Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac: Feb/17 Part 2

Well Gang

I’m trying my best to keep these posts up to date, but it hasn’t been easy.  I still owe you a tribute to another female director for Women in Horror Month, and I’m not sure If I will make it by the end of this month.  I will try my best though.  I have also been giving 2 blogging awards and I need to spend time doing that, and be sure I don’t nominate the same people again.  I have been busy recording new content for ScreenTrax.  So you can expect new episodes of that more frequently.  At least every two weeks.    I’m also trying my best to comment and share everyone that follows my site, but it’s not always easy.  I did promise to give you more of an update of the movies I saw so here you go.


Knock Knock


Keanu Reeves takes a break from shooting up people to get seduced by two hot younger women in this kind of clever remake from director Eli Roth.  I say clever because Mr. Roth takes a break for using a lot of gore and violence to tell a neat little suspense story.  While his family is away; a happily married man(Reeves) is greeted by two women (Lorenza Izzo and Ana De Armas) who say they are lost.  Being the nice guy that he is.  He lets them in, to dry off.   But the two girls have other plans as they both begin seducing him all through out the night.   He gives in to them both and they have sex.  Waking up the next morning, he finds out the girls have not left and they have much more diabolical games  then he ever thought.

The cast was good, but I think they tackled this kind of subject way better in Hard Candy, plus that movie was way more clever  in the way it had you change who you sympathized with more.  Reeves is solid, but I thought the girls were better with their characters.  Not just because they get semi nude.   I still need to find a good version of the original(Called Death Game or The Seducers) so I can compare the two.


This is 40


A married couple(Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann) both go through the joys and pains of getting older in this new dramady from director Judd Apatow.  When the only good acting is done by one of his daughters.  I forget the name , but she’s the older one.  I’m not going to remember anything else about this movie.  The main issues that I have is that it never stays consistent with it’s tone.  It wants to be a funny, raunchy comedy, but than ever so often it seems to thrown in these heartfelt dramatic moments that never felt earned.  Only then to go back to being funny again.  I like Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd a lot, but their characters were not super likable and these are the people we follow for the next few hours.  I’m not married, so maybe I’m missing something.  Did any of you like this.


The Girl Next Door


A young man (Emile Hirsch) notices his beautiful next door neighbor(Elisha Cuthbert) changing her clothes through his window.  He gets caught and is asked to go out for a drive with her.  They, talk , she plays a joke on him and then for no real reason the two end up in love.  No, I’m serious, the two never spend much time together and just one night at a party they decide to hook up.  Not a random, I’m drunk hook up, but a genuine fall in love one.  So let that be a lesson.  If you stare at your next door neighbor through the window.  She may just end up falling in love with you.

Oh I forgot to mention that Cuthbert’s character was a former porn star.  They never show any of the fucking that’s associated with adult films,  just the bad acting.  I wasn’t sure if he was upset that she did porn or was in Sharknado   Now, I’m not expecting full on penetration when it comes to the porn in this.  This isn’t a Lars Von Trier film. Yet if you  are going to have a character play the role of a porn star and then show one of the films.  Lets see some sex going on.  You don’t even need to see any nudity.  You can cut around that.  But lets see some more ‘O’ faces.    The movie does feature a young Paul Dano, and it’s good to see him be in better movies after this.




So in this flick, John C. Reilly is taken to a party by his ex wife(Catherine Keener) to help forget she is getting remarried.  He gets drunk and meets up with Marisa Tomei.  The two for some unexplained reason end up falling in love and everything seems perfect for this guy. Well, until he meets his girlfriend’s son(Jonah Hill) who loves his mom and will do anything to make sure he’s the only man in her life.

The movie had the chance to play with a lot of tropes, that it only skims on them.  I really wanted the filmmakers to really tease the fact of how close mother and son are in this film.  They have a moment where Reily’s character sees the son calmly walks in to use the bathroom while the mom is in the shower.  However it’s never brought up again, and it would be kind of funny if it kept sort of playing that do they or don’t they angle.

Tomei and Reilly are fine actors, but I really have a hard time beveling that a girl would begin flirting with a guy  while he’s outside peeing.  No matter if she heard his sob story earlier.  Which by the way she would have had to be pretty damn close to hear in the first place.  This movie is done by the Duplass brothers and I have never been a fan of their films.  So if you like the work they do, you may like this one.




No, this is not the Tom Hanks/Ron Howard  feature.  This is the second chapter of the 3 Witches Trilogy from Dario Argento.  With Suspiria  being the first and Mother of Tears as the third.  The plot  centers around several people trying to get their hands on a book that tells about the witches and how they fail and get killed.  This one was hard to follow, because it starts with one character who gets killed.  Another one appears, and than they get killed.  One more shows up and she gets killed.  I’m not sure who it is I’m suppose to follow.  At least Suspiria has one person, and is way more entertaining.  This one does have a lot of good cinematography and it’s a clear sequel to the earlier one.  I just don’t understand any of it.



de-palmaThis documentary chronicles the life of famed director Brian DePalma’s movies.  From thrillers such as Dressed to Kill and Blow Out(You can read my review of that here)  to big blockbusters like The Untouchables and Mission Impossible.  It even covers the ones that were failures and Brian explains why they were.  It’s a good watch especially if you enjoy watching his films.  I can’t wait for a David Cronenberg feature to come up next.


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2 Responses to Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac: Feb/17 Part 2

  1. Chris says:

    Love the style and colors of Inferno. Agree the story is less conventional than Suspiria, but there are are a bunch of strong individual scenes in Inferno, especially the opening under water, the lecture, and the scene with the rats.
    I’ve not watched part 3 Mother of Tears, I read Dario Argento’s post-80s work is skippable, that’s the consensus on his filmography anyway.

  2. ninvoid99 says:

    I have seen This is 40. What an awful film and extremely overlong. Judd Apatow really needs an editor to tell him what to cut. The Girl Next Door is OK although I didn’t like how some of the music was used in that film. Plus, what’s the point of casting Elisha Cuthbert as a porn star if she doesn’t show anything?

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