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More Independent Projects For You To Help Support

As a critic and a blogger.  I feel that it’s important to always seek out new forms of entertainment.  Everyone knows about the really huge movies that are currently in development(” Star Wars“, “Batman vs Superman“, “Fantastic 4“). But no … Continue reading

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All Time Classics: Fantasia (1940)

All movie lovers have that one experience that makes them a devout fan of the art form.  It could be sharing your favorite movie with your kids and having them love it just as much as you did.  It could … Continue reading

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The Vern goes on an Adventures in Plymptoons

  Adventures in Plymptoons Featuring Terry Gilliam, Ralph Bakshi, Bill Plympton Directed by Alexia Anastasio  Before I being this review. I think it’s only fair for me to share one of Mr. Plympton’s shorts so you can get an idea … Continue reading

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Music in Motion: Review of Daft Punk’s Interstella 5555.

Interstella 5555:  The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem Written by Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel Homem-Christo, Cedric Hervet Director: Kazuhisa Takenouchi.

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Woody Allen’s A Bug’s Life.

Before Dreamworks animation studio made it big with their CGI blockbuster Shrek. They told a tale about a colony of obidient creatures and the one who would defy that system. No I’m not looking back at The Matrix, I am … Continue reading

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The Vern visits Cool World and admits it’s a nice place to visit but he doesn’t want to live there.

Cool World. Cast: Kim Basinger, Gabriel Byrne, Brad Pitt Writers: Michael Grais, Mark Victor, Larry Gross(Uncredited) Director: Ralph Bakshi Back in the year 1992 I became a huge fan of animation.  I was already a fan of Disney features, The … Continue reading

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The Vern takes a trip on the “Yellow Submarine”. 1968

Note*** This review previously appeared on my other site,but I thought it looked much better on this one Yellow Submarine Cast:  John Clive, Paul Angelis Writers:  Lee Minoff, Al Brodax, John Mendlsohn Erich Segal Director:  George Dunning

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