The Vern enjoys Spaghettiman(2016), but reviews the movie too.





Cast: Benjamin Crutcher,Winston Carter

Writers: Winston Carter, Mark Potts, Benjamin Crutcher, Brad Rackley

Director: Mark Potts.

If you were being mugged and then got saved by some masked stranger who shot noodles out of his hands.  You would feel pretty grateful, right.  Like there was someone out there who cared about you and wanted to make sure you were safe.  Now, let’s say that same hero asked for whatever was in your wallet for his help in saving you.  Well that guy would be a complete dick.  But you would also have one of the funniest dark super hero movies since  James Gunn’s Super.  I wouldn’t be surprised if director Mark Potts gets chosen to direct a big budget franchise after his work in this off the wall but extremely fun tale.

Clark(Benjamin Crutcher) is a the definition of the word loser.  He can’t hold down a job, can’t pay his half of the bills, and is already a month late with rent. His roommate and only friend Dale(Winston Carter) tries several times to get him a job, but Clark would rather sleep then actually go to an interview.  One night while cooking some leftover pasta.  There is freak accident and when Clark wakes up.  He notices that he can shoot spaghetti out of his hands.  These noodles become quite the weapon, when he uses them to take out a mugger one night.  With a paper bag for a mask and a red hooded sweatshirt.  The superhero Spaghettiman was born.  This pasta protector cares not about justice or what is right.  He only cares about one thing, money.  If you are in trouble and have the cash in your wallet, you too can be saved by the Spaghettiman.


From the name of the movie alone and from some of the few clips I saw.  This could have easily been a one note concept.  A guy who can shoot heavy noodles out of every orifice in his body(yes, you read that last part right).  I was expecting a quiet shy guy who gets picked on a lot and then gets blessed with these powers.   I’m glad this movie went a different route and made Clark to be kind of an asshole but not so bad that you hate him all the time.  The character does a lot of really bad things, but never once does he put anyone in harm’s way.  At least not on purpose.  My favorite scenes are the ones where Spaghettiman teams up with a photographer named Anthony Banner(Brand Rackely) and the two begin looking for crime so they each capitalize on the situation  Their actions remind me a lot of the movie Nightcrawler, but a lot less dark.

Director Mark Potts and his screenwriters (which include cast members Rackley, Crutcher and Carter) delivers a movie that is a lot of fun and full of laughs.  This is only his second feature and I promise to check out that one and may others he releases throughout the years.  It’s great to see a hero who has powers but would rather use them for his own benefit than help people.  Yes, I know the movie Hancock tackled this same premise before Spaghettiman is different.  In that tale the guy with the superpowers chooses to do good.  Clark never once chooses to help anyone, unless they pay him well.  I would gladly pay to see this hero back on the big screen in an upcoming sequel.


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