The Graphic Horror Blogathon: Let The Right One In

Ltroi 3Bubbawheat is hosting a fun event over at Flights Tights and Movie Nights.  It’s   called Graphic Horror  Blogathon and it’s dedicated to  films that are stylistic enough to have their own comic series  or at least full graphic  novel dedicated to the original source material.  The movie that I chose for this event was the 2008 Sweedish  Gothic fable “Let The Right One In

My brief review.

Let The Right One In.

Cast: Lina Leander, Kare Hedebrant

Writer: John Ajvide Lindquvist(based on his book)

Director:  Tomas Alfredson

LTROIOskar(Kare Hedebrant) is a young boy who is bullied at school and is going through his parents breaking up.   He meets a young girl outside on the jungle gym.  A girl who smells funny, doesn’t wear  anything to  keep warm, and oh yeah,  lives off  of blood to survive.    The young girl is named Eli(Lina Leander) and she  inspires Oskar to be more like her and stand up for himself.  While Oskar tries to instill more humanity inside of Eli.  “Let The Right One In” is more interested in telling you about their friendship  rather then just have it be about vampires.    It’s main concern is having you care about these two kids rather then just showing a bunch of vampire attacks.  It’s a beautifully shot, and beautifully acted film.  I’ll even give the remake “Let Me In” some props for at least keeping the tone of the original intact and it does feature some great moments that were in the book , but not in the Swedish version.   It was clear that the director had a love  of the source material and tried to do an adaptation that best suited it .

Let The Right One In” would make a graphic novel  because the images are so striking.  Gah that sounds kind of cliche, even as I write that line.   But the way snow is shot is so, I don’t know.  Both creepy and somewhat beautiful.  This would work great in black and white with maybe a little bit of red for blood thrown in.    The comic can cover the events from the book or the film , but I would love to see what happens next with these characters .

SPOILERS!!!… Somewhat.

let-the-right-one-in5-5-10I would want the first book to start at the end of the movie.  We see Oskar on a train, tapping his fingers on something in front of him.  But we can’t see what it is.  We then flashback to when Oskar was having problems with the bullies and his first introduction with Eli.  Later on he teaches her all about morse code and how they can talk through the walls.  After Eli kills the bullies.  We see Oskar back on the train from before tapping on what looks like a large box.   It’s obvious that Eli is in the box and is responding back to him.  Each book after that would just chronicle their journeys and how their relationship with eachother would either evolve or devolve.    It could also delve more into Eli’s past and where she was before she met up with Oskar.

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7 Responses to The Graphic Horror Blogathon: Let The Right One In

  1. Bubbawheat says:

    I’ve heard good things about this film and would love to check it out sometime for myself. There’s always something striking about vampires and snow that doesn’t get used often enough outside of 30 Days of Night, and apparently this one. Glad someone took on a horror movie that wasn’t a graphic novel yet. Thanks for joining in!

  2. Brittani says:

    Great write up! I love this movie, not only as a horror film but as one of my all time favorites. It’s just wonderful.

  3. The Vern says:

    It’s style and tone makes it so much more then just a horror film. Glad you like the movie. Thanks for reading

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  5. emmakwall says:

    Hi Verny! Sorry to be a pain but…………..I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award 🙂

    Feel free to ignore! But I couldn’t’ think of a better person I wanted to give it too 🙂

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