The Vern is ashamed of RoboCop 3 but still reviews the movie.

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RoboCop 3

Cast: Robert John Burke, Nancy Allen, Rip Torn

Writers: Frank Miller, Fred Dekker

Director: Fred Dekker

The biggest insult about “RoboCop 3” is not the way it softens up certain characters or makes the tone a lot lighter then the previous two movies. It’s not it’s many attempts at bad humor or even the PG-13 rating that made me hate this movie so much. The main number one reason why I will never watch this again and don’t expect anyone to watch this now is for one big thing. Robocop himself doesn’t appear until twenty minutes into the movie.  That my friend is just not right.  The movie on the box is called “RoboCop 3“.  I should not have to wait that long to see the main charcter of the film.  The movie begins with a fake commercial and newscast like the other ones and I liked that.  This was a great way to start this movie and I thought I was going to enjoy this, but I was wrong. Oh so very wrong

So instead of RoboCop.  The first thing we get is a story of some little girl who gets separated from her parents by some OCP officials. They want to remove everyone from these buildings so they can start work on building their new city. Look I know this movie wants to show us that corporations are filled with greedy bad people. But there is no real way this company could kick people out of a building and get all the cops involved with helping out. Usually tenets are paid very well if they have to evacuate their homes and they have to get the support from state and town governments before they do. But I’m ranting about nothing, let’s get back to the story. So this little girl joins up with a group of radicals who wants to take their town back from OCP.  After they destroy a building and turn an ED 209 into a puppy(I’ll explain later). They are pursued by the cops and more importantly Robocop. YES,Finally.  Earlier,Robo gets a distress call from Officer Lewis(Nancy Allen) who is battling some other heavies and goes to save her. You can tell right away that both of these parties will meet again later to battle OCP.  So it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for me to go into a whole plot synopsis of it. To be honest with you, dear readers. It took all my will power just to write that last paragraph. Reliving any moment of this movie was not a good experience. SO I hope you can appreciate what I’ve been through.  I will tell you that later there is a Cyborg Ninja that he has to battle, but it’s not as cool as you might think.  OK let’s get this review started.

Robocop 3 Header

 ***Spoiler Warning***   Just in case you actually wanted to watch this, It’s not a huge spoiler because they give it away in the trailer I posted.  But I still wanted to warn you anyways.

Director Fred Dekker is not some hack they just tossed this franchise too. He has proving himself in the past by directing such classics as “Night of the Creeps” and “Monster Squad” If you looked at those movies and saw that he was going to be helming this one. You would feel a bit easier because you know the material is in the right hands. Oh and the script was co written by Frank Miller who also gave us the second movie so it can’t be all bad, right.

Problems began right from the very start. “RoboCop 3” went right into production after the second movie was complete. Peter Weller refused to put back on the suit so Robert John Burke stepped in. To be fair he doesn’t do a bad job and in some instances does do a pretty fair representation of Weller as Murphy.  But a lot of the time he is just so damn uncomfortable in that suit and his pain reflects on the other actors in some scenes. Nancy Allen also had very little faith in the project and wanted her character to be killed off. Just in case this happen to span off another damn sequel.


With the success of a toy line and an animated series. The studio wanted a more family friendly version. I don’t have a problem with the PG-13 rating because there have been movies that have proven to be just as gritty as ‘R’rated ones. If it went for the same tone as say Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” Trilogy. I may have liked this sequel more. But instead they go with Joel Schumacher’s sequels of “Batman“. Nothing in this movie looks like it’s other two.   The OCP Building and the Detroit Police Station stick out like really sore thumbs in this movie.  They explain that OCP has merged with a Japanese company, but not how exteriors and interiors were changed so fast.  The damn cartoon looked better then this .  I wish they would have just made a movie on that instead of this.    At least that one doesn’t use a kid as it’s main character.  I don’t mind the use of children in gritty action movies, but this was just a poor attempt to get more kids to watch it.  This was an action series for adult fans that the studio wanted to market for a younger crowd.  It would be the same thing as advertising smoking.  They take certain characters and turn them into one note jokes.  Take for example the scene where the radicals hack into the mainframe of an ED 209 and make him obedient.  Don’t you think a big corporation would have put in a fail safe device to stop anyone from getting that close to it.   That kid should have been shot full of holes before she even made it.   The addition of the cyborg ninja and the flight suit that RoboCop eventually wears comes out of nowhere and they don’t really explain any of it.   The ninja does look kind of cool but it doesn’t belong in this universe.  It looks way too advance to be in this.


 The only way I would ever watch this movie again is if RiffTraxx made a commentary track for this.   If you want a lighter version of this movie stick with the animated series.  At least that one seems to be more consistent with the first one then this movie.


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6 Responses to The Vern is ashamed of RoboCop 3 but still reviews the movie.

  1. jjames36 says:

    I haven’t seem this either. But it sounds wretched, and so I won’t be changing that.

    Good review.

  2. Is this the one with the insanely bad Japanese robot?

  3. Haven’t seen this one and almost definitely won’t now – sorry you had to go through watching it again but take comfort in the idea that you’ve probably saved many people from a terrible couple of hours 🙂

  4. The Vern says:

    Thank you for those nice words. It was like watching my favorite childhood hero take a fall.

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