The Vern’s Quick Review of Stories We Tell(2012)


stories-we-tell-uk-film-movie-quad-poster-design-london-artificial-eyeStories We Tell” is unlike any documentary I have seen before.  Yes I realize that in saying those words, it could make me sound like a pretentious asshole, but it really is something different and also quite special at the same time.    The basic premise alone may be a bit difficult to sell you on.  I’ll admit, I had my doubts when I first heard about this project.  But the way it made me pay attention to not only the story of this one family, but the stories of my family and all other families is really quite astounding.  There are tons of stories of my family that have been told before and some I still don’t know about.  Not to mention the  tales from other families connected to me and  the ones by close friends as well.  This movie’s main message is  that some of the greatest stories we know are a lot closer then we think. Continue reading

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The Vern reviews “The Witches” and hopes that he doesn’t get turned into a mouse.

The Witches
Cast: Anjelica Huston, Mai Zetterling, Rowan Atkinson
Writers: Roald Dahl(Book) Alan Scott(Screenplay)
Director: Nicholas Roeg.

The WItchesOn the As You Watch podcast.  My cohost Nick of The Cinematic Katzenjammer mentioned that this was one of the movies that scared him the most when he was younger.  So when I saw this movie at my local library,  I had to check it out.   I’m a big fan of darker kids flicks and am a bit disappointed that they don’t make them to this level much anymore.  “ParaNorman” and “Frankenweenie“(click on each name to read my reviews) are a few recent examples, but those are a little bit more tame because they are animated and this one is  live action. Continue reading

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Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac: Vol 7


insomniaSo on the net this week,I hear that someone has hacked into many actresses’ accounts and posted nude pictures of them online.  While this is indeed an invasion of someone’s privacy and those involved should be prosecuted fully.  I can’t help but wonder if some of the problems could be by the user themselves. If you are going to take sexy pictures of yourself to send to that someone special you like.  Make damn sure you got a good security system.  Maybe post that shit in a different file and label it as something lame. Like cooking pictures or better yet blanket making.  The same thing could have still happened.  When, let’s say someone’s mother stopped by to use the laptop and oh no.  She’s sees your naked photos.   I wouldn’t worry too much about Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence.  If the worst thing that happens is that people see you naked.  I think you will be OK.  Well I saw a shit load of flicks this past week and I’m taking a break from movies to watch some TV shows so look out for that article coming soon.  Here is what I have seen so far. Continue reading

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The Vern visits Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom for the 1984-A-Thon

1984_blogathonMy good friend Todd from Forgotten Films and co host of Walt Sent Me Podcast has a cool blogathon that is all about movies from the year 1984.  Why have one about 84?  Well a lot of great movies that came out that year, that’s why. “Ghostbusters“, “A Nightmare on Elm Street“, “Gremlins“, and my choice “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom“are just a few of the awesome titles that came out that year. Continue reading

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Thoughts From The Booth review’s Surf Nazi’s Must Die for Vern’s Troma Blogathon


Hello everyone.

troma-logoI’m very happy to see that more people are taking an interest in my Troma Blogathon. It officially ends in September, but if you want to send me links of ones you did in the past.  I can gladly post them on here.  This time Joe from Thoughts From The Booth reviews one I myself have not yet see but his review makes me want to.  Especially when he writes that the main villain in this one is a good inspiration for the Daniel Plainview character in “There Will Be Blood“.  I’m talking about the 80’s war epic. “Surf Nazi’s Must Die”   Click the link below to check out the full review and be sure to check out the other great reviews on the site as well. Continue reading

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The Vern defends Death Proof for French Toast Sunday’s Quentin Augustino Month


DeathProof 4It’s indeed a challenge for any critic to defend a movie that he or she likes when that film is hated by most people.  It becomes even more difficult(especially for this critic) when that same flick is attacked by the director himself.  Quentin Tarantino himself has stated in interviews that “Death Proof” (his collaboration to the Double Feature “Grindhouse“) was one of the worst films he made.  Well maybe not a bad one but certainly not as highly regarded as the others on his filmography.  Since the fine folks over at French Toast Sunday were hosting a blogathon about Quentin Tarantino(Which they have dubbed Quentin Augustino)  I thought it would be best if I took a look and defended a movie that shouldn’t get as much hate as it does.   Here is “Death Proof“. Continue reading

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Cinematic Catharsis’ Reviews Citizen Toxie for Vern’s Troma Blogathon

Toxic animatedThe following review was brought to us by Barry of the great site Cinematic Catharsis.  I put a link to his twitter feed when you click the name because I’m going to link directly to his review later on, but you should still check out the other reviews he does if you haven’t already.  I haven’t had as much participation with this blogathon as I had hoped, and that is mostly my fault.  There wasn’t much promotion on my end, and that was due to writing up other posts on here, keeping up with editing for As You Watch podcast , and my job as well.  However, if you are still interested in sharing with me your Troma reviews.  I will gladly posts them on here. But first, let’s get on with this review. Continue reading

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The Vern’s Troma Challenge: Return to Nuke ‘Em High. Vol 1

 troma-logoPeople who say that Troma movies are ones made mainly by dumb people for dumb people most likely have not seen any titles from the company.  They know them just through what others have said and also of the little clips they have seen.   A lot of gore followed by a lot of nudity, surrounded by cliche characters and run of the mill story plots.  Now, I’m not saying that this one doesn’t have that.  In fact all of their movies do, but what makes these movies stand out from other shlock cinema makers is that they purposely are making an exploitation feature.   People may say the same thing about “The Room” and “Sharknado“, and maybe their right.  I don’t know I have not seen those yet.  But they still have that somewhat serious vibe of filmmakers who still want you to like them.  Troma on the other hand doesn’t give a fuck, and that’s why I will always love them.  The latest movie I looked at was the follow up to their classic feature “Class of Nuke ‘Em High“.   The aptly named title “Return to Nuke ‘Em High. Vol 1Continue reading

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LAMBcast #230 Ghost World(Movie of the Month)


ghost06For the month of August, a lot of great bloggers submitted their choices to win a spot as the movie of the month over at The Large Association of Movie Blogs.  For reasons unknown, both Bubbawheat of Flights Tights,and Movie Nights and myself submitted our choice of “Ghost World” in to the poll.  I knew nothing about Bubbawheat’s choice and the same thing can be said for him.  Yet,somehow our minds were linked together in wanting  to talk about this movie based on the underground comic by Daniel Clowes. The movie stars Thora Birch, Steve Buscemi, and a young Scarlet Johnason.  Joining us for this episode is host Robert of To The Escape Hatch, Jess of French Toast Sunday, and Elwood of From The Depths of DVD Hell.  You can listen to the episode by clicking the link below.  Also check out the reviews written by other great LAMB members. Continue reading

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The Vern pays respect to Robin Williams(1951 to 2014)

Robin WilliamsThis week marks the passing of actor Robin Williams and unlike a lot of other celebrity deaths.  I am a little torn on how I feel about this one.  It’s sad that the guy known for making millions of people laugh was in reality not happy himself.  I almost feel ashamed by laughing at his movies and shows because of how much he was hurting inside.  When writers and musicians get depressed they can just put their feelings into their works.  When an actor or comedian feels hopeless, where are they suppose to vent their frustrations.  If they were to get upset, most of us would probably just shout.  “Hey! What the hell are you griping about?  You get to be in movies and make millions of dollars”. We will never understand what Robin Williams was going through when he decided to end his life.  I understand fully that it is sad and my deepest sincerest condolences go out to his friends and families(the real people that knew him, not just his fans).  But he made a choice and although I don’t agree with it.  I haft to in some ways respect it. Most of us will never get the chance to choose how or when we leave this earth, but he did. I can understand how his act could be defined as being selfish on his part, but isn’t it just as selfish to keep him here for us when he didn’t want to be any more.  I don’t want anyone to think that I am condoning his actions, because I am not.  It’s a very shocking and tragic ending and I feel bad.  However I would feel a whole lot worse if he was denied any personal freedoms.  If we can choose how to live our lives.  We also should choose how we get to end them.   Wherever you are I hope you are making those residents laugh as much as you did here.

Rest in Peace Robin Williams.

Here are some other posts about Robin Williams that you can also read. Continue reading

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