Random thoughts of a movie insomniac October Edition

Hey Gang.

I’m not doing much reviews on here this month, and most of my content will be dedicated to Cinema Recall for the whole 31 days of Halloween/Horror challenge.   You can listen to many of those episodes below

I did check out some rather cool flicks in theaters and at home that I will share with you

Wolf Mother

I rented this flick because it stars the extremely beautiful actor Najarra Townsend. I have first seen her in a horror flick called Contracted and she just automatically stood out even though I was not a fan of her character. The same thing could be said about her role as Zelda in Wolf Mother, but she ends up creating a real person I can’t help but have sympathy for. In the story we first meet this con artist whose name I don’t remember. I tired looking him up on IMDB but nothing matches. Anyway we have this con guy who meets up with this call girl(Najarra Townsend) and both of them are unhappy with were their lives ended up. So they make a pact that they will kill themselves after they rescue this little girl from a sex trafficking ring.

There is a lot about this movie I really enjoyed. The performances by Najarra and the other main lead was very good. There are not good people and yet I enjoyed spending time with their company very much. Even though they are flawed they at least accept that and our trying to improve their lives. It’s a good story because the group of sex traffickers are even more evil and you hope that there is going to be this epic of an ending when our two anti heroes find their home. But it’s not, and the very ending made no sense at all. I get it that they were wanted by the police but there is no way cops would behave this way at all. SO yeah performances were good and so was story but only until the last 10 minutes.

Ad Astra

When I saw trailers for this I had the flick Contact from 96 stuck in my head. In that movie Jodie Foster’s character whole life is based around her father’s work in space travel, and so is Brad Pitt’s character in Ad Astra. This movie is about an astronaut(Pitt) who finds out that a series of electrical surges that are destroying stations is the result of his dad’s(Tommy Lee Jones) exploration in the past. So he has to go and find out what’s happening.

This movie really wants you to believe it’s on the same level as Solaris(both versions), 2001: A Space Odyssey, or even Moon but it comes across as more Interstellar than those movies. I know there are lovers of that Christopher Nolan jam. I just was not one of them. All I saw was a guy bitch and moan about his life, but hey it had cool visuals and so I should love this movie. I was more impressed that in this movie I could go to space to find Subway than I was his story. This is a cool one to see on the biggest screen ever and I want there to be more movies like this because the ones that are introspective can be really good. I just want a better plot than this.

Under The Silver Lake

SO in this movie, Andrew Garfield plays a pervert who begins stalking his next door neighbor(Riley Keough) after they have one date. He than goes through a series of adventures meeting several other characters and the end result was nothing exciting at all. While I did enjoy some scenes including one where he meets a guy who wrote every single song in the world. This was not a good follow up to his feature It Follows and I could totally understand why it skipped theaters and went straight to VOD. Inherrant Vice( I know I mis spelled it) had a better plot than this.


Joaquin Pheonix is really good in this very dark tale of a man pushed over the edge by the society he lives in. Yes it’s set in the late 70’s but it’s themes still feel very relevant to this day. The story is about Arthur Fleck who wants to be a stand up comic but laughs at inappropriate things(just like me and I’m sure a few others as well) After an incident with some assholes on a train who work for Wayne Enterprises. Arthur becomes an unlikely hero who are pissed off at the 1 percent. They don the look of the clown because that’s what Arthur was wearing when he was attacked, and it reminds me of the masks from V for Vendetta I see at protests around my city. The people who follow this deranged lunatic may also be a comment on our current president and how he came to be powerful as well.

This is quite the dark film from the same guy who gave us The Hangover trilogy and kudos to him for going outside the box and for Warner Bros to distribute it. I wish they didn’t put in Batman origin story in this but I do enjoy that it will anger a lot of fan boys who see it. Joker is a flick I’m sure I will watch again. Joaquin deserves some love come award season but I dont think the movie itself will.

Good Time

From the directors of Heaven Knows What  and the upcoming Uncut Gems comes a movie that I was really impressed with.  Robert Pattinson plays a small time crook who after a botched bank robbery has to help rescue his mentally challenged brother(Benny Safdie aka the co director) from jail.  It’s like Scorsese’s After Hours but better because it actually has a plot.  I own the flick After Hours and I love it, but lots of it make little sense for me.   The whole cast is good and Pattinson has shed any of his work in Twilight with this feature.  He is not a good person and yet you cant stop watching him.  You want him to get away with things even though he should be caught.  The ending is really good and very heartfelt as well.

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I love movies and I enjoy writing about them too. They both go pretty much hand in hand with each other and it's fun to discover new classics. I co host the podcasts The Film Pasture, ScreenTrax, and soon Cinema Recall. While also contributing reviews and articles to other great sites when I can.
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2 Responses to Random thoughts of a movie insomniac October Edition

  1. Chris says:

    Looking forward to Uncut Gems. Glad you liked Good Time, such an engrossing thriller and I loved the twists and turns. Not sure I was totally convinced by Jennifer Jason Leigh as a much older love interest, but overall the film worked well. Agree Pattinson was good.

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