The Vern Looks at Actor Timothy J Cox’s Shorts.


Since starting this movie review blog, I have been getting contacted by several filmmakers, and production companies to review their features, and it’s been great.  One of these individuals is an actor by the name Timothy J. Cox.  I don’t know how this gentlemen found my site, but he has been taking time out of his day to send me links of the short films that he has been featured in.  From a crazed psychopath to a paranormal ghost hunter.   Mr. Cox has been a very good character actor in the features I’ve seen.  What I loved most about the movies he sends, is that it introduces me to other great actors  and filmmakers I have never seen before    Here are a few of the recent ones that feature this actor.

Mail Time

Director:  Sebastian Carrasco


In this completely silent tale.  Timothy J. Cox is a mail carrier who enjoys magic very much, but no one appreciates the tricks he does.  Every one on his route basically ignores him, and it seems like he gets mugged every day at the same spot too .  After watching a clip from the Edward Norton movie The Illusionist(which features the only spoken dialogue in the movie) He is able to levitate objects and changes the outcome of the day.  Mr. Cox is quite good as the happy/ optimistic mail carrier despite not saying one word.  It proves  you don’t need to have characters speak to have a good story.

It’s Not You

Director: Sophie Peters-Wilson


In this short, mom and dad(Timothy J Cox and Sara Ruth Blake) tell their daughter(Abigale Spitler) that they are getting a divorce.  Through a montage, we see the relationship of the parents through the young girl’s eyes. At first everything is wonderful and perfect, but as it progressed.  Things become a lot more darker and grim.  I really loved how the dialogue was easy to understand at the start, but when when the relationship starts to deteriorate.  Their voices becomes muted and not so easy to decipher.  I’m guessing this was used to show the feeling of isolation the young girl was going through. The roles of both Timothy J Cox and Sara Ruth Blake are really good.  It’s not easy to portray  a couple that goes from loving to hating each other in just under ten minutes.  Both of them do a stellar job and are very believable.  Same thing goes for Abigale Spitler, who is also good as their daughter.   I’ve never been a child of divorce, but the message the movie portrays at the end is actually uplifting.


What Jack Built

Director: Matthew Mahler


There is something lurking in the deep woods and doggone it, Jack(Timothy J. Cox) is going to catch it.  This short has an interesting premise because it’s about a guy who believes in something that may or may not be there.  We never actually see the creature in question, just his perspective on the thing.  It would be great if I understood his motivation for wanting to catch it.  It doesn’t have to make sense me, it just has to make sense for the main character.  The performance from Mr. Cox is good, and he establishes very well that this is a man obsessed with capturing this monster.  He reminded me of Richard Dreyfuess’ character in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  What Jack Built could have been easily told in 6 minutes instead of 11.  Also, there was a time stamp of the year 1985 on the video Jack was recording.  Nothing about this suggests that it’s set in that decade.  All the technology and clothes suggest maybe early 2000’s at best.


Dirty Books.

Director: Zachary Lapierre


David(Noah Baily)gets word from the principal(Timothy J Cox)  that his school newspaper is being shut down and turned into a blog.   Feeling distraught he decides to fake a news story to impress his readers.  He says that a mysterious person has been setting up mysterious pranks and to email him if anyone has seen anything suspicious.  Did he really think that no one would find out what he was doing.  It was obvious from the first story he wrote that he was the culprit involved.  The main problem I had with this movie was the character of David.  Not the actor (Noah Baily) who was quite good, but it just seems like there was no arch or change for that person.    David is shown treating his staff like complete crap.  He insults his reporter Charlotte(Ansley Berg) because she only writes about sports.  There wasn’t anything likable about this person except his  fondness of print media.  He kinda reminded me of Max Fisher from Rushmore, if he was a whiny little A-Hole.  I loved , but he  just seemed like an awful person to those around him.  I don’t mind if a main character is rotten, but I never understood the conflict this character was going through.  It would have been better if Charlotte became the focus character after David gets exposed, and she became the one who was praised.  Then David would learn to be a better person to those around him.    I didn’t talk much about Timothy J Cox in this because he is not in it that much.  In the role of a principal, he was good.

Timothy J Cox’s IMDB filmography is damn impressive.  Since 2002 the man has appeared in over 118 features including TV Shows like Gossip Girl, 30 Rock, and Law and Order:Criminal Intent.  If you would like to know more about this actor.  Please check out his website.

Thanks for reading.

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