Women in Horror Month: Tribute to Filmmaker Jill Gevargizian



February is Women in Horror Month and to celebrate I want to focus on a few very talented female directors who will be mentioned as one of the best filmmakers of this and any other year    Today I want to focus on director Jill Gevargizian.  She is a major talent that more people need to be aware of.

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Call Girl

I first caught notice of this filmmaker from her short Call Girl.  That one has  Laurence R. Harvey as man who hires an escort played by Tristan Risk (Click link to read my interview) over to his house for a night neither one of them expected.  The use of one camera was very effective and both cast members were really good.

Police Brutality.

This was a 16 mm short  she made as part of Jen and Sylvia Soska’s  2015 Massive Blood Drive.  I never understood at first what this woman is getting blood from, but now it makes much more sense.  Especially when I think about the title.



This fun Horror short features Hala Finley as a young girl who gets quite a shock when she visits her Grandmother(Marilyn Hall). The Makeup effects were really good and I was kind of surprised when I first saw the ending.   It’s my personal favorite short she’s made.

The Luhrmans

In 2016 Jill Gevargizian reteamed with the Soska Sisters and makes another short PSA for their Massive Blood Drive. In this one The Luhrmans (Andrea Dover and Jason Turner) tell you why they appreciate blood donations so much. They are shown sitting at a very elegant dining room table drinking blood out of fancy glasses with quick cuts of their victim in the bathtub. This one almost feels like an ad for you to drink blood.  It’s quite seductive.


The Stylist.

Najarra Townsend won a best actress award at Fantastic Fest for her performance in this beautiful gory short film.  Claire(Townsend) is a hair stylist who is about to finish her day when her latest client Mandy(Jennifer Plas) comes in to the shop.  Little does this customer know.  She going to get just a bit more than just a haircut.  I liked this one and Najarra Townsend was quite good in it. I first saw her in the film Contracted(click link to read my review) and I hope she gets more roles.  The Stylist for me does suffer a bit for being a short film because just when it ended. I wanted to know more about this character  and find out why she became the way she did.

You can watch the whole short on Shudder.Com


WIH Massive Blood Drive 2017

Many different filmmakers turn out to help the Soska Sisters for their massive blood drive campaign. Instead of being a collection of seperate shorts, it’s just a music video. I like Jill’s contribution because it’s an all female gangsta rap video featuring Devanny Pinn

The Film Pasture: Women in Horror Episode

I was very fortunate and lucky to have interviewed Jill Gevargizian along with other great women filmmakers such as Maude Michaud and Lisa Ovies for the 2016 Women in Horror Month Massive Blood Drive shorts. We also are visited by Johnathan Hughes who talks about his United in Blood event.

You can check out more episodes of The Film Pasture by clicking here


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Next Week I’m going to review Harvest Lake, and do a post all about Anna Biller( The Love Witch, Viva)

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