Everlasting and Harvest Lake Make Watching Trailers Fun Again.

Great video by Cecil Trachenburg from his site Good Bad Flicks. Follow him on Twitter @GoodBadFlicks

Let’s face it, trailers for movies are not exciting as they once were. We are more impressed with the finish project then we are being amazed or surprised anymore. When you go to see a movie at the theater, every trailer is basically the same. Every comedy, horror, drama, action, and indie trailer hits all the same notes that you have seen before and we are no longer impressed. To be fair, there have been some that are works of art in their own right. The ones of David Fincher comes to mind when I think of great movie trailers. From Seven to Gone Girl, each one has it’s own wonderful sense of rhythm and style that are really exciting. Too many times a trailer will spoil the entire movie and I want it to seduce me. A good one will tease me just enough so that I want to spend all my  money rather then pay rent.  Below are some examples of when it is done right and these are from films some of you haven’t even heard of before.



What I like best about the trailer for Director Anthony Stabley’s feature, is the mystery surrounding the girl’s death.  Was she killed by the system of wanting to succeed or was it  something more sinister.  Everlasting reminds me a lot of The Neon Demon, The Blair Witch Project, and Brick.  Also starring Pat Healy of Compliance, this looks like one I can’t wait to see

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Harvest Lake.

harvest-lakeThis one takes the concept of friends going to vacation in the woods in a completely different direction.  Director Scott Schirmer’s tale doesn’t involve a masked ax wielding  maniac or anything really horrific and yet.  There is something that is both seductive about the trailer and also disturbing.  This one features Tristan Risk(American Mary) and Ellie Church(Frankenstein Created Bikers)


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