Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac: Vol 3.


insomniaWell cats, another week is behind us and with that comes more movies I have seen.  I found out what it would cost to get my laptop replaced which is good, but I still may haft to wait a bit before everything is fully back to normal. The thing I hate most is that the podcast As You Watch has taken a big fall, but I plan on having us back again in June  Thanks again for your patience and for reading

Godzilla 2014

Godzilla-art-horizontalI wasn’t expecting a lot from this based on the trailers I saw.  But I had a lot of fun with this one. As far as modern monster movies go.  It isn’t my favorite.  I thought some of it’s best actors were underused and some of it’s mediocre ones were overused. When the film has just it’s action.  It’s a lot of fun, but when it turns to focus on character and drama it falters in some scenes.   There is even a subplot involving a missing kid on a train that could have easily been removed.  I still had a fun time watching this.  I have never seen any of the original movies and the only one I have seen was Roland Emerich’s 1998 version. So I didn’t really have a lot to compare from.  What I liked best about this movie was that it never overuses it’s images of the creatures.  In one moment when  Godzilla is ready to fight, we then see a door close hiding his image.  This is a brave choice to do, but it makes his appearance at the end that much more impactful.   Yes the story itself is nothing impressive, but for a blockbuster movie.  You really don’t need to have complex plots and characters to make an enjoyable movie. The Halo jump scene done to the music I heard in “2001: A Space Odyssey” and the end battle sequence were worth the price alone.



locke-reflectionTom Hardy got robbed of a nomination for his work in “Bronson” and if Academy voters don’t recognize his work in this one.  They are just dead in my eyes.  This is one of the best performances of the year, and I really liked how a simple everyday story turned to be a really good thriller.  The films follows Ivan Locke(Brady) as he drives to where a girl he had an affair with is giving birth to his child.  While this is going, he has to get his work finished and he has to tell his wife about the affair.  Even though some may look at this character and his  choices as being a bad.  Hardy portrays him with a lot of pathos.  He never once denies or tires to hide anything, and the real tension comes from what his next choice will be.   At just under 90 minutes “Locke” never overstays it’s welcome and it’s a trip I will gladly take again


After the Thin Man

After-The-Thin-Man-Lobby-Card-Title-Card-smallOur favorite alcoholic sleuths are back in this sequel to the comedy hit “The Thin Man“(click link for my review).  Mr. and Mrs Nick Charles are asked by Nora’s cousin to help find her missing husband.  What they find turns out to be a dead end, and the missing husband is at the point. All fingers point to her as the culprit and our two heroes must try and see if she is innocent or guilty.  I enjoyed the dynamics between William Powell and Myrna Loy a lot more enjoyable in the first one.  But I found the mystery they were solving to be more enjoyable in this sequel.  We also get the added bonus of having James Stewart in the cast too.


Anatomy of A Murder

saul-bass-anatomy-of-a-murder-billboardJames Stewart plays a lawyer who is asked to defend a man(Ben Gazzara) who has killed another man for raping his wife(Lee Remick). I remember this film based solely on the poster designed by Saul Bass.   It’s a very iconic image but I had no idea of what the movie was actually about. I knew that most of it was set in a courthouse, but that’s about it.  What is fascinating about this picture is that you can see how both the defense and the prosecutor are correct in their procedures.  There are moments where I believed that Miss Remick’s character was attacked.  Then there were moments that made me think she could have made the whole story up. At the end it doesn’t matter who is guilty or innocent.  You have to make up your own choices about the matter.  This movie was famous for it’s brutally honest dialogue about sex and violence.  I have no doubt that this ruffled a few feathers when it was released.   It’s a long movie but the great performances from the cast and the nice cool music by Duke Ellington made it a very easy watch for me.


A Nightmare on Elm Street 3:Dream Warriors

a-nightmare-on-elm-street-3-dream-warriors-behind-the-scenes-23This should have been the 2nd entry in the nightmare franchise.  It’s a much better story, that continues the legend of  Freddy Krugger(Robert Englund) and it brings back our heroine of the first movie Nancy(Heather Langenkamp) too.  I like that it’s set at a mental hospital for kids who can’t sleep.  Because that would be the most logical place that parents would send their kids.  Especially if they start seeing cuts all over their bodies.   I know some have had issues with Freddy cracking one liners in this, but I enjoyed em.

“What’s the matter Joey? Feeling a little tongue tied” are among many of the great quips that Freddy says in this.  

You got the debut performances from Patricia Arquette and a script co written by director Frank Darabont. The music was done by Angelo Badalamenti who has helped compose the scores for many of David Lynch’s pictures.   The movie scared me when I was a kid and now I just think it’s a lot of fun.  The effects may be a little hokey at times, but I forgive it.  Plus I still like that end song by Dokken.

“We’re the DREAM WARRIORS……..Aint Gonna Dream No More……We’re the DREAM WARRIORS…. and Maybe tonight….Maybe tonight You’ll be GOOOOOONNNNNEEEEE.


Alright cats that’s it for now I will check you all again next week.   Let me know in the comments what movies you have watched.  I will be checking your sites out and reading some of your reviews later.  Have a good one.

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4 Responses to Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac: Vol 3.

  1. Glad you liked Godzilla and Locke! Locke’s one of my top movies so far this year – I hope it’s recognised at awards season. It shows you don’t need outrageous, convoluted story lines to make a thriller, sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. I’ve seen some pretty average films lately – Bad Neighbours, X-Men Days Of Future Past – but had a blast watching new shorts at Derby Film Festival too.

  2. The Vern says:

    Yeah I plan on checking out X-Men very soon. Will you be reviewing the Shorts you saw over on your site. I need some more recommendations Thanks for the comments Natalie

  3. Chris says:

    I’ll have to give that Dokken song a listen from Dream Warriors.
    Of these, I’ve only watched Anatomy of a Murder. I too liked the performances, one of the better courtroom dramas I’ve seen. I was intrigued that we never see the crime that was committed, and are left to piece it together with the jury, and make up our own mind who is guilty.

  4. The Vern says:

    Chris. It’s one of the best 80’s hair metal songs out there. Yes I fully agree with you about Anatomy of a Murder. it was cool that you never see the crime committed. Thanks for the comment

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