The Vern’s 5th Troma Challenge: Cannibal! The Musical.

Cannibal posterCannibal! The Musical
Cast: Trey Parker, Dian Blachar, Matt Stone
Writer and Director: Trey Parker 

The title “Cannibal! The Musical” is kind of misleading.  Oh there are musical numbers,and the story does feature characters eating people.  It’s just not as gory as I thought it would be.  Especially since it is being presented by Troma Studios.  It’s true that they didn’t make this one, and are just merely the distributors.  Still with a title like that. I was expecting an all out gore fest where people would sing and dance between scenes of them killing and eating each other. There is some gore at the beginning, but it’s very light and very fake looking too.  It’s also worth mentioning too that all of the songs were written by Trey Parker. Years before he made “South Park“, and even more years before he would create the Tony award-winning play “The Book of Mormon“.

At a courthouse sits Alfred Packer(Trey Parker even though he is credited as Juan Schwartz) who is being tried  for killing and eating people during a mining expedition in the Colorado region.  He swears that the prosecuting attorney has the details all wrong and tells his side of the story to a journalist named Polly Pry(Toddy Walters).

Even though Troma only distributed this movie.  It still has a lot of the same trademarks that I recognized in some of their other movies I watched.  It does have the slight cheesy practical effects when gore is actually used(trust me folks, it’s a lot tamer then you think) and there are moments where some of the continuity doesn’t quite match. I did noticed a few moments of subtle political/social humor that was unexpectedly funny to me.  There is one scene where our miners meet a group of Indians,but it’s clear that they are all from Asian decent.  When asked what tribe this is. The Indian Chief(Maseo Maki who was G-Fresh in “Orgazmo“) just replies that his people are Indian and to look at the tepees.  I found this to be funny because there are a few movies and shows from the past where people from one race would be used to represent those from another one.  I also loved the unexpected moment where Israel Swan(John Hegel) sings about making a snowman despite the fact that no one has eaten in over a week.  It starts off like a somber sad song but it becomes really goofy and I sort of admire it for doing so.

Cannibal 2Speaking of songs,you may be asking how good are  the songs in this.  Well some of them including “Shapadoinkle”, “Trapper Song” and “Hang The Bastard” are actually quite good. You get the notion that Mr Parker can write good musical numbers.  The lyrics are good and the chorus is kind of catchy.  Many of the songs in this seem to be done in the style of “Oklahoma” with the same kind of western like vibe to them.  The other ones including “When I was on top of you” and “This side of me” were funny in terms of the lyrics, but it looses it’s staying power after the joke is established.
This is a movie that is best enjoyed while in a group of friends.  If your friends like these kind of flicks.  It could easily be turned into a drinking game(Listen to the commentary on the DVD) or one that could be reacted too.  There have been a few staged productions of this movie and I would also recommend checking those ones out if you can.   Next time I will be doing a brief look at Troma’s recent “Poultrygiest“.  Have a good one. folks.


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3 Responses to The Vern’s 5th Troma Challenge: Cannibal! The Musical.

  1. jjames36 says:

    Sounds like fun. I should check this out at some point. 🙂

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