The Vern reviews ‘Heaven Knows What’ and ‘The Martian’ for Cinema Sentries


Cinema Sentires

Hello Everybody.

For this latest entry, I am reviewing two movies that couldn’t be more different from each other.  One is a disturbing tale of Matt Damon winning a Golden Globe for playing an astronaut lost in space and the other is a heartwarming tale of former heroin addict,Arielle Holmes.  Wait, I may have that introduction some what mixed up folks.  But anyways click links below to read my thoughts on  The Martian and Heaven Knows What for the site Cinema Sentries.


The Martian Movie Review: Lost in Space

Heaven Knows What 2

Heaven Knows What Movie Review: Step into the Shoes of a Former Heroin Addict

About The Vern

I love movies and I enjoy writing about them too. They both go pretty much hand in hand with each other and it's fun to discover new classics. I co host the podcasts The Film Pasture, ScreenTrax, and soon Cinema Recall. While also contributing reviews and articles to other great sites when I can.
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