Forbidden Hollywood. BABY FACE ( 1933)

Today’s review is courtesy of Cracked Rear Viewer

Made before any ratings system was put in place. Baby Face is a movie that made many censors gasp at the idea of a woman being that sexually confident.  If this was made today, there would still be some controversy from both liberals and conservative viewers about a female character using sex to get what she wants.  In general, conservatives would be offended at the idea of a girl having no shame of so many sexual partners.  While a few liberals would be upset about a girl who doesn’t mind being seen as a sex object to get what she wants.

Barbara Stanwyck was really good as the lead role of Lilly.  A person that can be seen as both a victim and a villain. Lilly is a very complex character and how you chose to perceive her is up to you.   Baby Face also features a young John Wayne as one of Lilly’s victims.  It’s very different to see him play such a shy and somewhat weaker character.

Cracked Rear Viewer gives a really good detailed review in their Pre Code Confidential series and I urge you to not only check out this review, but the rest in the series as well

Source: Pre Code Confidential #8: Barbara Stanwyck in BABY FACE (Warner Brothers 1933)

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