All Time Classics: Blue Velvet(1986)



Blue Velvet

Cast: Kyle MacLachlan, Laura Dern, Dennis Hopper

Writer and Director: David Lynch

I was lucky enough to get to see this in theaters a few weeks ago for it’s 30th anniversary.  It’s the kind of movie that would have shocked people more than Psycho if it was released in the late 60’s.  I’m sure the tale of Norman Bates would have still freaked out people too.  But this one is just slightly more disturbing.  Even though it’s setting is modern, well modern as the mid 80’s can be.  Blue Velvet has the look and feel of a late 50’s mystery drama.  Even some of the characters behaver and act like the ones in movies of that era.  It’s setting is this idealistic small town and the dangers that lurk underneath.  Even if you have never been there before, you know about towns like this.  It’s kind of hard to describe what an experience it was watching this in just words.  So instead I’m going to share with you a few images combined with famous quotes from the movie.   There may be some minor spoilers so I’m giving you all a fair warning now.


blue-velvet-0003The opening credits with Angelo Badalamenti’s score is one of the best movie themes ever.

Blue Velvet 6

blue-velvet-firemanRadio announcer: –“It’s a sunny, woodsy day in Lumberton, so get those chainsaws out. This is the mighty W.O.O.D., the musical voice of Lumberton. At the sound of the falling tree, it’s 9:30. There’s a whole lotta wood waitin’ out there, so let’s get going“.


Blue V

blue-velvet-1Detective Williams: “That’s a human ear all right.”

Blue Velvet Dern

Blue V10 Jeffrey:(Kyle MachLachlan) –“Do you see that house? I used to know a kid who lived there, he had the biggest tongue in the world.”

Blue_Velvet30 Dorothy Vallens(Isabella Rosselini) – [singing] “And I still can see Blue Velvet through my tears.”

blue-velvet-dinerJeffery Beaumont- “See that clock on the wall? In five minutes you are not going to believe what I’ve told you.”

Blue Velvet 1

blue-velvet-8Dorothy Vallens: “What are you doing in my closet, Jeffrey Beaumont?”

Blue V 11

Dorothy: –“Hello, baby.”

Frank:-“Shut up! It’s Daddy, you shithead! Where’s my bourbon? Can’t you fucking remember anything?”

Blue Velvet (22)Frank Booth: -“Baby wants to fuck! Baby wants to fuck Blue Velvet!”

Blue V2Frank Booth:  “Don’t you fucking look at me!”

Blue Velvet (1986) Directed by David Lynch Shown from left: Isabella Rossellini (Dorothy Valens), Kyle MacLachlan (as Jeffrey Beaumont)

Dorothy: – “Do you like the way I feel”


Frank: –“Hey you wanna go for a ride?”

Jeffrey: –“No thanks.”

Frank: – “No thanks? What does that mean?”

Jeffrey:- “I don’t wanna go.”

Frank:- “Go where?”

Jeffrey:- “For a ride.”

Frank-  A ride! Now that’s a good idea!”



Ben(Dean Stockwell): “To your health.”

Frank:- “Ah, shit, let’s drink to something else. Let’s drink to fucking. Yeah, say, “Here’s to your fuck, Frank.”

Ben:- “If you like, Frank. Here’s to your fuck.”

Blue Velvet 2

Blue Velvet 9

Frank Booth: “Don’t be a good neighbor to her. I’ll send you a love letter,[shouting] straight from my heart, fucker! You know what a love letter is? It’s a bullet from a fucking gun, fucker! You receive a love letter from me, you’re fucked forever! You understand, fuck? I’ll send you straight to hell, fucker!”

blue-velvetSeeing Frank beat the living hell out of Jeffery seemed like a good time for this girl to dance.

Blue V 1

Jeffery Beaumont “It’s a strange world”


Blue V 3Dorothy Vallens “He put his disease in me.”

blue-velvet-6Jeffrey Beaumont: “Why are there people like Frank?”

blue-velvet-robinSandy Williams – “I had a dream. In fact, it was on the night I met you. In the dream, there was our world, and the world was dark because there weren’t any robins and the robins represented love. And for the longest time, there was this darkness. And all of a sudden, thousands of robins were set free and they flew down and brought this blinding light of love. And it seemed that love would make any difference, and it did. So, I guess it means that there is trouble until the robins come.”

Watching this in theaters was astounding because of the way it looks. Lynch along with cinematographer Frederick Elmes make really good use of the 2:35 widescreen aspect ratio. They can have entire scenes play out in just one shot and it is beautiful to see on a big screen. If you are not a fan of David Lynch because you think his films don’t make sense. This is one I urge you to check out, because while it does have it’s share of style in it. It never gets in the way of the story. Many have claimed this to be a masterpiece and it garnered an academy award nomination from David Lynch as best director. It’s the kind of twisted tale that would fit in the same universe as his television series Twin Peaks did.

Original 1986 Theatrical Trailer.

Review by Siskel & Ebert

Critic’s Pick by New York Times

Episode 82 of Popcorn Poops where Dustin and Jessica debate if this really is a masterpiece.

popcorn poops


Lana Del Ray ‘s video for her cover of Blue Velvet

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14 Responses to All Time Classics: Blue Velvet(1986)

  1. emmakwall says:

    Awesome post Verny, love how you set it out and your enthusiasm is infectious!

  2. Mark Walker says:

    A classic for sure, Vern. This is still one of Lynch’s very best and it’s in desperate need of a revisit from me.

    • The Vern says:

      Thanks for reading Mark. I see it is playing on demand where I live I kind of want the housemates to see it.

      • Mark Walker says:

        It’s one I’ve been meaning to go back to for years. At one point, it was in my personal top ten movies. On a revisit, who’s to say that it can’t make it back there? It’s magnificent. 🙂

  3. vinnieh says:

    Gosh, it has been too long since I saw this movie. Your review was stellar Vern, and so well illustrated.

  4. Coolsville says:

    Ahhh, all the stills are giving me flashbacks! It’s been awhile since I saw Blue Velvet, but leave it to Lynch to make something so strange, creepy, and beautiful. Don’t get me started on Lana’s music video – can she do no wrong? Love her!

  5. ninvoid99 says:

    I fucking love this movie. It is one of my all-time favorite films and I just love how it was used in The Squid & the Whale. “I love you! Love me!!!! He put his disease in me”

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