Let’s look at people’s shorts with The Vern.

Hello, greetings, Hola, Bonjour, and a how do you do to every one of you sexy cinephiles out there today.

Wholesale-2011-shorts-pants-font-b-Men-s-b-font-and-women-s-beach-shorts-summerThis is a new feature I hope to run for a long time on this site.  The idea or premise of it is to feature up and coming filmmakers and their works.   It could be a short film or a music video.  Even a commercial spot or a vlog would be completely acceptable for this post.  I want to focus mainly on new directors, but from time to time I may post some earlier works by filmmakers that you already know.  Just to give you an idea of where they started from.   Since starting these movie blogs I  have been able to view some really fun and innovated short films  and I want to share some of those works with you. If you have a short that you would like to have featured on this site or just know of any that you think I should watch.  Send me an email to TheVern@videovangaurd.com(yes I know the word vanguard is spelled wrong. It should be the only spelling mistake on here)


Jess Archer Vs. The Ex.

Directed by Amy Taylor.

jessarcherIn this comedic comic book like film we are introduced to a new kind of super heroine, Jess Archer(Emily Williams).  She has been asked by her friend Chase Pollard(Stefan Kumor) to help retrieve his favorite comic book from his ex girlfriend Melinda Green(Linsey Summers).   This was a very fun movie to watch, and if you are a fan of comics and movies like “Scott Pilgrim Vs, The World” you will get a kick out of this short.  Director Amy Taylor has a great sense of style with its fast cuts, bubblegum like cinematography and extremely likeable characters.  I hope to see more of Jess Archer and her friends in upcoming films.  Please check out the short by clicking on the name of it on top.



Girl at the Door.

Directed by Colin Campbell

We now switch gears from something light into something a bit more darker.   “Girl at the Door” is about a one night stand that goes horribly wrong.   Jeffrey Vincent Parise and Kristen Renton play two people who meet at a bar and then go back to his place for sex.  Being both high on cocaine and drunk on booze the man wakes up  alone and assumes that she must have already left. The next night while the man is working he gets a knock on the door and the girl from last night enters. But things are a little off with her.  She is behaving and saying things the exact same way she did the night before.  It would seem that our male character is in some kind of time loop which at first would seem very cool, but as it progresses.  It becomes something much more sinister.  This is a very well done short and it reminds me of earlier “Twilight Zone” episodes but with a much edgier tone to it.  If you liked this short click on the name of the director to view more. The man was even nominated for an Oscar once.




Directed by Joe Kawasaki

Reboot is a science fiction movie that I wish wasn’t so short.  The plot evolves a young hacker(Emily Somers) who wakes up without any real clear memories  and an Iphone glued to her hand.  She later discovers that there is a plot by another more angry hacker(Travis Aaron Wade) to destroy the internet so that he can have sole control   The amount of characters and this kind of story would be perfect for a ninety minute feature instead of the forty minute one we get.  The cast is incredible  and the cinematography by Curt Adpuhan is one to be praised as well.  To read my full review of this film click HERE.  To hear the As You Watch interview with Joe Kawasaki click HERE.  I can’t post the whole short on this blog, but if you want to view the whole thing just click on the highlighted name up top.



Bright Eyes Long Lashes.

Hosted by Leah Hather.  This fun and informative vlog gives any viewer honest and simple film reviews.  What I love best about these videos(besides the entertainment value) is that for the most part they are all really short.  With each one being just under five minutes in length.  Sometimes Leah likes to bring in her friend Tasha to  help out with the reviews and those can sometimes be a bit longer, but never are they dull.  To view the rest of the reviews just click on the name above the video.



Lost in Translation Music Video

I’m closing up this week’s post with a cool mashup video that combines the visuals of Sofia Coppola’s “Lost in Translation” with M83’s song “Steve McQueen“.  It’s a song that goes so well with the look of the movie.  I’m a bit surprised that it is not on the soundtrack.  The video was edited by Andre Santoss and for being his first job.  I gotta say the man does show some potential


Leave me feedback and comments on this new post.  I hope you like it.

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  1. David says:

    Good idea for a series. I enjoyed these a lot. More, please.

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