The Vern grabs some condoms and reviews Contracted



Cast: Najarra Townsend, Caroline Williams, Alice Macdonald

Writer and Director: Eric England

Contracted” could be described as a cautionary tale about sex that isn’t in the binds of a monogamous relationship.  It could also discusses the dangers of rape, drug addiction and hiding your problems from the people who care about you. You could also see the movie as an origin story to a very popular movie trope, but I don’t want to give that away because the way it’s revealed is really quite cool when you watch it.

Having just recently broken up with her girlfriend Nikki(Katie Stegeman).  Samantha(Najarra Townsend) goes to a party and meets up with her friend Alice(Alice Macdonald) who wants her to get drunk.  Giving in to peer pressure Samantha agrees and starts getting sloshed.  Later on that night she meets a guy(Simon Barrett)who  gives her a drink that is obviously drugged and they both have unprotected sex in a car.  She blacks out and wakes up the next day with a bad hangover, but nothing too serious in her mind.  While at work she starts getting these bad cramps that she probably think is part of her period, but things start to go from bad to worse really fast.  Not wanting Nikki to know that she has had sex with a man.  Samantha never goes to the police and tries her best to hide her appearance from everyone.  It turns out the police are looking for the same guy she hooked up with  Alice sees the danger that Samantha is in, but will she be able to save her in time?

This is a movie that I enjoyed a lot, but found myself laughing at it’s gory moments near the end.   I’m sorry but even in a really good horror movie.  I will laugh at some of the kills I see.  Not to spoil anything in this one, there are some scenes that I found hysterical.  I’m sure most of you will have a different reaction and call me a sick fuck for laughing.  But for me some of  those scenes went way over the top in terms of performance and the amount of blood that was used. It’s not as over the top as a lot of other horror films I’ve watched but based on the tone of earlier scenes.  It felt a bit out of place.  I enjoyed the hell out of them, but it just didn’t match with the rest of the movie.

Najarra Townsend was really good in this role  but I did not fully like her character.  Yes, it was fucked up with what happened to her and I’m not at all denying that fact.  I just find it hard to comprehend that she would got through all that trouble just to hide the  affair from her ex.  Couldn’t she explain that it was a rape, wouldn’t Nikki believe her,if not.  Why would she still want to in a relationship with her?  There’s also another guy who has a crush on Samantha, but we never get a reason why.  Yeah, she’s pretty hot and all, but she acts like a complete bitch to everyone else.  Most of all the people who care about her.  That is why when bad shit starts happening to her.  I was cheering a bit.  As much as I wanted her to get well or at least get some revenge on that fucker that did this.  I also wanted her to pay for acting like a twat to all her friends.


Contracted 2After

The makeup work in this is phenomenal.  The slow changes of this character’s demise is on the same level as David Cronenberg’s “The Fly“.  Najrra Townsend descent into madness is worth checking out alone and as much as I bitch about not liking her character.  It did not stop me from enjoying this movie.  The last few  minutes were indeed the slam dunk, the home run, the god damn touchdown of the whole thing.   It ends in a way that opens it for a sequel, but I hope it doesn’t because it’s perfect the way it ends there.


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7 Responses to The Vern grabs some condoms and reviews Contracted

  1. Man I like your reviews. Nice one, Vern.

  2. Haha fantastic review 😀

  3. ReyShelley says:

    Great review! I also really enjoyed this movie! Especially the “reveal” at the end!

  4. Brittani says:

    Nice review! I’ve had this one in my Netflix queue for awhile. I still need to check it out.

  5. Laughing at excessive bloodshed? You ARE a sick fuck. lol I’m so far behind on everyone’s posts after being almost entirely absent from the web throughout December, sou you know I’d go to the horror movie review first. This movie has been on my Netflix queue for over a year. Sounds like it’s worth a look.

    • The Vern says:

      Thank you for reading sir. I am behind too on reading a lot of posts myself. Keep me updated if you do another virtual drive in. I need to check one of those out

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