The Vern’s 4th Troma Challenge: Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town.


Well it has finally happened Troma fans.  I have watched one of these movies that I just could not stand.  It had a great premise and a title that should match it, but the script was very weak and the direction was poorly executed.  I get that with these kind of movies the direction and acting are not going to be it’s strongest selling point.  That doesn’t bother me too much.  What does is that the character were very poorly written,and the story was no fun at all.  Even the zombies were bad, they looked more like an 80’s hair metal band then the walking dead.  Well let’s get this one over with and have a look at “Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town“.

CHopper CHicks

Chopper Chicks in Zombietown

Cast:  Jamie Rose,Lycia Naff, Billy Bob Thornton

Writer and Director: Dan Hoskins

A group of Motorcycle ladies called the Cycle Sluts role into a small town, and begin wrecking havoc.  That so called destructive behavior includes having sex with everyone, so they are not all bad.  One of the girls shows up at a guy’s house when he is just watching TV and practically rapes him, but in no way was he complaining.  Meanwhile a deranged scientist is killing people and using their reanimated copses to help get radioactive material out of a mine.  He keeps them all locked up, but they somehow escape and begin terrorizing the town folk.  Soon the Cycle Sluts soon get caught up in the mess and have to fight back.

There are many flaws in this movie, and it’s mainly due to the script. In no way was I expecting something great, but it felt like they didn’t even try.  The zombies escape because a kid somehow stumbled upon the mine and unlocks it (How did he get the key?).  It introduces other characters and then abandons them completely or has them show up at the very end for no real reason.    It was nice that the screenwriter gave a few girls a small side story, but it never expands with any of them so what’s the point.  I thought the girl who wanted to be a  music producer would be a good choice for a central character or the mother who becomes bored of a stale family life and wanted something else would also be cool. Without a central character for an audience to watch.  It is hard to become involved in the universe the movie is setting up.  There is a side plot of a broken down bus full of blind kids near the mine that could have been removed.(why blind kids?)  When I saw that the bus was equipped with an UZi, I thought the whole movie should have been set around this.   Have you not seen “Jeepers Creepers 2“. The Music producer’s boy toy has a zombie grandpa he is hiding which could have added some tension to the story, but it doesn’t.  Sadly this film has little or no real bad guys for the girls to face, and it could have.


Everybody knows that in a good zombie movie.  It is not the undead who are the main baddies.  it is real life people that are inherently more evil.  Too bad the only other villains besides the undead are the deranged scientist and the town folks who want to run the girls out of town for some reason.  The tone is kept silly and comical throughout the whole thing and I do appreciate that, but without interesting characters or a good story,I was just bored all around. The movie has no action and when it does, it is  very poorly edited.  You can easily tell where each shot begins and end and it takes you out of the feature.  There is one moment where a church explodes and I mean the whole thing is engulfed in a fireball like extravagant.  Cut to the next scene where we see the very top still intact and two people have managed to escape.  This is the only Troma movie that I can not find listed on their website, and that  does make sense.  Yes they are known for real lousy movies, but at least in some of the other ones I watched. They at least cared about their characters and have helped create this new and believable comic book like universe.  “Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town” on the other hand should stay far far away from Tromaville.

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I love movies and I enjoy writing about them too. They both go pretty much hand in hand with each other and it's fun to discover new classics. I co host the podcasts The Film Pasture, ScreenTrax, and soon Cinema Recall. While also contributing reviews and articles to other great sites when I can.
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2 Responses to The Vern’s 4th Troma Challenge: Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town.

  1. Will Kouf says:

    I watched this a number of years ago, but I remember nothing. Apparently that’s how it should stay! I don’t remember liking it at the time. When you venture into the films that Troma only distributed there’s a sharp drop-off in quality, although many of them have fun, intriguing titles like Dumpster Baby. 🙂

  2. The Vern says:

    Yeah I agree this one just didnt have the same level of charm as the ones Troma made themselves

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