The Vern meets his doppelganger and reviews “The Double”.


the-double-2013-poster03Hello there, cats and kittens.  The most strangest thing happen to me this past week and I thought I would share this experience with you.  I was on my way to see “The Double” starring Jessie Eisenberg(“The Social Network“) and Mia Wasikowska(“Only Lovers Left Alive“).  When all of a sudden I ran into another version of myself.  He was sitting across from me on the bus, and he had on the same outfit that I did.  Except he wore a lighter colored t. shirt then I did.   He gave me a compliment on the book I was reading, which I politely gave thanks to.  Then he asked me where I was going.  I mentioned about the movie, and he asked if it would be alright if he joined.  When your doppelganger asks to come with you to a movie that involves the same subject.  How could you say no.  Later he asked me if I would join him for a beer and talk about the movie.

The following transcript is from a recording we had after the movie.   For reasons of this interview and to avoid any confusion.  I have given my double the name of Jason.

Double exlusive trailerThe Vern:  So Jason, what were your thoughts about “The Double“.

Jason:  Well the first thing I took notice of was the style.  Director Richard Ayoade and cinematographer Erik Wilson really gave us a visual look that was part “Metropolis” and part “Brazil“.

The Vern:  Oh I agree, especially the scenes when Simon is at work.  Those moments felt like they were pulled right from that flick by Terry Gilliam.  Was this suppose to be set in the future or some alternate universe.

Jason:  I think this was suppose to be set in modern times, but you do have a good point about it being a different world.  Many of the characters were wearing stuff I would see in flicks from the forties, but then there was some modern stuff like cell phones put in there.

The Vern:  You could almost say that the strangers from “Dark City” helped build the place too.

Jason: Oh, of course.  What did you think of the movie?

The Vern:  Well, before I get into the story I do want to praise it’s actors.  I thought Jesse Eisenberg did a really good job.  I always thought of him as a Michael Cera clone, and I liked the very different personas he plays with each person.

Jason: I thought he was a bit too over the top with his performances.  When he is Simon, he’s very shy and quiet.  But when he is James.  He’s super cool and confident.  Esienberg takes both of these character traits and does kind of the extreme versions of both.

The Vern: I disagree I thought he held a lot of retrain on scenes where he could have gone over the top.  Plus there were some moments where I got confused on who was who.

Jason:  Seriously.  Simon was such a little dweeb, but James was kinda cool.

The Vern:  James was an all out asshole who used Simon to get in with the company and steal the girl he loved.

Jason:  Remember when he asked Simon for the keys to his place.  Didn’t that remind you of the plot to  “The Apartment

The Vern:  Another great reference.  I’m  sure if I watch this again.  I would discover more.  What were you thoughts about the supporting cast?

thedouble_04-thumb-630xauto-41871Jason:  Well, the only other main character besides Jesse Eisenberg was Mia Wasikowska, and she was OK.

The Vern: Just OK.

Jason:  Well yeah, she is the object of affection for both Simon and James.  I can see why they would like her.  Hannah is very pretty, but they never give her character that much depth.  We only know about her because of what Simon thinks about her.  We never get any scenes of her explaining anything herself.

The Vern: What about the moment when both her and Simon are having dinner.  She tells him about a guy she knows that is always starring at her and how annoyed she is at that.  She even tells him at one point like that was going to work in making her fall in love with him.  Her talking about that guy could be her talking about Simon because he has always loved her from a far.

Jason: Yeah, maybe but when she stars dating James she seems to be nothing more then arm candy and plot drive for Simon to expose him.

The Vern:  Without getting too much in to spoilers.  There is a moment early on when Simon is gazing on Hannah and he comes..

Jason: Excuse me, gazing.  The dude’s a freaking perv.  He was spying on her.

THE DOUBLE 2013The Vern: I don’t think he was trying to catch her with her clothes off.  He just wanted to look at her face is all.

Jason:  That’s still pretty creepy if you ask me.

The Vern: I won’t argue with you about that, but hey the guy is lonely.

Jason:  Then he should get himself some porn and shut up.

The Vern: It wasn’t about sex with… I’m losing my train of thought.  Where was I?

Jason: You said “True Blue” was a metaphor for true love.  But
Like a Virgin” was a metaphor for big dicks.

The Vern: Now your badly quoiting lines from “Reservoir Dogs“.  No I wanted to ask you about the moment when Simon sees himself on the roof of Hannah’s apartment.

Jason:  Oh do you mean if that was suppose to be James or was he actually seeing himself.

The Vern: Yeah, and wasn’t it odd that no one could see that both James and Simon looked exactly alike.

jesse-eisenberg-annoyed-by-his-doppelganger-in-the-doubleJason:  I did find that to be very funny especially the scenes with Wallace Shawn when he is praising James, but damming Simon.

The Vern: But was James and Simon really two different people.

Jason: Well yeah, because people around them acknowledge them as that.

The Vern: Well then who did he see on the roof if that same person came around later.

Jason: The movie does it’s best to try and explain that plot thread, but that’s where I get confused.

The Vern:  Me too.  The first two acts are really solid, but that third one really confused me.  I had an easier time trying to to decipher “Mulholland Dr” then I did this.

Jason: It’s also a lot longer, but more enjoyable then this too.

The Vern: I don’t want to come across like I hated the whole thing, and I’m sure if I read the original novel by Dostoevsky.  I would have appreciated it a little bit more.

Jason:The script was co written by Avi Korine brother of Harmony and the only credit to his name was “Mr. Lonely“.  That one wasn’t big on story either.

The Vern:  So any final thoughts on “The Double

Jason:  It’s a movie with a good premise and nice visuals that set it apart from others but the story isn’t interesting enough to keep audiences engaged after a certain point.

The Vern: Yeah, I thought the performances were very good , but I got lost around the way.  I’m sure if I watch this again on DVD I could rewind back  certain moments and replay them.  Especially scenes that proceed the graveyard.


We finished our drinks and Jason said he had to leave because he had to be up early to take his daughter to the dentist in the morning.  He paid the tab and I said thanks.   When he left he said.  “You’ll do alright man.   Check ya later.”






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I love movies and I enjoy writing about them too. They both go pretty much hand in hand with each other and it's fun to discover new classics. I co host the podcasts The Film Pasture, ScreenTrax, and soon Cinema Recall. While also contributing reviews and articles to other great sites when I can.
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11 Responses to The Vern meets his doppelganger and reviews “The Double”.

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Good review Vern. It’s a pretty neat movie. While it has an eerie idea surrounding it, it’s still never really quite as dark as it should be. That’s probably because of Ayoada’s comedic-background and how well it finds its way into the movie’s more stranger moments.

  2. The Vern says:

    I’m curious at checking out Submarine very soon. I forgot he was in The Watch, and I really should start watching The IT Crowd. Thanks for the comments Dan.

  3. Love the movie chat! This movie sounds interesting and slightly creepy.

  4. WOAH! I can’t believe you met your doppelganger and then went to the movie together! That’s just too cool.

  5. thycriticman says:

    That is an awesome story. I was more interested in learning about your chance encounter with someone who looked identical than hearing about “The Double” haha. Not sure if I’ll watch the flick because it seems similar to Enemy and that was not my cup of tea…but great read nevertheless!

    • The Vern says:

      ThyCriticman. I keep hearing about Enemy and Im sure it’s one I will check out. Even if it wasn’t your cup o tea Thanks for reading

      Julia. Yeah, but I forgot to mention that when we got to the theater. He really wanted to see Amazing Spider Man 2

  6. Cool idea for a review. I looooved this movie, it’s probably my favorite movie of the year next to Snowpiercer. I know that isn’t saying much because I’ve seen close to nothing yet but I was so damn fascinated by this. Loved the acting, the story, the surreal elements – fantastic film in my opinion.

  7. jjames36 says:

    I think I like this one a bit more than you, but I totally agree it’s production design is it’s greatest strength. The actors are very good, too.

  8. The Vern says:

    Thank you. I agree that both Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Waskikowska are good. Whenever I now see that she is in a movie it makes me want to watch it.

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