The Vern picks The Species Franchise to win Movie of the Month and it does.

Over on The Large Association of  Movie Blogs aka The LAMB.  I put forth Species to win Movie of The Month for a special franchise edition.  Up against the original Star Wars trilogy, Cars, the Dollars saga(Fistfull…, A Few Dollars…, The Good The Bad…) and more I never thought. I would win.  But I did and I was on a special episode of The LAMBcast discussing that flick.  That show should be posting this week so be on the lookout for it.  It was fun.   I’m going to be giving you my short reactions to each movie.



I remember previews of this movie and thought it was so ridiculous but the girl looked really hot.   So my 16 year old mind wanted to watch this thinking there would be a lot of sex in this.  I mean the plot is about this alien creature  who wants to mate with as much men and populate the world with her spawn so they can take over the world.  At the time I thought there would be a lot more sex than there was, but it was still a fun watch.   Natasha Hendstidge as Sil was certainly easy on the eyes.  Wait is that a young Michelle Williams as the younger Sil.   I only remembered having a crush on her from Blue Valentine so it’s all good,  Rewatching it now I can see some problems.  My main one is that they put together this task force to find this creature and none of them have any qualifications to help out with this none.  Ben Kingsly is the leader who gets notice that  Sil has been sighted and goes there.  Michael Madsen’s character is a former hitman  so he is the guy that shoots her.  Alfred Monlina’s job is …I don’t know.  There is woman who has nothing except to be the love interest later on  Forrest Whitaker is the only one in this group whose job I understand but its useless.  He’s an Empath.  Don’t quite know why that’s needed when hunting something but it is for this movie.    I like the effects and Hendstrdge does a fairly good job as the Alien who is trying to learn her environments.  Of Course Scarlet Johannson would play a similar role in Under The Skin and it would be a much better movie.


Species II

The plot of the first movie is thrown out of the window for this sequel.  Instead of mixing human and alien DNA.  In this one a group of astronauts bring home the same vile that was used in Venom and one of it’s crew members gets infected.   This one reverses the gender and now it’s a male going out and finding woman to breed with.  Since he is handsome chap every woman wants to sleep with him. There was one moment when one agreed to have sex with him and his response is to throw her in his van and rape her. Geeze.  Madsen and the love interest return.  That actress is Marge Helgenberger and in this movie she has cloned Sil from the first movie named Eve.  Not having any men around her but still having access to a TV, she has been very peaceful.  I dont know how the Astronaut guy and Sil met.  For some reason they have a psychic link with eachother and when they do.  Eve goes from being passive to all I will kill every fucking bitch in here to get me some D.   Some cool effects in places but not as  fun as the first movie.


Species III

In this one that picks up right at the end of the second movie  Eve and Astro guy ‘s kid is taking in by this  professor and is raised as his daughter  A group of halfbreeds wants her dead.  There is this subplot of another creature that is luring young men by having them post their biology on a website to win a date with her. Which is a much better plot than anything else in this movie.  The new girl  is even more easy on the eyes but she is acting like a robot more than an alien.  The leads are dull and it goes on for much too long than it should.


Species IV: The Awakening

The less I have to describe this movie.  The better off you will be.  In most of these flicks there are some good guys and there are bad guys.  There is no good men in this flick at all.  Everyone is an asshole and the men who made this should d be castrated.  Simply put the plot centers around a scientist who has been raising the creature like his own daughter.  In order to help calm down the metamorphosis from happening.  He has been giving her human hormones, but that results in cutting down her life span.  Shit this woman was a teacher in college and giving lectures in school.  So now they must go to Mexico to meet up with the Doc’s fellow partner.  A scumbag of a guy who only breeds these creatures so he can have a sex toy to fuck and dispose whenever he chooses.  I wanted to Species clan to rise up and take down this  douche but it never happens.  All the fight sequences happen in the dark.  It started off as having more promise and I thought I would like it more than the third but no.   No I did not like this one bit.   Well I did like the Nun who had great aim with her tongue but that was it.

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5 Responses to The Vern picks The Species Franchise to win Movie of the Month and it does.

  1. ninvoid99 says:

    The first one was awesome while the second one was OK. The third and fourth were… eh… though the chick who was the alien in the third film had a really nice body.

  2. Chris says:

    I didn’t even know sequels 3 and 4 existed! Henstridge was hot so I’m not surprised she seduced Alfred Molina. Kind of like your Veronica Lake post-she is not what she seems!

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