The Vern shows his shorts and watches some music videos too.

Hello Everyone.
Shorts(An image of an old show from the 90’s)

I hope you all had a good week and worked hard because today is Friday. WooHOO!!!  It’s also time for me to introduce a new category  for this site and one that I will be calling for right now. The Vern shows us his shorts.  The other title was going to be The Vern shows us his nuts.  But I’m sure you can already tell what  my level of sanity is  after reading my posts or hearing me on other podcasts.  Each week I want to share some vlogs or short films that I find extremely entertaining and believe you will enjoy as well.  If you would like me to host one of your videos or if you find anything you think I should post for next week.  Send me the link over at my email address  Now let’s get to the weeks flicks.

Bread and Butter

Liz Manashil is one of the hosts over at Just Seen It and she is a really talented filmmaker too.  I’m not just saying that because I had the chance to interview her for my other site. and had her as a guest on my podcast As You Watch to talk about Heathers and the best dark comedies.  She has been directing music videos for a while and is now working on her first feature film entitled Bread and Butter.  Below are just a few samples of her work.  The first is a promotional video she shot for Kickstarter to help get the feature  funded.  It’s an older vid because it’s almost done but it is still very enjoyable.  The next two are music videos she has directed.  They are all very different and one can see that Miss Manashil has a cool visual style to her work

Over at The Lamb forums I came across a video called Ghost Chair 3D.  It was a fake trailer for a low budget grindhouse flick that really does a nice homage /parody of those movies  What impressed me most about it was the love of movies these people had with each of these videos.    Right from the start I could clearly see how much fun everyone was having while making these features.   Their flick is just as good as the Tarantinio/Rodriguez  feature “Grindhouse“, and it gets more respect for being made with a much smaller budget.   The practical effects and editing look great and the acting is good because it’s what I would expect from these kinds of flicks anyways. Too many young directors try their best to make an Oscar winning short and I’m glad these folks were focusing more on entertaining their audience and should be praised for their hard work

I wish nothing but huge bling bling style success for the everyone involved in making these movies and for your viewing pleasure.  I present all four parts of the paranormal phenomenon known as “Ghost Chair“.

Ghost Chair.

Ghost Chair: Part 2.

Ghost Chair: 3D.

(This is the best one. It is very funny)

Ghost Chair IV: Ghost of Ghost Chair

Please check out MAC-enstine’s YOUTUBE page to view other fun flicks by this team.

The Jelly Project.


If you listened to the first season of The As You Watch Podcast.  You would hear their song Crazy World as our opening theme song.  This band is incredible, no scratch that this band is mindblowing.  No, ,this band is a wake up call to rock music everywhere.   I’m sure I praised this band before on other publications, and Im going to keep doing it until they are on the covers of every magazine out there.  Below are two of their music videos from their first album.   Great stuff.  Enjoy



Another band that is blowing up the doors when it comes to rock music is Rapedoor. Yes the name alone is kind of shocking, but what’s the point of rock music if it isn’t just a tad bit offensive. The bands I enjoyed the most were the ones my parents didn’t want me to listen too, and if this band were around when I was younger. I gaurentee I would have had them taking away from me. But once you listen to their songs. You can see that they have much more going for them then just pure shock value. I’m posting their only music video (so far) and a cool live performance because it’s my favorite song.

Read my review about Rapedoor and  The Jelly Project here

(I use my real name for the article, but I assure you it is me.

Sleeper costume

Well that’s it for this week.  I will be back next friday with a whole new slew of cool vids for you to check out.  Keep a watch on this site, because Nicole of Rapedoor is going to be putting together an event called Troma-Fest this September and will be showing The Return to Class of Nuke em High in my home town.(Click the link to see the unrated trailer) I will be posting details about it along with a weeks worth of Troma movie reviews.

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