The Vern gets a Sunshine Blogger award




WOAH.  HOLY SHIT.  I got an award and I couldn’t be any happier.  This award comes to me from the very talented writer of the same  city where I live.  Well near by at least;  I’m talking about Ruth from the site  FlixChatter.If you have never read her stuff before I highly suggest that you do.  So anyways she gave me this award and then asked me a few questions.  I’m suppose to answer said questions and then pick another 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions.  Are you ready…Well to bad, we’re starting anyways

  1. Who’s your favorite female filmmaker?


I will have to say Sofia Coppola.  I have yet to see a movie of hers I hate.  I even liked her in The Godfather Part III.  I wrote a post about her on my older site

but I’m sharing this video where she does awesome gymnastics.  Who knew she could be so talented.

2.Which actor/actress would you be willing to wait in line for say, 5 hours, to meet?


That’s a tough one because I’m a grinch when it comes to lines.  I guess it all depends on who I would want to hang out with most and have a long conversation with.  I’m going to have to choose The Animaniacs(yup, Yakko, Wakko and Dot).  Just because it would be great to hear whatever they told me

3. If you could write ANY screenplay, what genre would it be? [Feel free to elaborate if you have a specific idea in mind already]


I want to bring back the whole sexploitation genre but have it be directed by women.  I have this idea of an all female rock band who are drugged the night of their world tour and wake up inside this South American Jail.  They are forced into the world of human trafficking and are told to sell their bodies.  But these girls aint gonna give it up that easy and they will kill anyone that messes with them.  Sexy  Girls, big guns and great action.  I think it would be quite cool to see a  movie like this through a women’s eye.

4. Who’s your favorite male AND female film characters in the past decade?


Frances Ha.

She’s a character who know what she wants to do in life but feels stuck in getting it done and that’s how I feel.


Jordan Belfort: The Wolf of Wall Street.

I don’t like this guy in fact I hate him. If Patrick Bateman from American Psycho was a real person. I have a feeling,both of these men would be best friends. He’s egotistical,psychopathic,misogynist and a drug addict. Yet we all want what he has and we don’t even care who we hurt to get there. He’s a very fascinating character that Leonardo DiCaprio should have won the Oscar for. It’s his most iconic role.

5.Same as above but for TV series/mini-series.


Joyce Byers – Stranger Things

The way this character fights to find her son is amazing.  Winona Ryder delivers a performance that tugs on my heart strings every time I watch it.


Walter White – Breaking Bad.

Never before in the history of Television have I seen a character who I root for, despise, and sympathize with through all 5 seasons.  It’s a journey that is rough to take and yet rewarding at the same time

6. What film genre you wish studios (Hollywood or otherwise) would make more of?  

Dark comedies like Heathers or Very Bad Things

7. Inspired by Dell’s recent Against the Crowd Blogathon, what critically-panned film you’d defend with a passion in the past decade?

Only God Forgives.  

Nicholas Winding Refn’s follow up to Drive was met with a lot of hatred when it was first released but there are a lot of great things about it,  It has a great score by Cliff Martinez and Kristen Scott Thompson was a great villain as seen in the above clip. It’s a movie I hated at first but after watching it again. I grew to love it more.

8.What movie you saw this year that surprised you in a big way [whether good or bad?]

I was really interested in seeing The Conjuring 2 because the previews looked good, but it was very bland and not at all scary.  The Shallows turned out to be a more fun time then I thought.

9. If you could have a single piece of clothing from any film, which one would you pick?

This is one that stumped me.  There are no clothes from any movie I can think of that I would want to own.

10. If you could be James Corden for a day for one episode of Carpool Karaoke, which one musical artist (or actor if he/she is also a singer) would you invite?

Emily Haines – Metric


11. What’s your most reliable guilty pleasure movie?

Cool World.  


 You can read my thoughts about it below.


OK now I have to nominate 11 other great bloggers.  Just click on each name to visit their site

Content For You

Epileptic Moondancer

Emma K. Wall Explains it All

The Blazing Reel

Parlor of Horror

Creative Fox Den

Plain Simple Tom

Movie Rob

The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger

Rambling Films

JMount’s Written in Blood


Now here are my 11 questions


  1. Name an older movie you would like to see remade.

2. Name a movie that should never be remade, ever.

3. Who was your first celebrity crush?

4.  Mary/Fuck/Kill (Gilbert Gottfried, Emo Phillips ,Donald Duck)

5.  What was the first movie you watched with your parents  that had a sex scene. How did you react

6.  This is for both girls and guys.  What do you like more in physical appearances?  Chest, butt or legs.

7.  Name a band or artist you would gladly pay $500 to see live

8. Mary/Fuck/Kill  Amy(Gone Girl), Ava(Ex-Machina),Harley Quinn(Suicide Squad)

9.  Do you really want a 2nd season of Stranger Things and if so Why.

10.  Name a scene from a movie that makes you cry.

11.  Name a scene from a movie that turns you on.


Look forward to see what you all chose.

About The Vern

I love movies and I enjoy writing about them too. They both go pretty much hand in hand with each other and it's fun to discover new classics. I co host the podcasts The Film Pasture, ScreenTrax, and soon Cinema Recall. While also contributing reviews and articles to other great sites when I can.
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21 Responses to The Vern gets a Sunshine Blogger award

  1. Congrats on your blogger award! Love all your answers, especially #10.

  2. ruth says:

    Awesome Vern, fun answers too! Sofia Coppola is a bit of hit and miss for me, but I hope she continues to make movies. Ahah, Jordan Belfort probably worships Patrick Bateman, but Bateman might end up killing him! I haven’t seen ‘Cool World’ but now you got me curious!


  4. Cool World is such a naughty movie…how did that even get made? What studio said, “yes, this is a good film, the hot cartoon chick has to get some human “D” to stay in the human world.” I’m not knocking it, I think its great but just don’t know if it would be made today.

  5. Oh, I came here to say thanks for the nomination and that Cool World hottie made me forget why I was here. Anyways, thanks for the nomination Verne 🙂

  6. movierob says:

    Thanks Vern,

    Here are my answers:

    1. Name an older movie you would like to see remade. – Not a fan of remakes at all

    2. Name a movie that should never be remade, ever. – Bridge on the River Kwai

    3. Who was your first celebrity crush? Mary Stuart Masterson

    4. Mary/Fuck/Kill (Gilbert Gottfried, Emo Phillips ,Donald Duck)GG/DD/EP

    5. What was the first movie you watched with your parents that had a sex scene. How did you react – Disclosure (1994) – quite uncomfortable

    6. This is for both girls and guys. What do you like more in physical appearances? Chest, butt or legs. legs

    7. Name a band or artist you would gladly pay $500 to see live – Billy Joel

    8. Mary/Fuck/Kill Amy(Gone Girl), Ava(Ex-Machina),Harley Quinn(Suicide Squad) Ava/Amy/Harley

    9. Do you really want a 2nd season of Stranger Things and if so Why. – havent seen it

    10. Name a scene from a movie that makes you cry. – the end of The Rookie (2002)

    11. Name a scene from a movie that turns you on. – the sex scene in the car in Titanic (1997)

  7. vinnieh says:

    Huge congrats from me Vern. And you definitely have some interesting questions for your nominees.

    • The Vern says:

      Thanks man. I feel like a dick not nominating you but I’m sure I already gave you an award a while back. It would have been great to hear your responses for some of these questions

      • vinnieh says:

        No need to apologise Vern. You did give me an award in the past and I’m thankful. Besides I’ve had loads of awards anyway. You still rock Vern.

  8. filmsCine says:

    Congrats, my friend! Loving the answers. Frances Ha is cool, and everyone wants to be Jordan Belfort for a day. When he was having a good time of it.

  9. Brittani says:

    The Animaniacs! That’s hilarious.

    Great answers here. Love the love for Jordan and Walt

  10. Jordan Dodd says:

    Thanks mate 🙂

    And I’m with you on Walt. Such a great character, and such a great character arc too

  11. Khalid Rafi says:

    Thanks man! Will get down to answering your questions.
    And I share your love for Only God Forgives. There are some pretty cool things going on it that movie and it doesn’t deserve all the hate.

  12. The Vern says:

    Thank you everyone for your answers. I do appreciate it I wish I had a love button for each one of you

  13. emmakwall says:

    Awesome Verny!!!! You thoroughly deserve it 🙂 your posts always so much fun. Thanks for my nom, I’ll answer shortly. And well done!!!

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