Sorority Girls from Hell: The Vern Reviews Alpha Girls.


Alpha Girls.

Cast: Falon Joslyn, Beverly Rivera, Victoria Guthrie

Written and Directed by: Johnny Zito, Tony Trov

People don’t make exploitation or B Movies much anymore. Back in the late 70’s all the way up to the 2000’s they were tons of these genre pictures being released. You could go to your local video store and see these off the wall titles being displayed amongst the big blockbusters on the shelf. That is one thing I miss most about these places becoming obsolete is that you lose your chance at being surprised. It was always great for me to go into a store with one title in mind but come out with two other movies I have never seen before. I do admire filmmakers greatly who want to do these types of movies because they are doing it for the love of cinema. Yes it’s true that they want to get paid,but for the most part they are making these movies strictly for just the fun. The concept alone about a group sorority girls who make a pact with the devil and begin killing people is a really good one and trailer seems to sell this as a silly but fun slasher movie filled with tons of gore and T&A. What we get instead is one that is a bit more serious than it should have been.  It’s fun, don’t get me wrong, but not as fun as I would have liked.

Morgan(Falon Joslyn) has come to a new school to join a prestigious group she has always heard about called The Alpha Girls. She is sent to a really small room filled with three other pledges Juliette(Nicole Cinaglia), April(Kara Zhang), and Cassidy(Beverly Rivera). They are then introduced to Victoria (Nikki Bell) the head captain who along with her other members proceed to humiliate and make them all work day after day. When Cassidy finds a book that can help make everyone’s wishes come true she somehow convinces them to kidnap Victoria and tie her up. You see the only loophole  to get you wish to come true is that you have to sacrifice a body to satan himself. Think of it like you’re a dating service and you help bring in souls for the devil to converse with. Maybe he can share some wine with some cheese and talk to each soul about really important things, and then comes the pain and torment. After they kill Victoria each girls’ wish becomes true, but good things can’t last forever. Soon they will have to choose if they want to kill another in order to keep up with their stature or put a stop to it.


The actors that really stood out in this were Falon Joslyn, Beverly Rivera and Victoria Guthrie who plays Miss Grace the school’s principle. I loved that the character of Cassidy was basically nuts from the very start instead of her appearing to be nice. Yes it’s true that many of the other girls didn’t see her that way, but that’s their fault not mine. Miss Rivera did a really good job with this role and I look forward to seeing her in more things. Morgan our heroine for the most part is really smart, and tends not to play by the other clichés that movies like this would have her do. That’s why when she becomes seduced by that one jack off at a party. I kind of lost a bit of respect for that character. She is a good actress and I could buy this being a real person. I just didn’t care what happened to her. Miss Grace the school’s principle wasn’t used as much and I would love to see a movie about how she became the head off this school. Her character seems to be the only one that has way more hidden secrets then the movie suggested and it would be fun to see her rise to power. Unlike other B horror pictures the acting in this was much better than I expected, and the premise and basic story line for the most part where good, but it does fault on some levels.

For a slasher movie about sorority girls sacrificing people for the devil. I was surprised at the how low the body count was. With a running time of 90 minutes there wasn’t as many crazy kills like I thought there would be. It was also confusing that the girls would feel good about killing one person but then feel guilty about killing another. Even though the person they feel guilty about killing is just as worse than the person they just killed. I just realized after I wrote that, I may have made things even more confusing, but once you watch that section you will see my point. For the most part the movie is really silly and fun and if it would stayed more in that style it would have been a lot more enjoyable. When done right these movies can be a lot of fun despite its many technical flaws. Audiences won’t care as long as you have a good story The kills in this were good and I liked that it left some of it to your own imagination, but when the CG blood starts flowing. It made less of an impact even though there was a lot of creativity flowing throughout them. The soundtrack for the most part was good, but I had to laugh at the cover of “Amazing Grace” that was put to the style of “House of the Rising Sun“.


There is a lot of things to like hell even love about “Alpha Girls“. The documentary during the end credits shows some of the origins about the school and the sorority.  That part was very interesting and I hope they make a full length faux documentary on this.  This is the kind of property that would also work great as a web series and have each season reveal a bit more mystery about the school with a whole new class of pledges each time.


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5 Responses to Sorority Girls from Hell: The Vern Reviews Alpha Girls.

  1. nasen75 says:

    I wasn’t a fan of Morgan personally. I personally didn’t feel Joslyn’s acting was bad per se. The issue was more the fact that I felt Morgan was a really forgettable character, especially when she had to share the screen with the likes of Beverly Rivera’s Cassidy. I kind of felt like the use of Southwork’s music bordered on narcissistic.

    • The Vern says:

      Thanks for the comment. I never thought the character of Morgan was forgetable. I just thought that she was way too inteligent to get involved with a doucebag like the guy she hooks up with. It just took me out of the movie a litte bit.

  2. Richard Park says:

    I am glad you enjoyed Alpha Girls. Thanks for the great review & sharing.

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