The Vern takes a vacation.


calvin-vacation-1Hello cats and kittens.  I’m keeping this post short to let you all know that I am leaving for a while but will be back in three weeks.  I’m moving to a new place and may not get full internet back until such time.  Another reason for my absence is that I want to enjoy the rest of the summer while it’s still here.  Living in Minnesota, there really isn’t many of these days left.  So I better get out there and enjoy them ASAP.  I will have at least have one more review published for next week.  Barry over at Cinematic Catharsis has a fun blogathon all about actor Jeff Goldblum and I was very lucky to have been able to review one of my favorite movies of his.    I will continue to post content on both my twitter and Facebook pages and will be trying my best to read all of your articles and reviews as well.   Thanks again for reading and I hope you all have a great weekend.

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Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac(Video Edition)


I’m trying something brand new this time, and posting a quick video review about some of the flicks I saw.  This took me a while to edit, and I apologize greatly about the images looking stretched.  Not quite sure how to fix that yet, but I’m still learning.  Feedback is always appreciated, so let me know what you think.

Movies Reviewed



Machete Kills


Nymph()maniac Vol II Continue reading

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The Vern goes to the farm and reviews A Boy and His Dog.

Boy and dogA Boy and His Dog
Cast: Don Johnson, Susan Benton, Tim McIntire
Writers Harlan Ellison(Novella) L.Q. Jones(Screenplay)
Director: L.Q. Jones Continue reading

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Manic Movie Loving Mondays: Issue 2 The LAMB Meetup


ferris-chicagoIn a few days I will be heading out to the windy city of Chicago Illinois.  My purpose of my journey is to visit many of the great writers and podcasters that are part of The LAMB.  For those of you who don’t know.  The LAMB is short for The Large Association of Movie Blogs    and it’s a site that was started by Dylan Fields or was it Joel Burman.  I forget the actual origins of the site, but it does have a lot of great contributors and I highly suggest all movie fans to check it out.  For this post I wanted to focus on the sites and people who make up this network and will be at this Meet Up in Chicago.  I urge you to follow these peeps on their social media pages and check out all of their other articles and shows.

lamb-banner-wide Continue reading

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Random thoughts of a movie insomniac Vol 5.

team-america-world-police_592x299Americaaaa… AmericaaaaaaHHHHH……  America “FUCK YEAH”. Coming to you to save the mother fucking day yay.  America “FUCK YEAH”.  Freedom is the only way.  Well as you can tell from that theme song from “Team America: World Police“(Lyrics written by Trey Parker.  Please don’t sue even though that is the American way)  It’s time to celebrate our independence…. Let me rephrase that.  It’s time for many Americans to celebrate their independence.  I myself love a good Bar B Que, but I not going to get all patriotic and dis on other people’s culture.  Many of my readers don’t celebrate this holiday , but many do and I respect both.  Now that I stopped a few hateful comments from spewing.  Let me talk breifly about my weekend. Most of my friends will be at CONvergence partying it up with other sci-fi,horror and fantasy fans . I will be resting up for my trip next week to be meeting up with other fellow Lammies in the windy city of Chicago.  Sadly I can only stay a short bit because I have a show with my band Victory Riot the next night.  It’ going to be one hell of a fun weekend and I can not wait.    With working a full time job and being sick for part of it.  I was able to see a full a few movies and write down what I think of them.  In hopes  that you will like or disagree  and then would want to respond and put in comments or something.  I’m still not sure what you kids are into nowadays.  But here’s the list. Continue reading

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Manic Movie Loving Mondays: Issue 1

writer-wretchHello cats and kittens.  I want to try something that I once started back on my old stomping grounds and feel that it would work a bit better over here.  Mainly that and that this would also be a good excuse for not having to write up reviews myself, because frankly things are a bit too busy for me to do so this week.  This also is a good chance for you to see some other great sites and meet some other great writers too.    Let’s hope that this does well, and I will be back next week with either a new review of my own or something else. Continue reading

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The Vern’s Top 5 Favorite Movie Soundtracks

movies-and-music-e1377788479827I’m keeping this post short because I’m doing more work for the As You Watch Podcast, and I really need to do more work with a new project that I’m in development with.  Plus add to this my busy work schedule and the fact I’m moving soon.  That leaves little time to write up shit.  However I did want to take some time and quick compose a list of my favorite movie soundtracks   Now, this list is basically ones that I enjoy listening to a lot.    I’m sure there are ones that are a lot better, but these are the ones that I enjoy the most. Continue reading

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The Vern goes swimming with “Little Fishes”


Little Fishes
Cast: Alexia Anastasio, Bonnie Lawrence, Vivian Kane
Writer and Director: Alexia Anastasio

Have you ever seen a movie where you liked a lot of things about it, but didn’t like it as a whole piece.  Oh I’m sure you raved about the performances and you really liked certain scenes.  But when you look back at it in it’s entirety. You start to find some faults with it. Well that’s essentially how I felt about this movie called “Little Fishes“.  There is a lot of really good things about it, and if it was structured a little different, it could have been something incredible.  In order to make this review a good one.  I’m going to have to get into the plot a little bit more then I do with my other reviews and explain myself fully. Continue reading

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2 minute Review: Edge of Tomorrow.

Emily-Blunt-and-Tom-Cruise-in-Edge-of-Tomorrow-2014-Movie-ImageHello everyone.  I’m trying something new this month and am going to start posting video reviews as well as written ones.  The first entry on this adventure is my review of “Edge of Tomorrow” Starring Tom Cruise and Emily  Blunt.   This is my first time doing any one of these videos and I think it turned out pretty well.  Despite that there is at least one audio hiccup I could not avoid.   Check it out. Continue reading

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In Defense of: Southland Tales.

 Southland Tales.

Cast:  Dwayne Johnson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Justin Timberlake
Writer and Director:  Richard Kelly.


Continue reading

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