VHS Selections: Hired to Kill and Crimes of Passion

videodrome 3

The fine folks over at Arrow Video enjoy breathing new life into otherwise forgotten titles from the VHS era.  They have given these movies updated sound and picture quality and have given them a good selection of special features.  Here are a few of the titles you can now get on combo Blu-Ray/DVD.  All reviews are written by me and appear courtesy of Cinema Sentries


Hired to Kill.




The premise is about a mercenary and a  gang of women soldiers who pose as fashion models to rescue a prisoner from some terrorists.  It’s House of Style meets Commando

Hired to Kill Review:  The A-Team’s Project Runway


Crimes of Passion.

crimesofpassion-newworld1 (VHSCollector.com)

In this movie Kathleen Turner plays a prostitute who also works in advertising.  Hmm,I don’t really see much difference between both careers.  At least one gives you their rates before they fuck you.  Oh and the movie also has Anthony Perkins as a sexually repressed preacher.  Again, I don’t see much difference between him and certain members of the catholic church.  Except that this one prefers ones that are a bit older.

Crimes of Passion Review:  The Double Life of a Working Girl




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  2. filmsCine says:

    This made me laugh!

  3. vinnieh says:

    Your humour is spot on Vern.

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