The Vern goes to a party and reviews The Slashening.


 The Slashening

Cast: Anna Callegari, Sam Reece, Elyse Brandau

Writers: Brandon Bassham, Reynard Alli

Director: Brandon Bassham

 Of all the movie subgenres out there.  The horror/comedies look like the most difficult ones to make.  Especially when it comes to what sort of  tone you are going for in a particular scene.  The new movie “The Slashening”is strong on the comedic elements, but not so much on the horror ones.  This is not a knock on the movie as I believe everyone involved in the production was way more interested in making it’s audience laugh then scaring them.  This is a movie that can be watched along other great horror comedies like “Cabin in The Woods” or “Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon“.  But unlike those other movies whose satirical jabs at  horror cliches hit you hard over the head with.  “The Slashening” makes fun of some of the more subtle tropes that are there, but not mentioned as much.

The story involves a bunch of girls who show up at a friends house to have a party(I’m sorry, a get together).  Lucy(Anna Callegari) has just broken up with her boyfriend and her best friend Margot(Sam Reece) has agreed to drive her there.  The other girls at the party include Beth(Dana Clinkman).  She just got out of rehab so that she could go on an all night bender of doing more coke.  Eva(Lily Du) is the slightly neurotic homeowner whose parents are out of town and is hosting the party(OK, A get together).  Last but not least we have Ashley(Elyse Brandau) AKA the village bicycle.   During the night secrets about them will be exposed that will test their friendship. There’s also the case of the homicidal maniac stalking them outside, who has the better pair of tits, and oh yeah. When the hell will they get their pizza?

_MG_1712 copyThe actors in this are really good, and they get the joke of playing characters who are essentially just one note.  Their chemistry is so good, you buy in to them as this real group of friends.  If this was not a horror film.  I could easily see them appear in some sort of 80’s sex comedy romp.  The moment where they all decide to take off their clothes at the same time is a nice little poke at movies that have scenes like that for no real reason other then to show some T&A.  Now I don’t mind seeing it in horror films, but during the early days of slasher films.  It’s was featured a lot, and it was never mentioned or made fun of.     There’s also a great scene where a cop comes to warn the girls about the killer.  But he begins asking if they have any weapons or ways they can defend themselves.   He says (for example) lets say a guy dressed like a cop were to bust in and rape them each.  Could they fight off the perp.  To which the girls blindly reply no .   It’s a very funny scene because we have seen that moment where the characters are warned about real danger, but never pick up on it right away.  The only downside is the killer himself.  He’s just not that interesting of a character.  He is a combination of Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and other silent slashers.  But there was nothing really menacing about him.


For a movie that was made for just around $6,000, it’s extremely well shot.  The quick cuts of the kills worked well and it shows you can do a lot with just practical effects then you can with CGI.  The soundtrack itself is great as it features a bunch of songs that poke fun at most of the pop songs you hear today.  It sounds like Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, and  Nikki Minaj wrote these.  But alot of them were performed by Sam Reece herself.  “The Slashening” is the horror comedy I wish “Scary Movie” was a little bit more like.  An original story that takes just the concept of famous films but makes it their own.  They can have characters whose actions are like those in the original without having it be one with a misspelled name.

Slashening-02If you would like to know more about “The Slashening” and where you can watch it . Follow the links below. (For Realsies).


Official Trailer

Free Screening Friday/ FEB/ 13/ 2015




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6 Responses to The Vern goes to a party and reviews The Slashening.

  1. theipc says:

    This sounds like my kind of movie!!

  2. The Vern says:

    It is a lot of fun. Some stupid fun, but still fun.

  3. emmakwall says:

    This is sooo my cup of tea!!!

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