The Vern joins Dragon Sound and reviews Miami Connection.


Miami Connection.1987

Cast: Y.K. Kim, Vincent Hirsch,Kathy Collier
Writers: Joeseph Diamond, Y.K. Kim, Woo-sang Park (as Richard Park)
Directors: Y.K.Kim, Woo-sang Park (as Richard Park)

I’m having a hard time trying to start off this review of Miami Connection.  In no way can I call this a good movie.  The acting is bad, the fight sequences are poorly shot and most of the music is pretty terrible.  However, this is still one of the most fun times I had watching a movie that once it ended I wanted to restart it and watch it all over again.  This time with some friends and let all the awesomeness soak in.

The story centers around this pop like rock band called Dragon Sound who has had enough with all the drug dealers, gangsters, ninjas(yes ninjas), and middle aged managers.  One of their singer’s brothers is a part of this which I’m sure makes going home for Christmas that much more awkward.  The brother doesn’t like that his sister is dating a member from the band(we never know why) and proceeds to teach him and others a lesson.  What he doesn’t know is that they are all really good at Tai Kwon DO and they just destroy everyone.  This upsets that brother’s boss who was hoping to get rid of Dragon Sound and the place they play.  I’m guessing they wanted to build another club where yet another bad 80’s synth pop band can play(I don’t know).  He goes after the band with extreme prejudice but there is no way they are going down without a fight.

Since this is for the most part a martial arts movie.  I thought I would comment a little on the action sequences.   Director’s Kim and Park I’m sure are really talented fighters, but as choreographers they lack skills.  Punches don’t always connect and there were a few moments where the sound of the hit was just a little late then what you actually see.  My favorite moment is when someone jumped up and put their thighs around someone’s head for just one or two seconds and it knocks the dude out.  The scenes with the Ninja are just as great as the ones with the bikers because they seem to both move in the same exact matter.  Now this type of shit should bother me, but I found it to be that much more endearing and extremely funny.  Even if that wasn’t it’s intention.

What I did like best about this movie where the characters.  Yes they were all clichéd and somewhat stereotypical but they were a lot of fun to watch too.  It wasn’t so much the actors portraying them that I liked but just the idea of a dance band who also can also kick ass.  I could almost see someone getting a group of friends together  to go as characters from this movie for Halloween.  This is the ideal 80’s B movie and I’m sure you would get points for originality if you and others went as this.  All of the actors had great chemistry with each other and they all seemed to having a good time.  Even when badly performing those songs.  They all appeared to really enjoy it and it got me to enjoy it too.  I laughed at the way some of the members play their instruments because it never once looked like they were trying to play for real.  Was this suppose to be something to laugh at, again I’m not so sure.  Like I mentioned before the acting in this is pretty bad.  Sometimes the dialogue doesn’t stay in sync when certain characters speak and so it ends up looking like a badly dubbed movie. When things become a bit more emotional near the end I almost lost it I was laughing so hard. Again I’m not too sure if that was its main intention, but damn I did love it.

Many of you will disregard this as just another bad movie that is watched just because it’s considered to  be cult or campy.  Miami Connection and all other flicks are meant to be enjoyed no matter what the final outcome is. It doesn’t matter if the movie itself was really good or really bad.  As long as you had a good time watching it.  You clearly did not waste anything.    Yes this is one that should be played at most of your parties. Unless you don’t like to have any fun.   Let’s go. “Against the Ninja.”


About The Vern

I love movies and I enjoy writing about them too. They both go pretty much hand in hand with each other and it's fun to discover new classics. I co host the podcasts The Film Pasture, ScreenTrax, and soon Cinema Recall. While also contributing reviews and articles to other great sites when I can.
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6 Responses to The Vern joins Dragon Sound and reviews Miami Connection.

  1. This movie is best enjoyed while high on stupid cocaine.

  2. ninvoid99 says:

    I heard about this film. It got played into some film festivals recently and got some rave reviews. I wanna see it. I’m a sucker for bad B-movies that are just geared to entertain.

  3. This movie is a freakin’ riot. So happy that it’s on Netflix now — been wanting to rewatch this since I saw it last year.

    Friends forever
    We’ll be to-gether
    We’re on top cuz we play to wi-in

    Friends for eternity
    Loyalty, honesty
    Stay together through thick and thi-in

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