The Vern asks “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” and reviews this great documentary

If you grew up with Mr. Rogers.  You are probably a well adjusted individual.  If not, you are most most likely deeply disturbed.    OK, maybe the last part is a bit rough, but I worry about kids now who will never know who Mr. Rogers was or what he meant to several generations who grew up with him.

Here is my Review of Wont You Be My Neighbor.  The great documentary about Mr. Rogers from That Moment In

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The Vern gets banished and reviews Disobedience

Yes I know It’s been a long long time since I was on here and I apologize.  There were a lot of flicks I saw and have written reviews  for them over at That Moment In.  So for the next several days I will be sharing those reviews over on this site.  Thanks as always for reading.

Anyways here is my review of Disobedience.  Starring Rachel Weiz and Rachel McAdams

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The Vern goes to rescue his lost dog and reviews Isle of Dogs.


I just saw the new Wes Anderson feature, Isle of Dogs and it was astounding.  If this isn’t a major contender at next year’s award shows.  I’m going to assume that Disney is buying off voters, or they actually do make good movies.  I don’t know I haven’t seen Coco yet.

This tale of a young boy on the search to find his dog had a amazing animation and a story that kept me hooked.   with great voice work including Bill Murray, Bryan Cranston, Francis McDormand, Jeff Goldblum, Scarlet Johansson and more.  I truly loved this movie.  You can read my full review below on the site That Moment In

Isle of Dogs Review

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The Vern visits a mental ward and reviews ‘Unsane’

Hello everybody

I recently watched Steven Soderbergh’s latest feature Unsane and I thought of a few things things.  One, why is it that every movie I have seen that is set at a mental institution?  The place for the most part seems like an alright place to be.  The staff can be kind of pricks and I’m sure that most places don’t treat their patients well.  But for me, it seems like sort of a vacation.  You never have to worry about anything, just take drugs and watch TV.  I know this is not real case with these places, but in movies.  It seems like they would be alright.  One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, 12 Monkeys, Girl Interrupted .ect. I would stay in all of them.

The  other is that I thought Soderbergh said he was retiring  from film making  I may be wrong and it’s cool if he wants to continue making movies.  Anyways I recently reviewed Unsane for That Moment In and wrote a review.   Check it out

Unsane Review


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2018 Twin Cities Actor Expo.

2018 Twin Cities Actor Expo

I have attended the Twin Cities Film Festival ( )for various sites along the years and was thrilled at all of the great movies I saw there.  Many of them were created by and starred people from my home state of Minnesota  and I was amazed.    On April 7th 2018.   The folks from TCFF are presenting a great event where actors from all different aspects(stage, film, tv,voice,ect) can come together and network  with each other.

There will be lots of great panels and workshops that are perfect for novice and professional actors.  Along with opportunities to meet with a lot of the top talent agencies as well.  It’s also a great way for actors to meet filmmakers and audition for upcoming projects.

You can learn about all of this and more by visiting the site below

2018 Twin Cities Actor Expo





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The Vern visits great ladies and reviews Tomb Raider(2018) , A Fantastic Woman. and Thoroughbreds

Hello gang.


I recently posted full reviews of Tomb Raider(2018), Thoroughbreds and A Fantastic Woman for the Site That Moment in.  I am damn damn sorry I haven’t posted on this site in a while and I am very sorry I have been lacking on reading posts from all you other  other great bloggers.  I will be fixing that for sure this weekend.  But for now here are the reviews

Continue reading

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Welcome to the Jungle as The Vern Reviews ‘Annihilation’

Hello readers

I recently posted a review of the latest feature from Writer/Director Alex Garland(Ex Machina, Dread) Annihilation for That Moment In.  You can read or listen to podcast via Cinema Recall  Continue reading

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Please Vote The Lure to be LAMB’s Movie of the Month


Hello everyone.

I know it has been a while since I last posted on this site.  There is no excuses except that I have been posting reviews and what not, but not so much here.  Most of my stuff can now be found at Cinema Recall which is part of That Moment In (you can read all my posts by clicking here )

I am here today to plead with you beautiful, dear, sweet, wonderful  readers.  Over at The Large Association of Movie Blogs (AKA The LAMB).  They host a contest where fellow bloggers and podcasters each pick a movie to be chosen as  Movie of The Month.   Readers vote on which movie gets chosen and the winner gets to talk about said movie on The LAMBcast.    Past winners I have chosen in the past have been Heathers, American Psycho, Spring Breakers and Howard The Duck.  This month I’m submitting the 2015…or 2017 depending on where you live, movie The Lure to win.  (go here to vote)    If Link is Broken  Go  Here  The Poll should be on right hand side Continue reading

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Why The Final Smile in ‘Magnolia’  is one of the best moments in movies.


Hello Everybody.



Over on the site That Moment In.  The same place where you can listen to  The very cool podcast, Cinema Recall.  I wrote an article about one of my favorite moments in movies.  The ending of Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Magnolia’.  No, not the the frog sequence.  I’m talking about the final shot of Claudia Wilson Gator(Melora Walters) smiling at the camera.  It is one of the best sequences in movies, and I’m here to explain why

Go here to read full article




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The Vern’s Top 5 Favorite Movies of 2017


Hello All

I’m keeping this next post short, and by short I mean I am not going to write up paragraphs on why I think each movie on this list was great.  If you want to hear my thoughts, I will direct you to listen to this episode of Cinema Recall.  Guest Non Wells (You, Me, Empathy & Joy Sandwich Podcasts) and I discuss our favorite movies of 2017.  After talking about the great movie, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Listen Here



So without further to do.  Here we go


5.  Thor: Raganok


4.  Logan

3. Blade Runner: 2049

2. The Shape of Water


  1. Mother!

I will see you cats later on with a brand new post later today.  Enjoy your day everyone.

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