The Vern goes searching for his true love and reviews Everlasting.


Sometimes  when you are young and in love.  You feel like the world is perfect and that it will never ever end.  For Matt(Adam David)  life seemed perfect.  He has a beautiful girlfriend named Jessie(Valentina de Angelis) and once you have someone that beautiful in your life.  Does anything really matter.  Than one day the rug gets pulled away from Matt as he learns his girlfriend wants to move to L.A.   She wants to become the world’s next top model.  They both go on a trip to the city and as much as Matt hates the idea of his lady living far away.  He’s not going to change her mind.  Than he gets the news that no one ever wants to hear ever. Jessie has been murdered and to make matters worse.  Someone has sent him a video of her last moments alive.  It’s unclear of whose behind her demise, but it must be someone from where she works.  So Matt is on his way to find out what truly happened to the woman he loved.


Everlasting is almost the illegitimate love child of  Brick, The Neon Demon, and Mulholland Dr.  Director Anthony Stabley is very much influenced by Refn,Lynch and Johnson.  But never once did this film feel like a rip off of those other movies.  It just shares similar ideas and themes.  Jessie’s story reminds me a lot of Demon with her journey to be noticed.  While Matt’s investigation reminded me a lot of Brick .  The whole people may not be who you think they are is what reminded me of Mulholland Dr.  Actually when I really think about it.   This movie almost feels like the novel Bret Easton Ellis never wrote.  Like it’s set in the same world as Less Than Zero and Rules of Attraction.  


The cast is really good with a star making performance by Valentina de Angelis as Jessie.  Her character is someone at first glance would expect to be very strong and confident.  Not knowing the isolation and the fear of being forgotten she is feeling.  Adam David does a good job as our main detective but there were a few moments that made it seem like he could be the culprit and I wished the film would have played with that aspect a little bit more than it did.  Pat Healy was really quite good as Henrique, the photographer who is at first seems to be doing these kind of shots with Jessie because of art.  Even though it’s mainly for his own fetish Both Bai Ling and Guinevere Turner were good in their roles, but I kind of wish there parts were expanded a little bit more .



When the identity of the killer was revealed, I  was a little bit disappointed.  Not because it was a bad scene.  In fact Michael Masse was quite good in the role.  It just felt too short and I wanted a little bit more in the explanation. There was something he says to Matt that did haunt me a little.  It was about how Jessie imagined him and he imagined her and that it was all part of some grand plan.  Was Jesse planing her own death, did she foresee this outcome of events, I don’t know.

Maybe the point wasn’t to discuss how Jessie was murdered or why she was.   But that mainly she was a girl that many thought of as disposable.  But not for Matt,he truly loved her.  Despite all the flaws and problems he has seen from her while they were dating,  He still loved her.  Even in death that kind of love will never fade for him.  It will be everlasting.  Does it need to have closure for us.  No, but it doesn’t need to.  This story is really for Matt and Jessie and no one else.

Everlasting is a movie that does require a second viewing and I plan on doing so once the DVD with commentary tracks hits my local Best Buy and Target.


On a sad note.  This was the last movie that actor Michael Masse made before he passed away in October of 2016.  Most people will recognize him as Funboy in the movie The Crow or in Seven as the guy who worked in the sex shop.  He was a great actor and will be missed


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