Now, besides Emmy.  … Continue reading

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The Vern gets some Sunshine and shares it with others.

Very sorry about posting this so late in the week folks, but things get quite busy for me, and I’m not always able to complete things as soon as I would like.  As I write this I am also preparing … Continue reading

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