Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac. Vol 2


Hello Movie fans and Movie Fiends

giphyLast week the unexplainable happened to your truly.  When I came home from work I found my whole desk to be wet.  At first I thought it was just something that I split, but as I looked further.  I found that there was no cups around and that there water was everywhere.  It even managed to leak down and soak a few papers and CDs I had lying underneath it. The leak itself came from an upstairs apartment and their issue with a faulty refrigerator.  The worst thing about the whole fiasco was that my laptop was on the desk when the water fell.  So the system that I use to write posts, edit podcasts and watch a lot of movies streaming is no more.  In fact I’m writing this article at a public library on one of my days off.  I just wanted to let you all know why there is a lack of articles and shows being published.  My landlord said he will help with the costs to repair it and I will find out more of that later this week.  With all of that fun shit out of the way.  Let me tell you cats about a few movies I have seen recently.


Noah movie psoter 660Being a huge Darren Aronofsky fan.  I was very intrigued about his take on a famous biblical tale.  I had mixed feelings about his other religious fable “The Fountain“. But I enjoyed the visuals and acting of that one and imagined that I would enjoy this one for the same reasons.  Well the visuals in this were kind of plain.  I mean everything looked alright, but compared to his other films.  This one was kind of drab.  “The Wrestler” had better shots then this one.  The basic story is the same.  Noah(Russell Crowe) gets a message from god(Er..Umm.. I mean The Creator) that the whole earth is going to be flooded.  He must build a boat and get two of every animal on there to help repopulate the planet after all of the sinners have washed away.  The only interesting section in the whole movie was when Noah feels he has to do something drastic in order to please the creator.  I won’t get into spoilers but it has to do with the young girl they pick up along the way.  I found this to be a good delima about a man torn between choosing what’s good and what he feels is right.  I was a little upset that the other characters didn’t fight him with his choices much.  Oh they argue , but no one really fought him on anything.   The actors are all good especially Emma Watson and Jennifer Connelly.  The only character that annoyed me was Ham played by Logan Lerman.  I understand that he is upset with his father for not finding him a girl because it may be the last chance that dude will ever get laid.  But stop your bullshit in trying to make us believe that this kid would actually be in love with anyone if his dad had found someone.  The guy wanted sex,plain and simple.  Look at his response when Noah comes back from his journey empty handed.  It was like a kid who didn’t get the toy that their dad told him they would get.


Muppets Most Wanted

baldmovies_muppets_most_wantedI love the Muppets.  I love Tina Fey. I love Ricky Gervais and mostly everyone in this.  But I hated this movie. Let me be Frank about it and if you want to be Lindsay that is your choice.  I really hated this movie.  I will gladly watch another movie with these characters  again but I will not watch this one again.  “The Muppets“(click link for my review) in 2011 helped introduce these characters for a brand new audience and yet it still kept the same kind of humor that fans of the original show really liked.  This was due to the help of Jason Siegel who is sorely missed in this sequel.  It starts off great with it ending right at the end of the last movie and a fun song about them being in a sequel.  But that brand of  meta humor is replaced with a stale crime caper story. A master criminal frog named Constantine switches places with Kermit and takes over the show on a world wide tour of many locations that are very close to the places he’s stealing from.  I found it very odd that only one Muppet in that whole entire ensemble knew that something was wrong.   Haven’t  they known each other since the 70’s,  They really couldn’t tell the difference between one frog over another. If Robin wasn’t introduced as his nephew. They would have thought that Kermit just shrank.  That was a major suspension of disbelief that was really hard to get behind because The Muppets are smarter then that. The human co stars in this were basically only doing charactures instead of trying to be real people and I found that to be very distracting.  Yes I get that it’s a kid picture, but you can still have real emotions from them.   Not only was the story bad, but all the songs in it were bad too.  The first and the last song where the only good numbers. The only reason why that last song was good was because it was used in another one of their films, “The Muppets Take Manhattan“.  “The Muppets”  felt like it was distributed by Disney but made by fans of these characters.  “Muppets Most Wanted” instead was made by Disney for general audiences and it felt like a major slap in the face for fans like me.



deathtrapfrtI found this movie at a local thrift shop and decided to give it a watch.   It was one I remember my mom watching when I was younger but I never took much interest in dialogue driving movies as I do now.   So I forgot all about it. This was also directed by Sidney Lumet and being a fan of his other movies including “Network“. I decided to check this one out.  The story is about a once successful screenwriter(Michael Caine) whose latest play was huge and complete failure.  Feeling distraught, he comes upon a play written bv one of his students(Christopher Reeve) and it’s incredible.  The play is so good that it puts all of his other ones to shame.  The once famed writer plans to have the student come over to his house with the assumption that he will help out with his play.  But will instead kill him and release the play as his own.  The movie has a lot of memorable characters and the dialogue for the most part is really good.  It gets a bit dull in the third act, but it has a satisfactory ending.  What is best about the whole thing is that you never know where it’s going to end up. The plot has more twists then all of M Night Shamalama Ding Dongs movies have combined.  God am I really referencing that filmmaker now.  Maybe I should use a different name.  But you get the basic gist.  Check it out, if you can.


Serial Experiments Lain.

Serial Experiments Lain Cover ArtHow are we real?  Are we real because we can see or feel things or is it something more complex then that.  This is one among many themes that are discussed in this very avant garde animated sci – fi  series.  This makes “Blade Runner“, “The Matrix” and other big idea science fiction projects look like children’s stories.   The basic plot of “Serial Experiments Lain” starts with the suicide of a young girl who believes that she no longer needs her body any more and that she can just live in the wired(aka The internet).  One of her classmates named Lain begins receiving emails from the dead girl asking her to join the wired.  Lain is very shy and not very good with computers when we first see her.  But as the series progresses she will be the main reason why the virtual world and the real world will merge together. There are talks about the wired being another place for heaven and  about God being in that environment.  Which asks the question if God can exist in a environment that we created such as the internet.  Could have someone else created a God like persona for us in the real world. Or are we even here in the first place.   Being that this was the first time I have watched this in it’s entirety.  I know that I am missing the main focus or theme of what this series is about.  A lot of it is very vague and it’s tone is very dry and somewhat text book like.  Yet this is one that has evoked a lot of questions in me and I hope to check it out again a year later.

It also stand out with having an English somewhat acoustic theme song which makes it that much more unique for me. check it out here

Well,that’s it for this week cats.  Let me know what movies or shows you have been watching.  Don’t forget my Troma Super Summer Spectacular Blogathon (Click link to learn more) is going on all summer long so please send me your reviews and articles so I can get them posted.  Have a good rest of the week.

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I love movies and I enjoy writing about them too. They both go pretty much hand in hand with each other and it's fun to discover new classics. I co host the podcasts The Film Pasture, ScreenTrax, and soon Cinema Recall. While also contributing reviews and articles to other great sites when I can.
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7 Responses to Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac. Vol 2

  1. theipc says:

    That SUCKS!!

  2. Good luck getting your laptop sorted out Vern. It’s horrible luck that it landed right on your desk! I enjoyed The Muppets but I really missed Segel and the crime caper dominated over humour in the end. Looking forward to seeing Godzilla and hoping to see The Canyons soon too.

    • The Vern says:

      Yes That crime caper did over dominate for most of the picture. I saw Godzilla this weekend and will write about it shortly. Are you talking about The Canyons with Lindsay Lohan or is there another one coming out soon. Thanks for the comment Natalie

  3. Jess says:

    Nooo that really sucks. Hopefully your landlord is cool throughout that process.

    Deathtrap sounds pretty cool – I’ll definitely add that to my queue.

    Without the same team from The Muppets (2011) I really couldn’t get excited about this sequel.

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