Early Review: Cold Blooded

Cold Blooded  2012 (Canada)

Cast:  Ryan Robbins, Zoie Palmer,William MacDonald

Writer and Director: Jason Lapeyre

In the wing of a Hospital,Rookie cop Frances Jane(Zoie Palmer) is getting ready for a long night of guard duty. Her main Suspect is Eddie Condero(Ryan Robbins) who was involved in a big jewel heist and is being blamed for the death of one of his members. Frances very much believes in the law.  So it makes sense why she would not fully trust a man like Condero. Who is very much the type of thief who can be very conniving Yet the conversations they have give you the assumption that if they met under different circumstances they may have been very good friends. When the rest of the jewel thieves led by their ruthless leader Louis Holland(William MacDonald)come to get the diamonds back. Both Frances and Eddie must put their differences aside if they plan on making it out alive.

I haven’t seen a movie set inside a hospital since “Halloween II” and after watching this, I’m surprised that most filmmakers don’t use this kind of setting. There is something menacing about the interiors of one of those places that I just can’t quite decipher. Maybe it’s because each room have many potential weapons that criminals can use on people. Or it could be the fact that when everyone leaves at night,Hospitals become very creepy. Let me just say this right now. All public places that are closed after dark become creepy. I don’t care if you own an awesome video arcade. You set that place during night after everyone else has gone home.  I bet you money that something bad will happen in there. Jason Lapeyre uses this setting wisely and generates some intense moments with the characters trying to escape. Because in places like that, you may feel like your running away from someone. When in actuality you may be running towards someone.


When watching this I was afraid that the three central characters would have your basic character archs.  The jewel thief  would end up being the good guy who helps save the cop.  They end up falling in love and both take on the big criminal at the end.  There is obvious chemistry between both Frances and Eddie that could be interpreted as a romance, but it wouldn’t make sense for them to get into a real relationship.  Based on the type of situation they were in.  They both don’t want to cause deliberate harm to each other, but at the same time.  They each have a job to do and when both of their goals are at opposite ends.  They have to make certain choices involving their own morals.  The head villain Louis Holland was so fierce and mean.  It made me wonder why where other people in his crew.   One of them, I guess was the muscle even though Holland could easily take care of himself.  The other one with glasses kept complaining all the time and hid throughout most of the ordeal.  It never once explained what he actually did for this  type of operation.

Cold Blooded” is a really good thriller with great characters and an interesting story.  I never once thought the story dragged, but I could have done without the whole pop culture, Tarantinoesque dialogue that was used in one scene.  I understand why Eddie would mention to Frances  the cartoon about the sheep dog and the wolf and how their lives resembled that famous short.  Their basic conversations about sports made me understand that connection more than a cartoon reference.   Still that is the only major complaint in an otherwise great feature.


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I love movies and I enjoy writing about them too. They both go pretty much hand in hand with each other and it's fun to discover new classics. I co host the podcasts The Film Pasture, ScreenTrax, and soon Cinema Recall. While also contributing reviews and articles to other great sites when I can.
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3 Responses to Early Review: Cold Blooded

  1. lrstreet says:

    Someone else I know seen this, I think at a festival? I can’t remember but they also said this was a really great thriller. I’m excited to check it out and I’ll be sure to chat with you after I watch it.

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